iOS Development Network Chapter-HTTP Protocol

iOS Development Network Chapter-HTTP ProtocolDescription: Apache Tomcat server must occupy port 8080First, the URL1. Basic IntroductionThe full name of the URL is uniform Resource Locator (Uniform Resource Locator)With 1 URLs, you can find the only 1

Fourth. Android naming conventions and coding specifications

The book is more common, and individual people have different views;Because Android is mostly developed using Java, Java-related specifications apply to Android:Google Style:English Address:

Cocos2d-x Android Direct load download to SD Zip resource file

A recent company to do a cocos-x project, this project is 2.2.6 version of the Cocos-x C + + version, Cocos older version. Because the packaged apk exceeds 300M, and the resource cannot be hot updated. Face these two problems. We discussed how to

How to use Android Gson to convert JSON structures to each other

Convert data structures such as arrays, objects, LIST,MAP, etc. into JSON stringsImport Java.lang.reflect.type;import java.util.arraylist;import;import Java.util.HashMap;import Java.util.list;import;import

cocos2dx-3.0 version from development environment Building (WIN32) to project porting Android platform process

As a heavy-weight cross-platform development of the game engine, cocos2d-x in today's hand-tour development field occupies an important position. So the problem is, as a cocos2dx learner, it has the portability characteristics that we need to master,

The communication mechanism of Apple watch

Communication mechanism(1) Users need to turn on Bluetooth connection watch in the app settings, adjust the interaction between the watch and iphone, Bluetooth distance of 9 meters, over distance, disconnected(2) The iphone is on the same Wi-Fi

Android Launchmode load mode and intent flag

The difference and connection between applicationtask and process Application Task Process Four modes of loading Standard mode Singletop mode Singletask mode

OpenglES2.0 for Android: Draw a rectangle.

OpenglES2.0 for Android: Draw a the previous section we drew a triangle, and we completed the rectangle drawing on the basis of the previous section. OK, start doing it, first create a new class--square ( under the shape

Reprint-ios Get device IP address

iOS Get device IP addressThe code is as follows: 123456789101112131415161718192021st222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960616263646566676869707172737475767778798081828384858687888990919293949596

IOS nsurlsession Implementation Network request-File download-upload-Background download

* Session NsurlsessionNsurlconnection to manage public resources such as cookies and authentication information through a global state, if two connections need to use different resource configurations, they cannot be resolved.This problem can be

Make iOS development easier with the Xcode plugin

Writing annotations is an essential part of the iOS development process. This not only helps you review the code, but also improves the readability of the code, making it easy to maintain code. However, writing comments is a dull job. We wasted a

In-depth understanding of Android custom attr Style styleable and its application

Believe that every Android ape in development has encountered the need to customize their own View needs, if you want to xml specify some of our own parameters, we need to declare one styleable , and in the inside to define some of the attr

Java large file read and write operations, Java NIO mappedbytebuffer, efficient file/memory mapping

Java handles large files, generally with bufferedreader,bufferedinputstream such as buffered IO classes, but if the file is oversized, the faster way is to use Mappedbytebuffer.Mappedbytebuffer is a File memory mapping scheme introduced by Java NIO,

How to Debug. NET Core RC2 Apps with Visual Studio Code on Windows?

Simone Chiaretta ( So, you installed. NET Core RC2, followed the Getting Started tutorial and you got your "Hello world!" printed on You R

iOS no sister project-Package status bar indicator (UIWindow implementation)

I. Header file1 #import2 3 @interfaceChaosstatusbarhud:nsobject4 /** Show Success Information*/5+ (void) Showsuccess: (NSString *) str;6 /** Display failure Information*/7+ (void) ShowError: (NSString *) str;8 /** Displays the information being

iOS Audio 1: Four ways to play audio files (i) Audiotoolbox avfoundation OpenAL Audio QUEUE

this article reprinted to can you learn in this volume?Four ways to design audio players for a variety of applications:Based on the Audiotoolbox.framework framework. Play the system sound

Instant Messaging sockets for iOS development (Asyncsocket)

1 , Asyncsocket IntroductionIf you need to do instant messaging in your project like QQ, you must use socket communication.IOS in Socket Programming the way :BSD Socket:BSD Socket is a common network interface in UNIX system, it not only supports a

Precompiled directives in iOS

A preliminary study of pre-compiled instructions in iOSCatalog [+]OpeningWe humans create things when there is a word called "bionics"! Human creation of anything will imitate their own to create, so God did not grow into a tree like the same as

Play with the Dark Horse programmer Android N

Beijing time May 19 1 o'clock in the morning, Google hosted the 2016 I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California, USA. It is a world-wide event for developers to introduce systems and software updates. This year I/O conference Google

Android and Swift iOS development: Language vs. frame comparison

Swift is now the language of Apple's main push, and the new language in 2014 is 10 years younger than "new" languages like Scala. 2015 autumn has been open source. Currently available on Linux, the Android NDK has recently been supported, and there

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