Android Development record 20-get cache size and Clear cache feature

Android Development record 20-get cache size and clear cache feature Reprint Please specify: It_xiao Wizard Blog address: PrefaceThis blog to share how to get the size of the application cache and the

iOS Tutorial: How to pre-load and ingest data using core data–

This is followed by a follow-up tutorial on the iOS Tutorial: Core Data Persistence Storage Essentials tutorial, which is also used in the last production.In the last tutorial, we only made a data model, then we created a table view using the data

Android development accumulate _1) get the user-friendly use of files, folder storage space and Toast

Record a often need to apply to the file related content, saying good memory than bad writing!1)/** * Based on the path, the total size of memory space of the memory in which a file or folder resides * * @return */public static long

You can read it. Embedded linux/android alsa_aplay alsa_amixer command line use method

A few days ago in the embedded Linux used to Alsa command, on-line check the data do not give the force, only a little hands to check, and finally can use, will this use to tell everyone, lest everyone less detours.0. First check which ALSA cmd the

iOS development Getting Started Tutorial-summary-write to avid programming enthusiasts

The program is frivolous, the code is dim, Apple developed Android crazy! --to avid programming enthusiastsWrite it in front.Learning iOS app development has been a while, recently a little idle, just want to record the previous stage of the entire

Microsoft Enterprise Library 6 Data Access application Block Extension

Although the title is the extension to 6, in fact, for 4, 5 is also applicable, because the Enterprise Library in these versions did not change muchThe extension is primarily for Dataaccessor, where the class is to pass several interfaces when it is

An explanation of the concepts related to iOS certificates

About the development of certificate configuration (certificates&identifiers&provisioning Profiles), I believe that the students do iOS development is not lost, this article will be related to the concept of a systematic comb. before you make an iOS

iOS Development-interface Builder's past life

Interface Builder, a software development program for Apple's Mac OS X operating system, was created as part of the Xcode suite in 1988. Its creator, Jean-marie Hullot, claims to be "a passionate photographer with a passion for travel," and this

Android context context you have to know everything

Reprint please indicate source:, this article from: "Zhang Hongyang's Blog"Most of the content in this article is translated from: have

Should I expose asynchronous wrappers for synchronous methods?

Lately I ' ve received several questions along the lines of the following, which I typically summarize as "Async over Sync": In my library, I has a method "public T Foo ();". I ' m considering exposing an asynchronous method this would

Android uses HTTP protocol to communicate with server

There are many articles on the Internet about HTTP communication on Android, but most of them give only fragments of implementation code, some considerations and how to design a reasonable class to handle all HTTP requests and return results, which

Several ways Android starts a new thread

A:public class HandlerTest01 extends Activity { @Override public void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) { Super.oncreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview (r.layout.main); System.out.println ("activity->" +

Android Development Request Network Way detailed

Reprint Please specify source: know Google support and release of the Android mobile operating system, mainly to enable it to quickly occupy the market share of the mobile Internet, the

Windows Store App Globalization: Referencing file resources in XAML elements

The previous section explains how to XAML element is used in the x:uid property references a string resource in a resource file and displays different run results by changing the language preference. If you turn a string resource into a file

Windows Store App Spin Center

the position of the center of rotation can be set by settingCenterofrotationx,Centerofrotationyand theCenterofrotationzproperty to specify. Centerofrotationxand theCenterofrotationythe default value of the property is0.5that represents the axis of

Android Combat Skills Ten: Get screen physical size, density and resolution

Everybody help!Bloggers participate in 2014 blog star activities, we help vote! Punch here!It is a very interesting thing to know the hardware through the program. I studied the physical size of the screen on WM6.5, but it has not been successful.

iOS Security reprint

objective-c Hook Scheme (i): Method swizzlingIn the absence of a class implementation of the source code, want to change the implementation of one of the methods, in addition to inheriting it rewrite, and the use of category name method of violence

An array of small details that are unclear in iOS development--array = = nil and [array count] = = 0 Difference

Many times we developers tend to be relatively familiar with some of the more difficult technical points, while some of the details or the feeling of simple problems are always unclear, and the array of judgment is the first.When we do development,

Go Use of Android Global object application and how to get application global object anywhere

Application and Activity,service are a system component of the Android framework, and when the Android program starts, a Application object is created to store some information about the system. Usually we do not need to specify a application, then

[Bestcoder round#26] Apple "Combinatorial Math"


Title Link: HDOJ-5160Problem analysisAt first glance, it is required to count the contribution of all the different permutations to the answer. Well... No idea at all.However, if we consider each number separately, it is much easier to calculate the

Total Pages: 5225 1 .... 275 276 277 278 279 .... 5225 Go to: GO

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