Ios,android,. NET Universal AES Encryption algorithm

Original: Ios,android,. NET Universal AES Encryption algorithmThese two days for the mobile app development API, the results of encryption verification encountered a big pit. It had to be spit down and smelly and hard ios,windows server could not

Ios,android,. NET Universal AES Encryption algorithm

These two days for the mobile app development API, the results of encryption verification encountered a big pit. It had to be spit down and smelly and hard ios,windows server could not decrypt the correct results, Android could, and later used the

IOS Nsurlconnection callback method Invalid parsing!

Dispatch_async (Dispatch_get_global_queue (Dispatch_queue_priority_default,0), ^{nsmutableurlrequest*request =[[Nsmutableurlrequest alloc] Initwithurl:[nsurl urlwithstring:urlstr] CachePolicy: Nsurlrequestreloadignoringlocalcachedata

"Go" iOS lame compile arm64 armv7s armv7 x86_64 i386 instruction set

From the original to upgraded the system to Mac OS X 10.10 and updated XCode6.1 and iOS 8.1The Libmp3lame.a static library used in the previous app also supports the 64-bit simulator (x86

Detailed MAVEN project using Java Service wrapper to generate Windows services for Java programs

In the development of a project, it is sometimes necessary to package a Java application into a Windows service, and we can start and close the Java program directly through the Windows service.This blog post will be implemented in two ways, manual

Explanation of Sensormanager.getrotationmatrix function principle in Android

Sensormanager is a class in Android that has a function getRotationMatrix that calculates the rotation matrix and then getOrientation obtains the direction of the device (heading angle, pitch angle, roll angle). function

In Android, the afinal framework is the way to upgrade the SQLite version of the repository.

Public abstract void Onupgrade (Sqlitedatabase db,int oldversion,int new Version) This method needs to be re-written. public abstract void Onupgrade (Sqlitedatabase db,int oldversion,int new Version)This method needs to be

Android Development Note "Program install package APK production"

Resource Source: completing the Android project, you will need to package the program into an APK file (Android packages) with the prefix ". apk" appended. The packaged apk file can be run

Mobile third-party Sina Weibo login PHP API implementation Analysis

Provide a api,post way to determine whether the user's ID is in his or her own database, based on the uid/appkey of the Weibo message.If so, log in directly to return the JSON for the user login API.If not, the user's Id+token request Weibo user

Bind, call, and apply in JavaScript

Look at the following code:VarAt first glance, I can guess what it is for. It converts x.y (z) into Y (x,z).Writing good code can be easier to read. After reading the two books of functional JavaScript and JavaScript allongé (two are pretty good

Use android:onclick= "xxx" property in

In native Android development, there are three ways to add click events to a view;1. Using Anonymous objects((ImageButton) Findviewbyid ( Setonclicklistener (New View.onclicklistener () {@Overridepublic void OnClick (View v)

IOS Application Security Testing Cheat Sheet

IOS Application Security testing Cheat Sheet[Hide] 1 DRAFT CHEAT sheet-work in PROGRESS 2 Introduction 3 information gathering 4 Application Traffic analysis 5 Runtime Analysis 6 Insecure Data storage 7 Tools 8 related articles 9

iOS Development-Schulte table

Weekend idle to see a concept, very interesting, Schulte table, online there are many people have written similar demo, I idle to write a bit, Schulte table sounds very tall on the look, but my understanding is a square matrix in a variety of small

The difference between the get and post requests for IOS HTTP requests

From the surface of the meaning of the Get and post the difference get is to get data, post is to send data. This is a misunderstanding. In fact, both can be, in the iOS send request to the server can take parameters.So how did these misconceptions

Android daily Knowledge collection and summary from server get timestamp convert to Month day

Transform with Java-related classes. The code is as follows:Calendar calendar = Calendar.getinstance ();             Calendar.settimeinmillis (Numberutils.getlong (MSS) * 1000);     MSS is the timestamp obtained from the server SimpleDateFormat SF =

SDcard storage method and operation SDcard of the data of the Android learning note

(1) Directory of files(2) The code of each file: is the tool class that operates SDcard:Package Com.example.data_storage_sdcard.file;import;import;import;import

Thumbnail image of Android image

IntroductionIt was often done with bitmap, drawable, and canvas, and it was necessary to write a series of complicated logic to narrow down the original image to get a thumbnail image.Now I will introduce a relatively simple method: (online)In the

Android comes with CalendarView class implementation Calendar view

Article Origin: Learn the implementation of the Calendar control, Android3.0 the following version please consult other articles. This article is mainly about the Android Calendar view Control CalendarView related content, and later will give

Understanding Erlang/otp-application

Http://>application:start (Log4erl).Let's start with this line of command, you can start the Log4erl application after the carriage return. The components in ERLANG/OTP that can complete a

App back-end design (PHP)

Source: years of application-related system architecture, API design, has worked in 3 startups, experienced mobile web-side, Android client, iphone client, now engaged in the day PV over

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