Various compression software for PNG images in iOS development, and comparison of compression ratios

Comparison of various compression software: The compression rate is Imagealpha lossy compression plus Imageoptim lossless compression, the two need to order, In case of trouble,

Unable to open module file "C:\Users\fkg\AppData\Local\Temp\. Netframework,version=v4.5.assemblyattributes.vb "System cannot find the specified file

Error Reason: Error 5 Unable to open module file "C:\Users\fkg\AppData\Local\Temp\." Netframework,version=v4.5.assemblyattributes.vb ": The system cannot find the file specified.Background: A problem has recently been encountered in refactoring:

ios-c_day5___ Cycle Practice

2015.1.23//Loop (calculates the number of digits) Enter a positive integer to calculate the number of digits of the positive integerint main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {int n;int cnt=0;scanf ("%d", &n);while (n) {cnt++;n/=10;//    }printf ("cnt

How to gracefully end a thread in Android Java

the thread object is a disposable consumable, and the general thread finishes executingRunmethod, the thread ends normally, the thread ends and it is scrapped and cannot beStart, you can only create a new thread object. But sometimesRunthe method is

Server-to-Android push-related knowledge and solutions

The basics of pushing in Android and related solutions: Push function in the mobile phone development of the application of the scene is the more come up, do not say anything else, on our mobile phone news client on the time when the push sent over

The problem and solution of making mobile phone web half-year

Reprinted from: of all, it is a template page that I will use for each project, a HTML file that I have defined after I met a big, small hole.1 DOCTYPE HTML>2

Android Studio 1.0 (Stable version) Full introduction

Android Studio 1.0 (Stable version) full introduction _android_ mobile development-itnose Android Studio Installation and use ? Android 1.0 Release Description : December 8, 2014, Google officially released an integrated development

android== "Data Article =" SQLite

About SQLite:SQLite is an open source embedded database engine written in C language. It supports most of the SQL92 standards and can be run on all major operating systems. -support for databases up to 2TB in size--In the form of a single

[forward] developing the Android/ios installation package and operation steps on visual Studio 2013/2015 using C #

Xamarin Configuration manuals and offline package downloads operation:Installation Prerequisites1, install Visual Studio 2013, the installation process is omitted, I installed here Windows10 + vs2013 with

Sencha Learn Note 2: Pack your first Sencha Android app apk installation package

Through the introduction of the official article of the previous translation we have a preliminary impression of Sencha, and we have also generated the first sample application code framework through the wizard, so the next step may be that many

Android Debuggerd Brief introduction and Source Analysis (reprint)

Reprint: a0%81%e5%88%86%e6%9e%90/Code word very hard, reprint please indicate from Dylan's Zone "Android debuggerd Brief introduction and

Android Basic Concept Summary

Android Platform Features1. The application framework supports the reuse and substitution of components.This way we can remove the unwanted applications from our system and install our favorite applications.2. The Dalvik virtual machine is optimized

iOS Network Chapter 1-Simple Apache Server Setup

Whether it is any mobile application, in order to maintain the vitality must be and the network data feedback, in order to facilitate the development, here is a simple implementation of the Mac on the local building for development testing

Android Studio Series Tutorial six--gradle multi-channel packaging

Because of the many channels in the domestic Android market, in order to count the download of each channel and other data statistics, we need to be packaged separately for each channel, if let you hit dozens of market package is not bored to death,

iOS manual control on, disable screen rotation

Recently in the company to do the ipad development, unlike most iphone applications, the ipad program requires support for the screen, but sometimes some pages do not need screen rotation, Internet search a lot of data found are not available or

Android Development Network Request Communication Special topic (II): httpclient-based file upload download

Previous topic Android Development Network Request Communication Topic (i): Request communication based on HttpURLConnection we explained how to use HttpURLConnection to achieve basic text data transfer. Generally in the actual development we can be

IOS asi--Cache

The ASI cache is a feature of the ASI, as well as Apple's native Nsurlcache, which also provides a single-instance object [Asidownloadcache Sharedcache]1.ASI conditions for using caching1> must be a GET request2> request succeeded, status code is 200

How to catch the data packets on the mobile side

Young sister asked how to catch the mobile network packetI think I've been involved in college.Because some of the site's data in the computer client is more complexRelated mobile client, WAP site packet analysis is much simplerMark how to catch the

Android dynamically load XML files and controls to easily realize the function of QQ friends ' impressions

In Android development, we often encounter situations where the interface layout controls are not deterministic. Due to some of the reasons for some features or to reflect the characteristics of some apps and other factors such as this will cause us

Multiple HTTPS Bindings IIS 7 Using appcmd when using a wildcard SSL or Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) It's necessary to add multiple HTTPS host Headers for a single IP. Unfortunately the IIS 7 GUI does not allow you to set a host header on

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