Android Custom Control Leading Basics Learning (i)--canvas

Overview:We often encounter features that need to be implemented using paint. For example, some common geometric shapes-points, lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, text, rectangles, polygons, curves, rounded rectangles-can never encounter a geometric

Self in the class method of the IOS Quick Create object

The evolution of a class method for quickly creating objects:Original version:+ (Book *) book {return [[[Book Alloc] init] autorelease];}Evolutionary version:+ (ID) book {return [[[Self alloc] init] autorelease];}Evolution version Two:+

ios-c_day11___ string

2015.2.2#include #include Functions for character manipulationint isalnum (int);int isalpha (int);int isdigit (int);int isgraph (int);int islower (int);int ispunct (int);int isspace (int);//Determines whether it is a spaceint isupper (int);int

Uiwebviewでローカルにあるhtmlを means する&ios6からtextalignmentで Specifies able が slew more になった

"Objective-c" uiwebviewでローカルにあるhtmlを means ableXcode in にhtmlを 前転して開脚座り, そのhtmlをwebviewで represents able method ですので.Uiwebviewの of early stageUIWebView *webview = [[UIWebView alloc] initWithFrame:self.view.bounds];Htmlのパスの obtained (present

User-Unique identification code for mobile device ad serving

Internet advertising, the current technology has matured, most of the technical framework are similar.And mobile, as a new internet channel, advertising has also tended to the new battlefield.On the Internet PC, the use of cookies as a mark, record

Android Best performance Practice (i)--manage memory properly

Reprint Please specify source: lot of friends have asked me how to write high-performance applications, how to avoid the application of oom, or when the program memory consumption is too

Image processing for Android Development (II): Asynchronous loading and compression of images using Asynctask and callback interfaces

On the topic of image processing for Android development (i): Building a picture cache with soft references we talked about how to build a cache using soft-referencing technology. So if you want to use a picture, you have to have the source of the

IOS xcode remove git using svn

First, why do you want to do thisSince git and SVN have two versioning tools that can't be used at the same time, XCODE5 has chosen git by default when creating a new project, but it's not a choice. When you inadvertently default Git version control,

Android creates a variety of progress bar implementations that can be as simple as

Reprint please indicate the source:, this article from: "Zhang Hongyang Blog" 1, overviewRecently need to use the progress bar, faith does not repeat the principle of making wheels, on the

Android Official document training Chinese and English translation directory Daquan: 29 translated, 45 not translated

Android Official document training Chinese and English translation directory Daquan: 29 translated, 45 not translated1. Getting StartedBuilding Your First App:Original:

10 days to learn Android-the next day

Original: 10 days to learn Android-the next dayGo on with our study.Believe me, the first day of work is the most important, through these work, we have to develop the environment, the basic conditions of Android must be configured, I believe there

Androidmanifest.xml configuration file Detailed

The root element of the Androidmanifest.xml configuration file must contain a element and specify the Xlmns:android and package properties. xlmns:android Specifies the Android namespace, which by default is

How to build an Android studio project that compiles cocos2d-x v3.x in OS X environment

The COCOS2D-X website has briefly described how to build cocos2d-x v2.x and v3.x in OS X environments. The specific link is:

Apple mobile device processor instruction set ARMV6, ARMV7, armv7s, and arm64

Apple mobile device processor instruction set ARMV6, ARMV7, armv7s, and arm642014-09-15 09:35 Edit: suiling Category: iOS development Source: Cocoachina 05756ARM Mobile processor instruction set (via Ya Xiang Small build)The ARM processor, known for

Android: Cartoon app Development note in the ListView zoom in picture by screen width

First, the ListView whichAndroid:divider= "#00000000"Sets the interval color transparency for list items,Android:listselector= "#00000000"Set no background color when clicking a picture (transparent color without system background color)Second,

Windows Appserv installation of PHP memcached extensions

The difference between memcache and memcached in their new program is intended to fully apply memcached technology, which is easy to understand this is the memcached is the memory cache, but how do you still have memcache? Actually very simple,

Use Drozer to evaluate the app (reprint)

Test examples for security evaluation of Android applications using DrozerLooking at Drozer user documentation, tried several Android apps, the test found that the few apps are basically no problem, had to use the drozer provided by the sieve to

Android Studio Usage Experience (iv) View KeyStore certificate fingerprint SHA1

ADT View the SHA1 value of the signature is more convenient, you can see the value of fingerprint, in contrast, as in the settings do not have the relevant options.Baidu lbs SDK needs this value as a verification, is it necessary to use back to

Android DDMS connection to the real machine (root), with file explore to see the Data/data folder solution

Android DDMS connection to the real machine (root), with file explore to see the Data/data folder solutionThe problem is no permission, with 360 mobile phone helper or pea pod is also invisible. The easy way is to use the RE File manager (grant root

Android custom keyboard (fix pop-up tips for font color issues)

Recently prepared to do a project, you need to use a custom keypad to ensure security, but also need to accurately obtain the user click on the keyboard location, intensity, fingertip touch screen area and other parameters.In the writing of custom

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