Virgin Man learns Android (14)---The Android heavyweight data store SQLite

PrefaceUnconsciously the Android Basic series has written 13, this is the 14th article ~ the previous blog recorded a data storage program in Android, That is, the use of shared parameters (Sharedpreferences) (Virgin Male Learning Android

!!! Four common methods of POST submission data (including Application/json)

The HTTP request method provided by the HTTP/1.1 protocol has options,, POST, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, CONNECT. Where post is typically used to submit data to the server, this article discusses several ways to submit data in the post.We know that the

Android custom keyboard (fix pop-up tips for font color issues)

Recently prepared to do a project, you need to use a custom keypad to ensure security, but also need to accurately obtain the user click on the keyboard location, intensity, fingertip touch screen area and other parameters.In the writing of custom

Android-defaulthttpclient set timeout.

In Android Defaulthttpclient, the timeout setting requires calling the Httpconnectionparams.setconnectiontimeout method, such as (31~35 line code for the following code):Ref: Timeout in defaulthttpclient Class Android/** the method of sending the

Android SSL BKS Certificate generation, and the conversion of PFX to JKS certificate

I. Android SSL BKS certificate generation process  1. Generate the server JKS certificate:Keytool-genkey-alias Peer-keystore Peer.jks  2. Export the CERT certificate:Keytool-exportcert-alias peer-file Peer.cert-keystore Peer.jks  3. Build the

I've been through a failure. Products and Projects (eight): Shoot the head out of the mobile video dating app

* Background in early 2014, the company entered into a controlling shareholder, the company's strategic direction to adjust to the mobile internet. Then the company began to consider the following questions: In the company's existing technology

Compile the Android-4.3.1_r source code and swipe to your own Galaxy Nexus I9250 on the real machine

Compile the Android-4.3.1_r source code and swipe to your own Galaxy Nexus I9250 on the real machineRain Date: 2014-04-30The purpose of compiling the source code is to change the source code, and then can be executed on the corresponding cell phone,

Mobile version and PC version recognition

1. By user-agent //Judging whether it comes from a mobile phone terminal Public BOOLcheckmoble () {if(Isusercheckmobile = =false) return false; stringuseragent = request.headers["user-agent"]; if(Useragent.indexof ("Noki"

Problems with special characters in URLs when accessing the network in Android

Component Example value Also known as protocol http scheme Authority Usernam e:[email protected]:8080   User Info use Rname:password

Practical tips for iOS development-regular check of identity cards

Practical tips for iOS development-regular check of identity cardsDescription In the development of iOS project may need to use the identity card verification, generally in the development of a lot of people are direct Baidu to online swing

Two implementations of the Android listener return key Exit program

1,Android Double-click Back button to exit the program Idea: When the user presses the return key, a timer is set to monitor whether the exit is realized within 2 seconds, and if the user does not press the back key again, clears the effect of

Android-monkey Test

Monkey TestThis address: Http://, monkey test introductionMonkey Testing is a means of automated testing for Android platforms, simulating user touch screens, sliding trackball, keystrokes, etc. via the monkey

JavaScript's function object's apply (), call (), bind (), method, and Arguments,caller,length properties

Note: This article is in the original: as study, re-write.First, write in front of the wordsFront-end JavaScript programming is just a little bit of fur, Dom know a little, Jquey will use a little bit, know

Android 4.4 KitKat above and below based on URI method of obtaining path

Reprint please indicate the source, thank you ~Today, I was doing video editing, encountered this problem, before and after 1 hours to find and solve the problem, because I always think I remember the wrong, and later found that Huawei P6 with the

Android URI Simple Introduction

For Android, the URI is divided into three parts: scheme, authority and path. Among them, authority is divided into host and port. The format is as follows:Scheme://host:port/pathTo give a practical

Signing Your Applications (Android signature related)

In this document Signing Overview Signing in Debug Mode Signing in Release Mode Signing Android Wear Apps Signing Your App in Android Studio Automatically Signing Your App Signing Your

Unit conversion between DIP (DP) and PX in Android dip2px DP to PX no context algorithm (and get get screen width and height)

Nonsense not much to say directly on the code:1.DIP2PX DP to PX no-context algorithmpublic static int Px2dip (int. pxvalue) {Final float scale = Resources.getsystem (). Getdisplaymetrics (). Density;return (int ) (Pxvalue/scale + 0.5f);} public

3 Ways to Judge Mobile browser jump WAP Mobile website

With the popularization of mobile devices, the enterprise's network propaganda can not be limited to the PC side, but also need to build on the mobile side. For the company's website, used to do the PC-side, of course mobile phones and other mobile

Nagios's network monitoring

Nagios monitors the network when it reaches a set value, then the alarmTake advantage of the resources available online to do the following: Download the latest version of the shell scriptDownload

QT Classic error message qapplication:no such file or directory

QT Classic error message qapplication:no such file or directoryThis error message is generally the first example of QT programming when a novice compiles Qt5 first application "Hello,world". areIt's easy to say.#include #include int main (int argc,

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