Android official technical document translation--switch statement conversion

This article is translated from Androd official technical document "Switch Statement Conversion", the original address: Http:// This article address:

Why do mobile games often fail in the international market?

According to WSJ, the value of the global mobile gaming market is likely to be eight times times 2017, from $3.77 billion in 2010 to $29.6 billion. In the world, the Asia-Pacific region, led by China and Japan, is the biggest market for mobile game

The. NET platform pushes Android,ios messages with third-party push services (Aurora push)

Recently done. NET project (Windows Service) need to send push message to Android phone, it is a bit difficult, did not stop to search the document, and finally saw an open source project Pushsharp, Can push the ios,android,windows phone and other

VirtualBox booting the Ubuntu system on a removable hard drive

Current situation:install Ubuntu on mobile hard drive , PC can boot from the U disk, choose Ubuntu in Grub to run Ubuntu independently . Win8 System is installed on PCGoal:in the install VirtualBox in Win8and run the virtual machine to install

Android using SQLITE3 wal mode

SQLite supports the write ahead logging (WAL) mode, which opens the Wal mode to increase the speed of writing to the database, which is not blocked between read and write, but is still blocked between write and write, but if you use the default

Android Custom Camera take a screenshot and follow nice add tag

The project recently need to use the camera to take pictures, at the beginning of the time must be how easy how to come, is directly called the system's camera, then the problem came, call the system camera, found that different mobile phone shots

Android Material Design toolbar and palette practice

Reprint please specify the Source: "Rocko ' s Bog"ObjectiveWe all know that marterial design is a new UI specification that Google has introduced, and if you don't know about it: Material Design's

Android Smack Source Analysis--receive messages and how to parse messages

The smack package used in Android is actually called Asmack, which provides two different ways to connect: Sockets and HttpClient. It also provides many APIs for operating the XMPP protocol and facilitates the expansion of various custom protocols.


With the recent integration of MQTT clients into existing apps, the original app project and Mqtt are independent, accepting messages by launching MQTT externally, and now have two integrations. In the process of integration, it is found that the

IOS front-end and back-end interactive GET request POST request

GET Request:Add the username and password we want to the URL, send a request to the server, the server to verify that it (the database) has the same user name and password-(void) Getrequest {//First step, create Urlnsurl *url = [nsurlurlwithstring:@]

Opening and closing of data connections in Android development

Recently in the process of doing Android development, I want to use the code to achieve the opening and closing of the data connection, I initially locked the target into the Connectivitymanager class, but after flipping through the Android official

IOS Graphics Programming Summary

This article reprinted to Developing Sprite Kit graphics programming iOS enables graphical programming with three APIs (UIKIT, Core graphics, OpenGL es, and Glkit).These APIs

Simple introduction to Android handler and message processing mechanisms

When learning an Android thread, using a child thread directly in the UI thread to update the contents of the TextView display will have the following error: Android.view.viewroot$calledfromwrongthreadexception:only the Original thread that created

Android APK Anti-compilation details (drawings)

This period of time learning Android application development, in the thinking since it is developed in Java should be very good anti-compilation to get the source code bar, Google a bit, it is really simple, the following is my practice process.In

Android Init source Code Analysis (1) profiling

Features OverviewThe init process is the first process launched by the Android kernel, with a process number (PID) of 1, which is the ancestor of all the processes in the Android system, so it is shouldering the important responsibility of system

Capture of global anomalies in Android app development

Recently, in a project, you need to do something when the program crash and errors cause the program to run, and find a way Thread.setdefaultuncaughtexceptionhandler (new Uncaughtexceptionhandler () {// public void uncaughtexception (thread

Android-Save NV21 image as jpeg

Save a picture String FileName = "Img_" + string.valueof (Index) + ". jpg"; JPEG file name definition file Sdroot = environment.getexternalstoragedirectory (); System path String dir = "/jpeg/"; Folder name File MkDir = new file (Sdroot, dir);

Android Bound Service (i)-----extending Binder Service (a simple example of in-process binding service)

Ref: this technology, the main reason, is because there was no good learning, then always feel that the work is active, can complete the work is good, and this

Detailed description of iOS development

Before many netizens to my translation of the use of the property in the tutorial is somewhat puzzled, do not know when to release, when to = nil, and objective-c memory management and COCOS2D memory management rules are not clear. This

"IOS" in-depth objective-c dynamic features

Reprint to: has quite a lot of dynamic characteristics, basic, is also often mentioned and used in the dynamic type (dynamic typing), dynamically binding and dynamic loading.These

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