Reprint-Support Android4.0 use of the following WEBP

Original Address: support Android4.0 The use of the following WEBPCategory: Android related 2013-11-30 16:53 1658 people read reviews (2) favorite reports AndroidwebpRecent projects

Android custom Controls-TextView with images

Recently in the study of Android, while reading the code, see is Li Ning's Android development full handout, because it is on the book knocked,So the code is basically consistent with the code of the original book.See the fourth chapter, customize

Automatic generation of CPP files in files in Cocos2d-x

1, this code download from Zilong, although not understand, should be the general version. = $ (call My-dir) include $ (clear_vars) Local_module: = game_shared local_module_filename: = Libgame

Translation Android Efficient development environment (Genymotion,gradle,andriod Studio)

Near 11, the project is close to the line, finally some debris time can see some blogs.This blog is an Android developer Daniel Cyril Mottier wrote last year's blog, I translated it to share to the domestic like-minded friends, but also a good

Reprint-android Database Master Cheats (a)--sqlite command

Original Address: Database Master cheats (a)--sqlite commandCategory: Android database master cheats 2014-09-04 09:10 7310 People read Comments ($) Collection report Android

The "IOS" Swift class inherits, constructs the method, the destructor and so on review

The construction method is more informative and involves some of the rules and concepts that are constructed in swift. This time wrote 7 person to review, plus celebrity xiaoming.Mark:playground is really a good thing, special practice when writing

Android SDK Manager Domestic Slow download issue

Android SDK Manager Domestic Slow download issueIn the Android SDK Manager Setting window, set the HTTP proxy server and HTTP proxy port 2 parameters, respectively, set to:HTTP Proxy Proxy por:80Then put the

Switch to an easy-to-understand Android callback implementation---> (RPM)

Callback mechanism in the Android monitor user interface operation of the embodimentThis article discusses the following two items:1. Callback function2. Callback mechanism in the Android framework to monitor the user interface operation of the

Android Learning Notes (iv)

One, the screen switch ? within the activity tag of mainactivity in Androidmanifest.xml ? Android:configchanges= "Keyboardhidden/orientation/screensize" Overriding the Onconfigurationchanged method @Override public void onconfigurationchanged

Android Development uses pull to parse and generate XML

Android use of development Pull Parsing and building XMLPlease respect other people's labor results, reproduced please specify the Source: Android Development using pull to parse and generate XMLFirst, use PullparsingXML1.PULLIntroductionI have

How does is Android, PHP, SQL, JSON, and Remote Databases work together? I ' ve mentioned, our Android apps and a remote MySQL database can ' t communicate with all other directly without it being An

Android uses Java math.random to get random color values

There's an online ColorPicker Open Source project, select a color value. And what I want to achieve here is to dynamically modify the background color of a view. Open a thread that modifies the view's background color every 1s.We know that setting a

Nagios+centreon Summary of the eighth Chapter--centreon add nagios Check command

5.UseCentreonOrder ofCommandsFor detailed use, please refer to: Centreon's commands parameter, you can add, delete, and change Nagios's inspection

Android Rotate Photos/images

Today more busy (is the task done, not lazy), on more than a few updates, to make up for something before.Develop good habits, first recommended reading:Android image processing: Identify image orientation and show example tutorialsCall system

Telephonymanager Category: Acquisition of Android phone and SIM card status

Telephonymanager This class is useful and can get a lot of information about mobile phones and SIM cards.Directly on the code after the comment, please enjoyPackage;Import;Import Android.os.Bundle;Import

Move semantics, move constructors, and rvalue references

C + + references are now categorized as lvalue references (which can take their addresses) and rvalue references (cannot get their addresses). In fact, it is well understood that the lvalue refers to the value of the left value is usually the left

Android Widget Development Example: the implementation of desktop sticky note program specific explanation and source code (above)

If there are mistakes please do not hesitate to make bricks, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you Desktop note Software is one of the most frequently used software on Android, such as the earlier Sticky Note, which was

Intent Android Detailed

Intents and Intent Filters Three basic components of the application activity, service and broadcast receiver--are activated using messages called Intent.Intent messaging is a mechanism for running-time binding between components. Intent is a intent

"iOS Dev-3" sandbox introduction and how to get the path of the files in the sandbox, image import method and image path to get

In fact, each app is a separate folder, each app is independent of each other, so their folders are also independent, this folder is a sandbox. Sandbox benefits, security. Disadvantage, it is more difficult for programs to share data with each other.

Android Menu Brief Analysis (Optionsmenu)

Android menu mechanism, before and after Android 3.0 have a great go, Android 3.0 introduced ActionBar, navigation UI Interaction has a great change, but the menu logic and interface is still the same. Here the main introduction of the next Android

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