html5-Application Cache (application cache)

First, what is the application cache?HTML5 introduces the application cache (application cache), which means that the Web app can be cached and accessed without an Internet connection.Second, the advantageOffline Browsing-users can use them when the

How to Enable Trace or Debug for APIs executed as SQL Script Outside of the applications?


In this Document ? _afrloop=525552911636365&id=869386.1&_afrwindowmode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=zdhsqj28k_25#goal ">Goal ? _afrloop=525552911636365&id=869386.1&_afrwindowmode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=zdhsqj28k_

"Notes" in Hybridapp using Promise Js-bridge

background: Hybridapp, the front end uses Js-bridge method to call native interface, such as acquiring device information, taking pictures, face recognition and so on. The front end encapsulates the call library, and each time the

Mobile Live system source code Android +ios how to configure!

SOURCE Installation Instructions:1, the source package full upload to the space, and decompression!2, Execute http://domain/install Follow the prompts to complete the installation3, the installation is complete, other self-adjustment and settingsThe

Android Wi-Fi Display (Miracast) Introduction

Address: Wi-Fi Display (Miracast) IntroductionIn mid-November 2012, Google released Android 4.2. Although it is a Jelly Bean series with Android 4.1, it adds a lot of new features. In the

Vue2 Learning-Give Vue2 routing navigation hooks and Axios interceptors a package

1. Write in frontRecently in learning Vue2, encountered some page request data need user login permission, the server response does not meet the expected problem, but always can not each page do alone, so think of Axios provide interceptor this good

Mobile Interconnect Testing

Android logsPrint logs in real timeStatus information logANR Log Application Not respondingMonkey LogPrint logs in real timeADB logcat-b main-v time> app.log Print Application logADB logcat-v time> app.log default mainADB logcat-b radio-v time>

file_get_contents () Get HTTPS this error unable to find the wrapper "https" –did

file_get_contents () Get HTTPS this error unable to find the wrapper "https" –didWorkaround one, if you are using the server, you can refer to this method, modify the PHP configuration file (win host) to support HTTPSFind and modify in

The Bwapp of SQL injection sqli_10-1.php

SQL injection (ajax/json/jquery), need to know the role of AJAX, before Google, presumably the process is: the current page submitted data will be processed first to AJAX, and then uploaded to the server. This requires the use of burpsuit, you can

Android get phone manufacturer, model, Android system version number, IMEI, current system language and other tool classes

Recently in the development, need to use some system information, here I write these methods into a tool class to facilitate later reuse, the tool class has the following 6 functions:1, access to mobile phone manufacturers2. Get Phone model3. Get

The Bwapp of SQL injection sqli_6.php

1, post-type injection must first find the post parameters, in the search box after the "1" submitted, press F12 to view the review elements, find "Network", then click the Post item, and then click on the right "parameters" to see the post

Android INTERNALS.A First Chapter

This chapter is mainly about Android from the Linux branch but also has its own unique features such as dalvik,framworks,jni,bionic and so on. 1.1 is mainly the development history of Android each version of the change Wiki also has

Android Studio NDK Novice Tutorials (5)--java Object Transfer and change

OverviewIn this paper, the main object between Java and C + + is passed and evaluated. This includes passing Java objects, returning Java objects, altering Java objects, and performance comparisons.Data conversion completed by jnienvJava objects

Use of resources in Android

1. Open an APK package:meta-inf\Androidmanifest.xmlCalsses.dexLib\Resources.arscRes\Assets\The other three are the resources in the Android project. Includes pictures, audio, video, XML files, and more.RESOURCES.ARSC includes the index of the

IOS Reactivecocoa most common API collation (can be used as a manual query)

This article is suitable for a certain RAC foundation of children's shoes to do the occasional query, so this article does not do a detailed explanation.First, Common class1, RACSIGANL signal class.Racemptysignal: null signal, used to implement the +

The Bwapp of SQL injection sqli_16.php

SQL injection (Login form/user), this injection really let me crash, said the single quotation mark error, the corresponding change SQL statement, but it does not work, and then help around the Daniel, he said this seems different, once seemed to be

Android Hack Experience--Learn about the seven-month-old Big security public class for Android

The first lesson explains the configuration of the environment in the Android hack and the software needed to use it, the important software is Androidkiller, the Android reverse helperThe second lesson explains the relationship between Java and

Java Service Wrapper installing the jar package as a Windows service

Just in touch with Java, the first time to use Java to develop Windows services, is also just recently saw the SSM frameworkis also confused, but as long as the intentions to understand, in fact, is very simple, the following are detailed steps, bag

Error note hibernate appears xxx is not mapped[from xxx where ...] Reasons for troubleshooting

1. Check whether the HQL statement you wrote uses the table name of the database instead of the class name of the entity class, such as the database table is USER_TB, and the corresponding Pojo class is Usertb,hql is "from USER_TB where xx=xx", and

The Bwapp of SQL injection manual_interv.php

1, enter the verification code, many think also useless.Then jump toFamiliar with the injection page. Guess the role of verification code should be a login to verify the role, see "manual_interv.php", the code is as follows:if(isset($_POST["form"]) &

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