Android + PHP Background development

android+php the data interaction between Android and the server in our Android development, we can not avoid the login registration, personal information acquisition, data interaction and so on this series of operations. This requires the

"Scala" Apply and update

When we use Scala, we often use the object's apply method and the Update method.Although we are not aware of the surface, but in fact two methods will follow the relevant conventions are called.ApplyThe Convention of the Apply method: When you pass

How to build status updates for real-time users in iOS

When building a chat application, it's not uncommon to see the list of friends and the status of Friends. Apps like WhatsApp have this feature, it's very useful to check the status of your friends and know if it's wise to send them a message at that

Back Word app Evaluation test

I. Description of the plan1.1 Select SoftwareBasic software products (product a): Hundred word slashCompetition (product B): Scallop word1.2 Test Progress ChartTest Progress Chart Project Content Description Estimated

Android Layout Basics

What the layout process meansThe layout process is the process by which the program uses the code of the layout file to calculate the actual size at run time.What the layout process doesTwo stages: The measurement phase and the layout

Interviewer Readme: iOS interview questions for advanced developers


When you're ready for a technical iOS interview, it's important to understand what topics you might be asking and what experienced iOS developers expect.This is a series of questions that many Silicon Valley companies use to measure the level of


At the beginning of the project in the Springboot framework, we can store the configuration file in the Resource folder, and the format can have two kinds, the properties and Yml, the former is a flat k/v format, and the latter is the YML tree

These high-end crystals are used in addition to the Ssp-t7-f crystal smart phones.

Temperature- compensated crystal and pressure-controlled temperature-compensated crystal oscillator is in the active crystal oscillator, is the highest precision, the lowest power consumption, jitter the smallest active crystal, precision is usually

Build-web-application-with-golang Study Notes

Build-web-application-with-golang Learning TutorialsIn these weeks, learn the tutorials above and record only a few of the key points.Go Language BasicsGo is a C-like compiled language, but it compiles very quickly. The language has a total of 25

Hammer and scissors cloth

Title DescriptionWe should all play "Hammer and Scissors Cloth" game: now give two people's record of confrontation, please count the wins, flat, negative times, and give the two sides what gesture of the greatest odds.Input Description:Enter line

ios-@inerface 11 Standard notation

Summarize some of the specifications of the interface declaration, the introduction of the relevant macro, define the method useful modifiers, write the specification of the annotations, and finally write a qualified header file. 1. Read

iOS Drawing frame coregraphics analysis

Because there are too many APIs for the Coregraphics framework, for those who are not very familiar with the first contact or the framework, when drawing, the choice of the API will feel a little confused, and even feel the graphics of iOS is a bit

Android App General listing process

files required for Android APP listingShelves Ready? App Files:1. Installation package2. App Trademark: Image format PNG, size 512*512, less than KB. 3. Application (4~6 photo): Image format JPG or PNG. Picture size 480*800, and each size consistent,

html5-Application Cache (application cache)

First, what is the application cache?HTML5 introduces the application cache (application cache), which means that the Web app can be cached and accessed without an Internet connection.Second, the advantageOffline Browsing-users can use them when the

Phone number, e-mail, postal code judgment


Public Function Isemail ($str) {$j = "/^[\w|\.] [email protected]\w+\.\w+/i], if (Preg_match ($j, $STR)) return $str; else return false;} Public Function Istelphone ($str) {$j = "/^\d+-?\d+/i"; if (Preg_match ($j, $STR)) return $str; else return

Go Some Android phones under Mac OS X can't connect to the ADB problem solution

Up to now, Android Cottage phone manufacturers have so many, can modify and customize the Android OS has been a lot of people, some cows to modify the Android system will only affect the modified point, will not affect the others, and then there is

Android--------Lint Optimization Tool

What is LintLint is a code scanning analysis tool provided by Android Studio that can help us discover code structure/quality issues while providing some solutions, and this process does not require our handwriting test cases.Each problem that Lint

Grooming of mobile app test points

With the Internet, the era of big data continues to evolve. Mobile development is gaining popularity, and app development is emerging as a tidal wave. Here are the test points for the finishing app:First we are familiar with the basic process of app

Maven WebApp Project Web. XML version record

Web. XML version 2.0 >Web-app> display-name >archetype Created Web applicationdisplay-name> Web-app >Web. XML version 3.0XML version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?>Web-appXmlns:xsi= "Http://"xmlns=

How to use Android aidl

first, what is the Aidl serviceServices that are typically created cannot be accessed by other applications. To enable other applications to access the services provided by the application, the Android system is implemented using remote procedure

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