Android Fakeid (Google Bug 13678484) Vulnerability detailed

BeginFollowing the last Masterkey vulnerability, Bluebox released a bug--fakeid on the apk signature on July 30, 2014, and intends to announce more detailed details on this year's blackhack, but the author Jeff Forristal has given a lot of hints in

PHP Apple Push Implementation (APNS)

The following information is collected and collated online1, in iOS Dev Center to produce relevant certificates and files with the client implementation (no longer repeat, many online,)Online

Android Save user name and password settings and other application information optimization

1, the traditional saving user name, password mode sharedpreferencesEditor editor = Sharereference.edit (); Editor.putstring (Key_name, "Username_value");  In this way, can basically meet the needs, such as the user name, then editor.putstring

Android Simulator error: X error of failed request:badrequest (invalid request code or no such operation)

Recently in the ubuntu12.04 study python,python2.7 python3.2 difference is quite big, just want to learn the newerAfter upgradeResults appear input method does not show Update-manager and add-apt-repository can not be used, Android emulator also can

Publish the iOS app to the Apple App Store complete process

Reference: (Xcode APP Package and submit Apple Audit detail process (new version update submission review))Http:// to publish an iOS app to

android-own definition of the use of image resources (1)

android-own definition of the use of image resourcesApril 28, 2014 Monday sunny mood calmthis blog post for you to introduce, in the Android development by the use of some of the image resources, the specific contents of the trouble please seriously

Cross-platform Mobile development tools: PhoneGap and titanium all-round competition

Both PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium are a very popular open source JavaScript framework for encapsulating and configuring mobile applications. This article is a comprehensive comparison of PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium by Kevin Whinnery,

Learn iOS development from scratch (10): Multiview applications (switch before multiple xib)

The main content of this study is MultiView, when we learn the iphone rotation, the introduction of a number of view usage, but here the view and rotation screen refers to the multiple view is different, rotating the screen is related to the

Beauty Kitchen Cooking Dash Deluxe v2.24.10 android-debtpda

Beauty Kitchen Cooking Dash Deluxe v2.24.10 android-debtpdaBeauty Kitchen (Cooking Dash Deluxe) is a classic simulation of the operation of the game, the original is popular on the computer, now the perfect transplant to the iphone version of the

Apple new programming language Swift language Advanced (I.)--Overview

Swift is a new language developed and provided by Apple for the development of iOS and OS X applications. The swift language is based on the C and Objective-c languages, and in addition to providing all the syntactic functions of the C and Objective-

Image Resources for Android resources (state image resources)

In the previous blog post, I mainly explained the XML image resources in the layer resources, in this Image resource blog post I will give you a succession of XML image resources of image state resources, image level resources, fade resources,

iOS for Avatar selection (photo or photo gallery), size, etc Zoom, create a circle avatar

//Eject Actionsheet. Choose how to get your avatar//get pictures from albums-(void) Takepictureclick: (UIButton *) sender{//*/* NOTE: The following protocols are required for use: Uiimagepickercontrollerdelegate,//uinavigationcontrollerdelegate//

Finishing Android test log file crawl and analysis-top File Classification IntroductionThe main real-time printing is: Logcat main,logcat radio,logcat Events,tcpdump, there will also be a high-pass platform QXDM LogStatus information: adb shell

Android Tool Class database management

Database Tools class, elegant management of SQLite in AndroidPackage Csdn.shimiso.eim.db;import Java.util.arraylist;import Java.util.list;import android.content.ContentValues; Import android.database.cursor;import

Android Animation translate (displacement animation)

On an article about the Android left and right sliding switching, the implementation process is very simple, some novice may be to understand the principle of activity switching, the following mainly on the left and the next slide in-depth

Xamarin android--Data binding to controls (iv)

This document defines a ListView through a custom list adapter, based on the listactivity.Define the list item layout, including a picture display, title and descriptionLinearLayoutxmlns:android=

Android Sqlite3 program does not exist the workaround

In Android development, when you use the command line to manipulate database SQLite, you sometimes encounter problems with sqlite3 not found. This is because your phone does not have the SQLITE3 program installed. The solution is as follows (two

Mobile app Form Design cheats

Always wanted to write an article about mobile application form design, unfortunately the recent project is very busy, busy to have no time to take care of the blog. Recently experience the product, often see the wrong form design, or information

JS implementation of the completion of the social security number, mobile phone number, ticket number and other information automatic space effect

We do the site, the user experience that is very important, such as 12306 Rob tickets need to fill in the ID card, if not the space, dense to give me a very depressing feeling, and also not easy to check whether the information is filled out

Send pictures from the server (PC side) to the client (Android phone side) [Go]

Send pictures from the server (PC side) to the client (Android phone side) and display the picture on the phone page. (Note: The purpose of this paper is to realize the function, not to consider efficiency, pending follow-up. )1. Server-side1

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