Android Image Open Source view: Smartimageview

Project needs, the development needs to load the picture, own to write the picture to download from the net method, also writes the cache, and so on.Find an open source project on the web, Smartimageview, support to get images from URLs and contacts,

Deep copy and shallow copy of IOS collection

Transferred from: are two ways to copy objects: Shallow copy and deep copy. As the name implies, shallow copy, not copy the object itself, just copy the pointer to the object; Deep copy copies

Android Animation translate (displacement animation)

Activity switching effect using Android animation effect, Android animation in the official relevant information: Animation.html and

Android Multi-Channel packaging solution

General BuildLet's take a look back. Multi-channel bulk packaging via ant or Gradle, typically configured in Androidmanifest:meta-data android:name="CHANNEL" android:value="xxx" />Meta-data dynamically changes the channel name by configuring value,

Use the Uiautomator Python package for Android UI testing

There is a requirement in the recent project to test the application on at least 100 phones, the first thing to think about is the automation to operate, do not want to operate the same duplicate operation The basic requirement is this, install the

vctransitionslibrary– Customizing the Library for iOS interactive transition animations

Brief introductionVctransitionslibrary provides a number of transition animations that are suitable for use in scenarios such as in-stack, out-of-stack, modal, and so on. It itself provides a well-defined transition animation library that you can

IOS Development Note-andriod/java/ios Three-party AES Universal encryption

The mobile is getting more and more fire, we in the development process, always encounter with the mobile side to deal with the scene. In order to make the data interaction more secure, we need to encrypt the data transmission. Today, we studied the

Using the HTML5 input type to enhance the mobile input experience

English Original: Using HTML5 Input Types to Enhance the Mobile browsing Experience Browsing the web on mobile devices have become incredbily popular over the past few years. However the browsing experience on these devices can

Advanced Programming Notes for Android (iv) in-depth discussion of activity

Include at least one main interface screen in your application that handles the main UI functionality of your application. This main interface is typically composed of multiple fragment and is supported by a group of secondary activity. To switch

iOS Standard time and timestamp convert each other

iOS Standard time and timestamp convert each other(2012-07-18 17:03:34)reproduced Tags: ios timestamp Standard Time format conversion Talk Category: iphone development Set time display format:     nsstring*

How to use a Web page to develop your own app, a button in a Web page that binds to your own Java code to implement a call that JavaScript code calls Java code, and Java code to invoke JavaScript code

1 First is how to use the Web page in your own app, so that you can quickly update the interface without having to upgrade the client, the method is as follows:XML file:2 binding Web pages in activity:public class Mainactivity extends

"Original share" DT Wizard virtual CD-ROM, app,nt,le three major transcoding full HDD version (with install-free + uninstall patch)

"HDD Free Installation" Wizard Virtual optical Drive daemon Tools Lite: following is the app,nt and Le full hdd version download tip: app,nt0.87 do not install, as long as double-click the free install patch,

Shortcut keys to know from Eclispe to Android Studio (as how to modify shortcut keys)

Quick Comment Custom shortcut keys Shortcut Builder Ctrl Enter or COMMANDN Mouse Tips Quick Find Next same variable Ctrlkcommand K Qandroid Studio does not automatically prompt for code completion does not automatically check

"0 Basic Learning iOS development" "02-c language" 02-the first C language program

directory of this document Objective One, the first C language program written-hello world Second, compile the program Third, the link program Iv. Operating Procedures V. Summary Vi. Learning Suggestions Vii.

Android_connectivitymanager Connection Management

ConnectivitymanagerConnectivitymanager as an Android network connection management class, the main functions are as follows:1. Notify the application of changes in network status, send broadcast action:connectivity_action2. Connection management of

Format date and time of iOS development

Format date time for iOS development (RPM)When developing iOS programs, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the time format to the format you want, which we can do with the NSDateFormatter class.For example:Instantiate a NSDateFormatter

iOS Data parsing JSON

Non-OriginalAs a lightweight data interchange format, JSON is gradually replacing XML as a common format for network data.Some JSON code format is confusing, you can use this "" Web site for JSON format check (click the Open

Android design mode

Brief introductionThere are many problems in the process of discovering problems and solving problems in project development, such as repetition, the legacy of some problems, and the essence of these problems is design pattern. Record the knowledge

[Android] Greendao (1)--project configuration

Project configuration Grdle ConfigurationGradle with Android StudioCompile ' de.greenrobot:greendao:1.3.7 'Compile ' de.greenrobot:greendao-generator:1.3.1 ' Project configuration Note that Src-gen is a new folder that we use to

Zxing read-write QR code, desktop and mobile phone different usage

Although Zxing is a barcode open source library implemented in Java, it does not mean that barcode applications implemented on the desktop can be used directly on the phone. Because many of the Java interfaces of Android are different. Here you

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