Android 37: Base64 codec for images

Usually use Base64 this codec way to convert binary data into a visible string format, which is what we often say, 10 dollars a string of the kind, ^_^.Android Android.util package directly provides a fully functional Base64 class for us to use, the

Scan QR Code auto-Identify mobile phone system (Android/ios) and website source

First, for "multi-terminal adaptation" & "App internationalization" mobile App download page: Identify < by terminal ;/title> Assume that the URL for the previous page file is:

WinForm Modifying the App. Config Profile feature

WinForm Modifying the app. config configuration file is implemented primarily through the System.Configuration.dll ConfigurationManager class, which is required to manually reference the DLL file prior to feature development.The ConfigurationManager

Let iOS support OpenSSL

Today, the boss sent me a project, found the lack of LIBSSL.A and libcrypto.a files, so the Internet search, presumably this is understood.This is like a code base, to let him support iOS need to hit a package, hit the. a file.This stupid method

iOS Development Network Chapter-HTTP Protocol

iOS Development Network Chapter-HTTP ProtocolDescription: Apache Tomcat server must occupy port 8080First, the URL1. Basic IntroductionThe full name of the URL is uniform Resource Locator (Uniform Resource Locator)With 1 URLs, you can find the only 1

Android Network programming Series A network layer of the TCP/IP protocol family

This reference article is mainly used for the diffusion of knowledge points in subsequent articles, in this special backup and diffusion learning Exchange.The internetwork includes: IP, ICMP, IGMP, and protocols that are actually working on the

Basic knowledge of mobile app UI design dimensions

Introduce the design dimension specification of mobile terminal from the starting principleInitially involved in mobile design and development of the students, the basic will be on the size of the problem for a while to feel the clue. It took me a

How the Android system adapts to the screen size

1. Screen Related concepts1.1 ResolutionIt means how many pixels are there on the screen.1.2 Screen SizeRefers to the actual physical size of the phone, such as the usual 2.8-inch, 3.2-inch, 3.5-inch, 3.7-inchAndroid divides the screen size into

Screen size supported by the application Androidmanifest.xml file details (supports-screens) (GO)

Syntax (SYNTAX):Android:smallscreens=["true" | "False"]Android:normalscreens=["true" | "False"]Android:largescreens=["true" | "False"]Android:xlargescreens=["true" | "False"]Android:anydensity=["true" | "False"]Android:requiressmallestwidthdp=

"Go" Android Development Tour: In-depth analysis of layout files & Again "Hello world! ”

IntroductionThe last article can be said to be a watershed, it marks us from the Android application theory into practice, we picked up the scalpel to the default "Hello world! "The program carried out 3 surgeries, and we were clear," Hello world!

IOS Operating System Architecture

One, Core OS layer:The core OS, which was rewritten by FreeBSD and Mach, is an open source, POSIX-compliant UNIX core. This layer includes or provides some basic features of the entire iphone OS, such as: Hardware driver, memory management, program

Android NDK compilation (import). A files and compiling multiple so files

Source: Android Ndk compile (import). A file and compile multiple so filesfirst, compile a static library libstatic_android.aLocal_path: = $ (call my-dir) include $ (clear_vars) local_module := static_android local_src_ FILES:= libstatic_android.

My Android Development related articles

Pro Android Learning notes: Pro Android Learning Note (166): Contact API (9): Personal profile 2015.5.27 Pro Android Learning Note (165): Contact API (8): Control integration 2015.5.25 Pro Android Learning Note (164): Contact API (7): Join

Visual Studio Xamarin for Android development environment Setup and configuration &genymotion


Xamarin is a mono-based platform.Xamarin is designed to enable developers to write iOS, Android, Mac applications, or cross-platform mobile development in C #.1, go to xamarin official website Xamarin, need to fill in

How the callback method in Android changes to the blocking execution method

The project needs to use in the WiFi this piece, scan nearby WiFi, and then traverse all the WiFi, and try to connect, so here you need to block each Wi-Fi connection, when the connection fails to try the next connection, when the connection is

Examples and implementations of applications that do not display icons on the desktop after the Android app is installed

Turn and implementations of scenarios where Android app does not display icons on the desktop after installationRecently in the company to do a car networking products, because the

Native app, Web app or hybrid app

Native app, Web app, or hybrid app?Technical Punctuation 1 year ago (2014-05-09) 3,036 ℃ 0 Reviews First, what is the native App?The Native app is the native app, which we generally call the client, is a standalone application developed for

iOS Development--Network Programming OC Chapter & (ii) HTTP requests

HTTP protocolDescription: Apache Tomcat server must occupy port 8080First, the URL1. Basic IntroductionThe full name of the URL is uniform Resource Locator (Uniform Resource Locator)With 1 URLs, you can find the only 1 resources on the InternetURLs

Set up XMPP protocol to enable self-propelled messages to mobile phones

About server-side push to Android client, there are three main ways: 1. The client periodically goes to the service to fetch or to keep a long socket, from the nature of this is not called push, this is to go to the server to pull the data. But the

Use of the Android ADB tool

An important command that contains the Android emulator operation under the Tools folder of the SDK Adb,adb is all called Android Debug bridge, which is the role of the debug bridges, with this tool, we can manage the status of the device or phone

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