[Android] Use Gradle submit your own open source Android library to Maven Center library

The following content is original, welcome reprint, Reprint please specifyFrom every day blog: http://www.cnblogs.com/tiantianbyconan/p/4388175.htmlThis article is for open source enthusiasts.If you want someone else to use your Android Open Source

Java solves the problem of uploading photos to the server in mobile devices such as phones

If you upload a photo from a mobile device such as a phone to a server and then display an uploaded image, there may be an incorrect orientation, because the photo contains orientation information that tells you where the photo is, but if we don't

"Go" IOS Quartz various drawing graphics usage-achieve picture, write text, draw line, ellipse, rectangle, prism, etc.

Only override Drawrect:if perform custom drawing.An empty implementation adversely affects performance during animation.-(void) DrawRect: (cgrect) rect{Cgcontextref context = Uigraphicsgetcurrentcontext (); /*no.1 Draw a line

WebApp Road--the front-end experience of Baidu mobile phone

After watching the harvest is very big, share:This article will focus on my six months in the mobile front end of the project to do some of the work done, mainly from the localstorage cache and version number management , modular , static resource

JS Keyboard control div Move, solve the pause problem

The issue version code is as follows: 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728 键盘控制div移动"utf-8" />"div1"> Problem Description: With JS keyboard event control a DIV move, when the next key to press a direction, Div

Android animation effects translate, scale, alpha, rotate detailed

Type of animationAndroid animation is made up of four different typesin XML Alpha Gradient Transparency Animation effect Scale Gradient Dimension Stretch animation effect Translate Move

Pro Android Learning Note (iii): Learn about Android resources (top)

In Android development, resources include files or values that are bundled with the application and do not have to be written to die in the source code, so we can change or replace them without recompiling the app.Understanding Resource

Copy, move, and delete: CP, RM, MV

To copy files, use the CP (copy) command. However, the CP command has many uses. In addition to simple replication, you can also create a connection file (that is, a shortcut), compare the new and old two files and update them, copy the entire

JS Mobile Client--Touch screen Slide Event banner Graph effect

JS Mobile Client-touch screen swipe eventThe effect of mobile touch screen sliding is actually the picture carousel, which is well implemented on the PC's page, binding the click and MouseOver events to complete. But on mobile devices, to achieve

Thinking about a program 3 (moving negative digits of a shift operation)

The left shift in C is the said logical shift, the right end is 0,And the right shift is the arithmetic shift, and the left side is the highest bit of the symbol bit. (Some compilers may move to the right and the logical shift, but the same is true),

"Android" Android-wifi direct Wi-Fi direct WiFi peer

Now, Android's Wi-Fi-enabled direct point-to-point (peer-to) Android system is powered by devices and other types of devices that do not have a connection between a hotspot or an Internet connection. Android Framework provides a set of Wi-Fi peer

Introduction to the Android location service and how to get location information through the Locationmanager object

 1. Location services, English translation for location-based services, referred to as lbs, also known as location services or position-based services, integration of GPS positioning, mobile communications, navigation and other technologies to

"Go" download, compile and install the latest Android source code on Ubuntu

Original URL: http://blog.csdn.net/luoshengyang/article/details/6559955After reading the previous said a few books, to Linux kernel and Android have a certain understanding, is not in the mind, want to try to sledgehammer himself compiled a Android

Android Widget package Description and application

A widget pack is a custom component that is storedDevelopment of custom components;In fact, the app widgets chapter in the Android API Development Guide has made it clear that the following is just a comb for your own understanding.--The Appwidget

Go to Android network programming using httpclient bulk upload file Multipartentitybuilder

Please respect other people's labor results, reproduced please specify the Source: Android Network programming using HttpClient bulk upload filesHttp://www.tuicool.com/articles/Y7reYbI have described the use of httpcient in the article "Android

Android ruler effect, based on time support left and right sliding (original)

After years, to now also did not seriously write code, just the company has the demand, spent an afternoon, wrote a ruler effect of the custom view, the effect is OK, but there are a lot of places to improve, I hope you correct!!! Can swipe left and

Android gets screen size and density

1. Screen sizeThat is, the actual size of the display screen, measured according to the diagonal of the screen.For simplicity, Android puts all screen sizes into four sizes: small, normal, large, oversized (corresponding to: small, normal, large,

75 essential tools for IOS developers

Original source: Ben ScheirmanSource: NjuxjyIf you go to a skilled Carpenter's studio, you can always find that he/she has a lot of tools to accomplish different tasks.The same is true for software development. You can see how the software developer

"Go" Create and start the Android emulator using the command line method

Original URL: http://blog.csdn.net/tiandinilv/article/details/89530011. Introduction of Android SimulatorAndroid provides a simulator to simulate arm-core mobile devices. The Android Simulator is based on QEMU, and Qemu is a well-known open-source

Win Form + ASP. Web Service File upload download--hyappframe

This section explains how to upload the ASP. NET Web Service implementation file (with large files) on the Hyappframe server side, WinForm how the client downloads the file.1 server-side file upload 1.1 upload fileThe function FileUpload

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