Micro-expression app based on Phonegap,html5,ratchet,handlebars and other technologies

The app is made up of a lot of interesting micro-expressions, support 40 kinds of expressions, and each expression has a different state, mainly search expression, share expression, shake a change of expression and other functions. Currently only

Cortex-a8 and Android App Development video tutorial

Linked alarm system based on ARM Cortex-a8 and Android 4.x (Android, A8, Linux, Drive, NDK)Course Category: AndroidSuitable for people: advancedNumber of lessons: 38 (70 sessions)Using technology: Android, A8, 210, Linux, drivers, NDK, alarmsRelated

IOS WEBP Picture Format

Google produced high-definition, small volume of image format, the following is how to use under iOSAdd header File#import "Uiimage+webp.h"#import "ViewController.h" #import "Uiimage+webp.h" @interface Viewcontroller () @property (nonatomic, Strong)

Teach you to write the request, response class, and requests queue for the Android network framework

Reprint Please indicate the source, this article from "Mr.simple's blog". I am participating in the blog star, click here to vote for me, thank you ~ObjectiveTeaching you to write the basic architecture of the Android network framework we have

Cortex-a8 and Android App Development video tutorial

Linked alarm system based on ARM Cortex-a8 and Android 4.x (Android, A8, Linux, Drive, NDK)Course Category: AndroidSuitable for people: advancedNumber of lessons: 38 (70 sessions)Using technology: Android, A8, 210, Linux, drivers, NDK, alarmsRelated

Android Learning Note 24. Getting Started with Service (ii) binding and communicating with the ground service

to bind and communicate with the service   In the first 3 steps of the previous blog post, we completed a service and an application that uses the service (the service is part of the application). However, when the program starts and shuts down the

Android_http Get and Post

Record1. HTTP request Type:Get: Get resources by requesting URLsPost: Used to submit new content to the serverPut: Used to modify a contentDelete: Used to delete a contentOptions: To view the performance of the serverTrace: For remote diagnostics

Matching tables for file types and mime in Android

Background introduction:MIME: Full name Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, multi-function Internet Message expansion service. It is a Multipurpose Internet Mail Expansion protocol that was first applied to the e-mail system in 1992, but was

Delegate dangling pointer problem on iOS

The article is a bit long, the process of writing is very rewarding, but the process of reading is not necessarily a harvest, cautious intoThe crash problem caused by the "abstract" dangling pointer (dangling pointer) is often encountered during the

"Learning the path to iOS: Objective-c" deep copy and shallow copy

The difference between shades of a copy:Deep Copy Copy ContentShallow copy copy AddressNote: When an object is str1 in a constant area① copy NSString object to immutable string NSString *str1 = @ "Hello"; STR1--Constant Zone NSLog (@ "%

App backend Design (--im4java+graphicsmagick) for Chinese watermark

In the background of the app, sometimes in order to mark the copyright, you need to add a watermark to the image.In Liunx, Im4java+graphicsmagick is an efficient process of image processing, image clipping is the use of this technical solution, in

An attempt to turn pages on the Android page effect

Respect the original reprint please specify: from Aigestudio (Http://blog.csdn.net/aigestudio) Power by aige infringement must investigate!Artillery Zhen LouIn the first half of the "custom control is very simple" series, we used a full six knots

5 best Automation Tools for testing Android applications

Posted in | Automation testing, Mobile testing, software testing ToolsNowadays automated tests is used during almost every testing process. This isn't surprising, as properly organized automated testing greatly reduces time needed for a testing

iOS development: detailed objective-c RunTime

objective-c the whole runtime thing. (a) message mechanismrecently looking for a job, objective-c in the runtime is often asked a question, almost is the interview big company must ask a question. There are, of course, some other questions that are

If you want to upgrade Eclipse ADT, upgrade your Android emulator, and know that the process is not so simple

Since the launch of the Android Studio1.0 official version, the official website only provides the download of Android studio,So the people who are accustomed to using Eclipse ADT bundles never download it,In this way, you want to use Eclipse to

Instance analysis of dump file for Windows Phone app-stack Overflow

ObjectiveThis article together we analyze a dump file that is downloaded from Windows Phone Dev Center. First, follow the steps in my previous article to set up our WinDbg, and hold down CTRL +d to open DumpFile. You can see the following

Google App Engine Learning and practice

This weekend to play Google App Engine, write something, is a study notes it. Please correct me if you are not in the wrong place.LIIGO,2009/04/26 Night, DalianOriginal link: http://blog.csdn.net/liigo/archive/2009/04/26/4127055.aspxReprint Please

iOS multithreaded switch, some usage of threading and detailed explanation, Nsthread, nsoperation, Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)

multithreaded technologies supported by iOS:First, Thread:1) Create thread explicitly: nsthreed2) implicitly created thread: NSObjectSecond, COCOA operations:The Nsoperation class is an abstract class, because we must use its two subclasses.  1)

Android NDK Development (ix)--Application monitoring itself uninstall upgrade, use INotify to monitor the installation directory

Reprint Please specify source:http://blog.csdn.net/allen315410/article/details/42555415In the previous blog, we talked about a small case, using the NDK listener application itself to unload, and open the built-in browser to load the user invocation

"Go" Android implementation click two times back key to exit

In the Android application is we often have to judge the user to the return key operation, generally to prevent misoperation is the user repeatedly press two times the return button when the user is prompted to quit the application.The basic

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