Use PhoneGap to crop and compress images and upload them (Android version)

After installing the camera plugin of phonegap, you can crop or compress the image from the picture library, but the plugin itself has some problems and has been improved, and can now complete the above functions smoothly. Installation Method 1

The use of the call function and the Apply function in JavaScript

The use of the call function and apply in Javascript:The call function and the Apply function in JavaScript are switches to the execution context, which is performed by switching a function from the currently executing context to another object, for

Android Paging query get system contact information

Tag:android    Database paging query     system contact Package Com.example.yqqmobilesafe.contactprovider;import Java.util.arraylist;import java.util.list;import android. R.integer;import Android.content.context;import

Android status bar Landscaping related tutorials

"Little white Anti-compilation tutorial to make you a little God"Collect this tutorialLet's learn.There's no forever little whiteOnly the lazy little whitewill simply beautify (change the icon) to see this article Oh.Simple refers to: what is the

The Android client and server side Pass DES encryption authentication

Reprint Address: Android apps do not have a session mechanism like web development, there is no way to get the client login state by using PHPSESSID.In this case, how to use a "handshake"

Android Custom View Bounceprogressbar

Reprint Please specify source: few days ago downloaded a long time useless desktop version of the cool dog to use, found that the loading of songs waiting progress bar effect is good (personal

XMPP protocol for Instant Messaging underlying writing (ii)--IOS xmppframework demo+ Analysis

I hope that this is a new day!Before I look at the code, I think you should tidy up your mood and listen to my words:First of all, I hope you read this blog in the morning, and then start the operation, if you just look at the blog and not to

The first HTML5 mobile games conference forward five highlights worth attention

The 2014 inaugural HTML5 Mobile Games Conference, hosted by Egret Engine, a professional mobile gaming technology service provider, will be held at the Beijing International Convention Center on November 19 as the first industry event to explore the

Mobile User Agent Daquan download and publish a batch of mobile device user agent "share"

Mobile User Agent Daquan download and publish a batch of mobile device user agent "share"Many friends use the user agent when they play the browser or when they write software.Modify this to make your browser instantly become a mobile browser.Tidy

Bitmap of Android Graphics processing

Bitmap is one of the most important classes of image processing in an Android system. It can get image file information, make image cut, rotate, zoom and so on, and can save image file in specified format. From the perspective of application, this

Android Internship notes (4)---Fragment (fragmentation) Basic concept analysis

Android Internship notes (4)---Fragment (fragmentation) Basic concept analysisReprint Please specify source: Coder-pigFragment believe that everyone will be unfamiliar, slide, drawer effect, dialogfragment ah, and so on, a lot of places willUsed to

Mobile front-end debugging scenarios (Android + Chrome for remote debugging)

One: BackgroundIn general, the most common way to debug a mobile page is to switch the PC-side browser's useragent to simulate a phone or other mobile device Debug page and then use your phone to open the page you want to debug to refresh the page

iOS Development interpreter and compiler

Rookie often confuse compiler and interpreter, helpless, so to master consult.Master said: " The interpreter is a one-piece explanation of the execution source language. For example, Php,postscritp,javascript is a typical interpretive

IOS: Learning notes, Swift interacts with C-pointers (translate)

Swift interacts with C-pointersObjective-c and C APIs are often required to use pointers. The SWIFT data type is designed to work naturally with the pointer-based Cocoa API, and Swift actively handles several commonly used pointer parameters. In

iOS development __bridge __bridge_transfer and __bridge_retained

Core Foundation FrameworkThe Core Foundation Framework (corefoundation.framework) is a set of C-language interfaces that provide basic data management and service capabilities for iOS applications. The following lists the data that the framework

ASP network programming: Creating a Mobile Web application

IntroducedNowadays mobile devices have become a part of our lives, and many of us are inseparable from them. When these mobile devices are connected to the Internet, the power of mobile devices will be endless. We can send data to users at any time

Apple Xcode help document reading guide

Structure of the Xcode documentFor example, when opened, the entire document interface has the left side bar and the right content area. The sidebar on the left allows you to select a different document library. Your Xcode in general there is a set

IOS Fmdb Official use of document G-C-D for improved performance (translation)

Since Fmdb is built on SQLite, you should at least read this article from beginning to end.In the meantime, add the SQLite document page to your bookmarks.Automatic reference count (APC) or manual memory

Android Learning Eight (advanced use of ListView)

The ListView is used more in Android open, so the following is a walkthrough of using the ListView. First create an Android project with the project name Listviewtest.Simple use of the ListViewModify the layout file and the following code: To

Four ways to parse JSON in iOS

As a lightweight data interchange format, JSON is gradually replacing XML as a common format for network data.Some JSON code format is confusing, you can use this "" Web site for JSON format check (click the Open link). This

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