IOS SQLite database Additions and deletions

1. IntroductionSimple Package SQLite database operation class Basedb is used to complete the additions and deletions of SQLite, first import Libsqlite3.0.dylib library before use 2.basedb.h basedb.h// sqlitedemo//// Created by Carrie on 14-8-26.//

Android and JNI (ii)----Java call C dynamic call (reprint)

Directory:1. Introduction2. Entry functions for JNI components3. Using the Registernativemethods method4. Testing5. JNI Help method6. References1. IntroductionDirectory:1. Introduction2. Entry functions for JNI components3. Using the

My Android development related article?

Pro Android Learning notes: Pro Android Learning Note (117): Location (3): Get update 2014.8.25 Pro Android Learning Note (116): Location (2): Locationmanager's position gets 2014.8.21 Pro Android Learning Note (115): Location (1): Geocoder 2

Build a mobile Web application with Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a mobile Web application framework built using the HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript languages, and in this article, learn how to apply your current Web development skills for mobile web development. Download and build Sencha Touch to

The difference between the "IOS" @interface and the @property way of declaring variables

In iOS programming, many people do not understand the difference between instance variables and attributes, I based on my experience, this here with you to share the difference, below I write a simple example:. h@interface

How to become an Android player

If you aspire to become a master of Android, if you have patience, "a bottle of a bowl enough." "Is it difficult to do things in the world?" For this, it is easy for those who are difficult to do so, and those who are not are also difficult. Is it

UVA 10652 Board Wrapping (computational geometry-convex hull)

Problem BBoard Wrappinginput: standard inputoutput: standard outputTime Limit: 2 secondsThe small sawmill in Mission, British Columbia, had developed a brand new-from-the-a-packaging for boards. By fixating the boards in special moulds, the board

Google App Engine Learning and practice

This weekend to play Google App Engine, write something, is a study notes it. Please correct me if you are not in the wrong place.LIIGO,2009/04/26 Night, DalianOriginal link: Please

Android device does not have sqlite3 problem (sqlite3 not found)

Now a lot of mobile phones are not sqlite3. Open/system/xbin directory found only two files, Sqlite3 really was cut off.Sqlite3 generally is common, so go to find a sqlite3 just fine.Workaround:1, first in Eclipse on a simulator, DDMS

How to FIX: A new Android program occurred when the \android-sdk-windows\tools\lib\proguard.cfg file was not found error

Problem Overview:The following error occurred while creating a new Android program:Can't find the \android-sdk-windows\tools\lib\proguard.cfg fileReason:The SDK is not complete.Workaround:Method OneYou can create a new proguard.cfg file in the

iOS audio playback (i): Overview turn


Today see very good introduction audio development articles, reproducedOriginal address: app development has been for some time, in the process of the app's player several

Use Prefhud ES to do Frame Capture Android Game

Author: is a short tutorial on how to does frame capture with Nvidia Prefhud. You could find a detail tutorial from here.Before frame capture, some requirement should be fullfilled:1) OpenGL ES 2.0

Android handler messaging mechanism in layman's

As an Android developer, handler this class should be more familiar, because almost any app development, will use to handler this class, some students may say, I can use asynctask instead of it, this is really possible, But in fact, Asynctask is

Android methods for threading Update UI

Android methods for threading update UIWhen an Android program starts running, a process is started separately. By default, all activity or service (service and activity) in this program is only two of the components that Android provides, in

VS in the role of folders such as Bin,app_code,app_data,app_browser,app_globalresources.

1. Bin folderThe Bin folder contains the deployable assemblies required by the application for controls, components, or any other code that needs to be referenced. any. dll files that exist in the directory are automatically linked to the

Android Environment Configuration Sencha Touch

Transfer from part of your development, the Sencha Touch framework developed for Android devices should be tested in an Android virtual machine. This blog discusses how to install and use an

Differences between the IOS const and # define constants

(1) different compiler processing methodsDefine macros are expanded during the preprocessing phase.Const constants are used during the compile run phase.(2) Different types and security checksDefine macros have no type, do not do any type checking,

Several color colors provided by the Android system

Take a look at the android comes with color. ConstantsPublic static final intBlackadded in API Level 1Constant Value:-16777216 (0xff000000)Public static final intBlueadded in API Level 1Constant Value:-16776961 (0XFF0000FF)        Public static

QT static link App cmake CMakeLists.txt

Project (OVW)Cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 2.8)# turn on show compile cmd lineSET (Cmake_verbose_makefile on)SET (Cmake_prefix_path "f:/qt5.3.1/win32_static_2013")# Set Source dir of CPPSET (Src_dir ${project_source_dir}/.)SET (Qtlib_dir "f:/qt5.3.

Android FTP Case Study

How to use: FtpClient client = new ftpclient (); Client.connect ("", 8021); Client.login ("Carlo", "MyPassword"); No exception indicates a successful connection, otherwise the mat throws a Ftpexception exception. Of course,

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