"Go" download, compile and install the latest Android source code on Ubuntu

Original URL: http://blog.csdn.net/luoshengyang/article/details/6559955After reading the previous said a few books, to Linux kernel and Android have a certain understanding, is not in the mind, want to try to sledgehammer himself compiled a Android

Android ruler effect, based on time support left and right sliding (original)

After years, to now also did not seriously write code, just the company has the demand, spent an afternoon, wrote a ruler effect of the custom view, the effect is OK, but there are a lot of places to improve, I hope you correct!!! Can swipe left and

Android gets screen size and density

1. Screen sizeThat is, the actual size of the display screen, measured according to the diagonal of the screen.For simplicity, Android puts all screen sizes into four sizes: small, normal, large, oversized (corresponding to: small, normal, large,

75 essential tools for IOS developers

Original source: Ben ScheirmanSource: NjuxjyIf you go to a skilled Carpenter's studio, you can always find that he/she has a lot of tools to accomplish different tasks.The same is true for software development. You can see how the software developer

"Go" Create and start the Android emulator using the command line method

Original URL: http://blog.csdn.net/tiandinilv/article/details/89530011. Introduction of Android SimulatorAndroid provides a simulator to simulate arm-core mobile devices. The Android Simulator is based on QEMU, and Qemu is a well-known open-source

Win Form + ASP. Web Service File upload download--hyappframe

This section explains how to upload the ASP. NET Web Service implementation file (with large files) on the Hyappframe server side, WinForm how the client downloads the file.1 server-side file upload 1.1 upload fileThe function FileUpload

Centos/rhel 5 Platform Installation fan Nagios

First, fan is a CentOS-based mini-version system that can download ISO image installation directly. It can also be installed on the Redhat platform, and FAN 2.1 is typically installed on a 32-bit system on the Redhat 5.x platform.Official website:

[Turn from the original Shell matrix67] Android Calculator low-level error? It's all a binary mess!

Android Calculator has been discovered super big bug! Enter 14.52-14.49 in the Android Calculator program and the calculator says it equals 0.0299999999! In fact, this is already a computer of the same. The computer uses the binary to represent the

Overview of the Android Data Persistence tool class

Program Ape is the most lazy creatures, in the development of never repeat the wheel, the actual development of data eating is inevitable to deal with a problem, first summed up a few in addition to processing sqlite several tools, because SQLite

Android gets UTC time and conversion to. NET Timestamps

Tag: UTC time TimestampThis article is purely integrated and records the UTC time used in the project and the conversion to. NET timestamps.1, Android get UTC time /*** Get UTC time** @return*/public static String Getutctimestr ()

Why foreign programmers love to use Apple Mac computers

Mac is very thin in foreign countries, especially in the design/web development/IT staff circle. Ordinary users like Mac can understand, after all, Mac design beautiful, simple and easy to use, no virus. So why do professionals have a unique passion

Android + Eclipse + background silent installation (at a glance)

First of all, there are three classes.[Java]View Plaincopy Import Android.content.pm.IPackageInstallObserver; Import android.content.pm.ipackageinstallobserver$stub; Import Android.content.pm.PackageManager; Among them,

Learn about sprite,animation in native 2D by making Flappy Bird

  Welcome to Unity Learning,Unity training ,UnityEnterprise TrainingEducation Area, there are manyu3d Resources,u3d Training Video,u3d Tutorials,U3d Frequently Asked questions,u3d Project Source code, the "Dog Planing Learning Network" Unity's

iOS-tools-certificates for making PEM synthesis

In iOS, there are two types of notifications (reminding the source of the bombing):The first is local notification (uilocalnotification), which does not require a push certificate, and does not need to be registered with the program, which is not

Most complete iOS questions and answers-reproduced

1. Can the Object-c class inherit multiple classes? Can I implement multiple interfaces? What is category? Is it better to rewrite a class in a way that inherits or classifies? Why?Answer: The class of object-c cannot inherit multiple, can implement

"Android API Guides (iii)" Data Storage--storage Options

Android offers several options for permanently storing mobile data, and we choose to store it in a way that depends on the specific needs we store, such as whether your data needs to be exposed to itself, whether the data can be used by other

Apple Touch Icon Size Summary

For Chrome for Android: -Linkrel= "icon"Sizes= "192x192"href= "Touch-icon-192x192.png">For IPhone 6 Plus with @3xdisplay: -Linkrel= "apple-touch-icon-precomposed"Sizes= "180x180"href= "Apple-touch-icon-180x180-precomposed.png">For IPad with

On mobile Web Development (top): in-depth concepts

PPI what is PPIThe complexity of the PPI is that if the context in which he belongs is different, the meaning will be completely dissimilar. When we talk about the PPI of the display device, it refers to the pixel density of the screen, and when we

Statements common in iOS development @synthesize obj = _obj explanation of meaning

@synthesize window=_window;  statement, then, this window, _ window is what, two things respectively how to use, this is a relatively basic problem, also relates to our understanding objective-c a unified understanding of the class, the properties

What is the difference between light app, Web app, Native app?

"Dragon Friends Guide" recently Baidu Company announced in the General Assembly "light Application". What is the difference between a light application and what we say about Web apps and native apps? Is it the birth of a new creature or a conceptual

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