There are things in Android that you don't know about.

In the development of Android, there are always some seemingly simple, but actually stumbling problems, and so you go to explore, and so you go to solve, perhaps you have met the solution, perhaps you have not met, write this summary, hope to help

Organize some good projects on GitHub (c\c++\java\php\android\linux\js\css\)

This is where I'm going to start with the projects I'm interested in, and I'll update them later as I know more and more about it.Gitbeijing (HTML)Happpeter collated documentation on GitHub useAddress:

What happens to the main function when Android can't see it? The program is abnormal, can not prompt "XXX software stop execution"?

Today, I met this problem and shared the solution.Android does not have a main function, and naturally there is no solution to add exception handling in main to achieve global exception capture. Does the Android program have a global exception

Introduction to Android Automated Test Uiautomator--uiobject interface

UIObject can be understood as objects of a control, primarily manipulating objects. Obtain the UIObject object according to a certain condition (uiselector), and then perform the appropriate operation on the object, as shown in.The main actions for

"Android" context, what context

What Context?English Original: Context, what context?GitHub Address: Context, what context? ContextContext estimation is the most commonly used element in Android development, and its acquisition and use is so common that loading resources, starting

On the development of Android application layer with MVP

PS One sentence: Eventually choose Csdn to organize the publication of the knowledge points of these years, the article parallel migration to CSDN. Because CSDN also support markdown grammar, Ah!"Artisan Joshui

IOS gets the uniqueness of the device

One:English Original: In iOS 7 and later, if you ask for the MAC address of an IOS device, the system returns the value 02:00:00:00:00:00. If you need to identify the device, use the Identifierforvendor property of Uidevice instead. (Apps that need

Get the size of your phone's storage space

Get the size of your phone's storage space by Wusheying@importDarwin.sys.mount;intMain (intargc,Char* argv[]) {@autoreleasepool{structStatfsbuf;LongLongFreeSpace =0;if (Statfs("/", &buf) >=0) {FreeSpace = (LongLong) buf.f_bsize* buf.F_blocks;}if

In-app Purchase Programming Guide----(eight)----Preparing for App Review

Preparing for APP ReviewAfter your finish testing, you ' re ready to submit your app for review. This chapter highlights a few tips to help you through the review process.When you're done testing, you're ready to submit your app for review. This

Android Direct Connect SQL Server database

1. Download the JDBC driver for Jtds, an open source Java implementation, address: Add Jtds to the current Android project, I use the Jtds version of 1.2.53. Writing codeString ip= ""; String DBName=""; String

Using VMware to install Mac OS x Apple System under Windows

How does vmware install OS x10.9? VMware 10 Installing the Mac OS 10.9 tutorial Source: Internet anonymous time: 10-30 13:50:20 "Big Small" VMWare virtual machines enable you to run two or more windows, DOS, and Linux systems on a single machine.


Android provides sqldatabase to represent a database (the underlying is a database file)The static method opens a database for the file that corresponds to:Static Sqlitedatabase OpenDatabase (String path,sqlitedatabase.cursor Factory Factory, int

"IOS Push full resolution (i)" translation "--ios Push overview

This is a tutorial from Raywenderlich, the content is informative! The structure is simple, the explanation is gradual, the article quality is superior! It's a difficult blog post! Use half a bottle of English to translate a bit:1. Overview of Push (

Android ontouchevent Events

According to the user's touch to determine the direction of the slide, select Eject Popupwindow or dialog, you can also switch the interface, define the toggle animationDefine interfaces:/** * According to the Angle of the sliding range sliding

Android FrameWork Package PackageName have no installation candidate

Ubuntu download compiled framework source code, Apt-get Run, try to get root permissions to do the following apt-get update apt-getUpgrade error prompts still appear, source tips various 404 I check the Ubuntu website, see the following

"JavaScript" through JavaScript, if the phone browser access to the PC version of the page, automatically jump to the mobile version of the page

This actually does not have to write their own, because there is a very good writing on the Internet JS.To achieve the following effect, if the PC, tablet access to this page, then display the PC version of the page, if the mobile phone access to

"Android SDK program reverse analysis and cracking series" of the second: Android executable dex analysis (a)

Guo JiaEmail: [Email protected]Blog:"Android SDK program reverse analysis and Hack series" chapter index one DEX file data structureThe data types that Dex uses are shown in the

Nvidia loses cell phone and tablet market: the blame for procrastination

According to pcworld, Nvidia will abandon the mobile device market for 3G and LTE modem Business. Nvidia said in Tuesday that it would close its Icera modem business and sell its assets before the second quarter of fiscal 2016. NVIDIA will license

Section Ii: AppDomain

When the CLR COM server is initialized, an AppDomain is Created. An AppDomain is a logical container for a set of Assemblies. The first AppDomain created when the CLR initializes is called the default appdomain, and the default AppDomain can be

"php" Mobile version to access the mobile version of the page select "computer version" and do not go back to the original mobile version of the page, using the session to achieve

In "javascript" through javascript, if the phone browser access to the PC version of the page, automatically jump to the mobile version of the page (click the open link) in reality, if the user through the mobile phone access to your PC page,

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