When the "Go" Android app is packaged, an error occurs: "XXX" is not translated in "AF" (Afrikaans), "AM" (Amharic), "Ar" (Arabic) .....

"App_name" is not translated in "AF" (Afrikaans), "AM" (Amharic), "Ar" (Arabic), "BG" (Bulgarian), "Ca" (Catalan), "CS" (C Zech), "Da" (Danish), "de" (German), "El" (Greek), "En-rgb" (English:united Kingdom), "En-rin" (English:india), "Es" (Sp Anish)

Common public Function encapsulation methods (password strength, phone number verification, mailbox verification, input amount verification)

Password complexity public function encapsulation (mailbox, mobile number)This. passwordstrength = function (password) {var rule = Auto517.config.passwordRule.rule;var min = Auto517.config.passwordRule.min;var max =

Android resolution image download: Soft reference must understand 4 points

Android resolution image download: Soft reference must understand 4 pointsPerhaps for Android developers, the word soft reference is not very familiar, soft reference in Java development with more, but, in the development of Android reference soft

IOS calculates the distance between two latitude and longitude degrees

IOS calculates the distance between two latitude and longitude degreesOne,-(double) Distancebetweenorderby: (double) LAT1:(double) lat2:(double) lng1:( Double ) lng2{ *curlocation = [[cllocation alloc] initwithlatitude:lat1 longitude:lng1];

Ios-about iOS app support IP6

First, ipv6-only support is what?The first IPV6, is the expansion of the IPV4 address space. At present, when we use the iOS device to connect to the WiFi, 4G, 3G and other networks, the device is assigned to the address is IPV4 address, but as

Android OpenGL ES 0 Basic Series (iii): OpenGL es rendering Pipeline and VertexShader and Fragmentshader

ObjectiveIn the first 2 articles, we all talked about shaders, and in the second it was formally said that this shader can only be used in programmable pipelines such as OpenGL es2.x, but not in OpenGL es1.x. But we haven't been saying why, what's

[BS-17] iOS development-alpha,hidden and opaque differences

The UIView control has the three common properties of Alpha,hidden and opaque, and the UIView control backgroundcolor is in Rgba, so the background color also has an alpha (the palette in storyboard is displayed as opacity )。 These properties are

The new book "Android Security Technology Disclosure and prevention" finally published

May every one of the children in the North can find their own struggle for the direction, not negative those in the distance silently support our parents and relatives. Nearly 1 of the new book, "The Secrets of Android security technology and

Csapp (1): Computer representation of numbers

in the computer, use BITS to store information. The same bit-level representation, changing the way it is interpreted, expresses different information. 0. XOR in bit-level operationsA bit-level operation should be noted that the difference or this

"0 Basic Learning iOS development" "02-c language" 05-binary

directory of this document First, the decimal Ii. binary Three or eight binary 46 or 16 binary V. Summary of the SYSTEM Vi. Variables and binary Vii. Simple use of printf The previous talk briefly introduces

iOS in SQLite3 basic operation

iOS about sqlite3 operationsThe iphone supports access to the iphone's local database via sqlite3 .Detailed usage such as the following1: Join the development package Libsqlite3.0.dylibThe first is to set up the project file. Add the iphone version

IOS 8 excellent cross-app communication effect: Interpreting action Extensions

this article reprinted to http://mobile.51cto.com/iphone-464809.htmThe program extension was originally unveiled at the WWDC 2014 conference, a way to extend the functionality of iOS applications to other parts of the system, and to achieve better

Visual Studio 2015 Mobile cross-platform development first experience

Microsoft has changed a lot after the new CEO, and the best news for our team is that Visual Studio 2015 supports mobile app cross-platform development. > Do you remember how long ago Xamarin announced that it was a partner with Microsoft? It is

Create a cross-platform mobile app using Cordova+visual Studio (3)

1 backgroundThis section is about Telerik AppBuilder for Visual Studio.Currently (2014.12) is part of Telerik company Telerik Platform , Telerik Platform function is cross-platform Mobile Development for IOS, Android and Windows Phone, shouting the

14.app backend How to design the API

The interaction between the app and the backend is typically implemented via the backend API. API design, estimated that many just enter the app back end of the small partners will have no clue, do not know how to get started. Below based on their 3

Android. 9.png picture Maker

"Point Nine" is a special image form in the application software development of Andriod platform, the file extension is:. 9.pngThe smartphone has the function of the automatic horizontal screen, the same interface will change the direction of the

Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit) to build the android5.0 development environment

??Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit) to build the android5.0 development environment This article describes the operation of the WIN7 operating system by building a android5.0 compilation environment under virtual machine VMware and Ubuntu, including

Sqlite3 actions in iOS

Disclaimer : I have not used all of the following commands, only for the collection, you are welcome to point out the errors " select  count (*)    from sqlite_master WHERE type= "table" and name = "table_name"                              

Android x86 simulator Intel Atom x86 System image Configuration and usage method

The Android simulator that we are developing now simulates arm's architecture (Arm-eabi), so the simulator is not run on x86, but the arm is simulated, so we often feel very slow when we debug the program, most developers should have a deep

iOS security Attack (23): Objective-c Code obfuscation

iOS Security Attack (23): Objective-c Code obfuscationClass-dump can be very convenient to export the program header file, not only to let the attackers understand the program structure to facilitate the reverse, but also to hurry to catch up with

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