Mobile End (1)

I. Outline of the course1. Base EventsTouchstartTouchmoveTouchend2. Event ObjectCancel Default EventStop bubblingPrevent text from selecting and blocking default menusMouse Event LatencyIncident Point Penetration problem3.

What is WEB application Architecture? How It Works, Trends, best practices and more

At Stackify, we understand the amount of effort that goes into creating great applications. That's why we build tools for application Performance Management (APM), log Management, and a whole suite of application s Upport tools (in one solution) to

Android Reverse-android base reverse (2-2)

[TOC]#0x00 Preface# #不知所以然, take a lookAndroid Reverse-android base reverse (1)Android Reverse-android base reverse (2)# #以及java系列:Android Reverse-java Code Basics (1)Android Reverse-java Code Basics (2)Android Reverse-java Code Basics (3)Android

"Front-end small white learning Road" HTML5 Best Practices Web App

Introduction This article focuses on how to make the Web app run more smoothly with HTML5 and CSS.TIP 1: Use Web Storage instead of cookies The biggest drawback of cookies is that every HTTP request carries all the rules-compliant cookie data. This

IOS Phone time Zone acquisition issues

Time zone abbreviation UTC, CST, GMT, CEST and conversionUTC is an abbreviation for Coordinated Universal Time (Universal time coordinated), which is defined and recommended by the International Radio Advisory Committee and is maintained by the

Android App memory footprint test (print procrank information every second)

1. Memory consumptionFor smartphones, the memory size is fixed, so if the memory footprint of a single app is smaller, the more apps you can install on your phone, or the smaller your app's memory footprint, the smoother it will run on your phone.

Xenapp/xendesktop 7.11 2-point enhancement for HDX 3D Pro

In Xenapp&xendesktop 7.11, Citrix significantly optimized the delivery capability under HDX 3D Pro, with a major increase of two points: Support for NVIDIA Nvenc technology The new relative Mouse function Nvidia's Nvenc technology

iOS Development Web chapter-Data security (encrypted using the MD5 algorithm)

A simple explanation1. DescriptionWhen developing an application, the security of the data is critical, and simply submitting the user's privacy data with a POST request is still not a complete solution to the security issue.Such as: You can use

Android App Performance Optimization summary (Google's official Android performance Optimization Model-2nd quarter)

Google has just released a few days ago in the 2nd season of Android Performance optimization class, a total of 20 short videos, including the content is roughly: battery optimization, network optimization, wear on how to optimize, using object

Android Audio Development (6): Using OpenSL ES API (top)

The previous articles show how to capture audio using the Audiorecord provided by Android in the Java layer, play audio with audiotrack, and encode and decode using MEDIACODEC, which are Java layer APIs provided by Android , whether it is

Android Performance Optimization Model-2nd Quarter

Google released the 2nd season of Android performance optimization course, a total of 20 short videos, including roughly: Battery optimization, network optimization, how to optimize on wear, using object pooling to improve efficiency, LRU

2015 Latest Android Basics Getting Started directory (temporary version)

2015 Latest Android Basics Getting Started directory (temporary version)tags (space delimited): Android Basics Getting Started TutorialObjective: Well, last night was a stolen number, the blog has been published more than 10 yellow stickers

Go SharePoint App Development (2)-building a development environment

This article belongs to the SharePoint Apps Development series article, and this series of articles includes: SharePoint app Development (1)-What is a SharePoint app? SharePoint app Development (2)-Building a development environment

android-Music Player Implementation and source download (i)

Starting from this article, the implementation of a music player is described in detail, as well as the ability to get the latest recommended songs and download songs from the network parsing data.Features are described below:1. Get the local song

Application of mobile phone management "6"--Power management Chapter

Welcome reprint, Reprint please specify:Http:// article will introduce the Power saving management chapter. This article mainly introduces the power consumption of Android and some technical points that are

Access 64-bit hklm\software Registry by 32-bit application

Http:// running 32-bit Windows application to a 64-bit Windows OS, there is a registry redirection. Here, if 32-bit application tries to read a key under

Develop WEB APP--HTML5 offline caching using JQuery Mobile and HTML5

This article is to introduce the characteristics of the HTML5 Offline Network application, the actual name of the offline Web application in the World Network is "Offline Web applications", also known as offline caching. When the user opens the

iOS8 xcode6 Settings and icon settings under the Start screen

Splash Screen: Launchscreen.xib fileDesktop icons and other related apps pictures: images.xcassetsOutline The specification and description of the icon; Start the picture specification and description; Add footage Walkthrough;

Redis Source code parsing (15)---aof-append only file parsing

continue to learn the Redis source data related file code analysis, today I see a file called AoF, the letter is append only file abbreviation, meaning only append file operation. In order to record the change of data operation, the data of this

iOS 8 adaptation notes

IOS 8.0This article summarizes the key developer-related features described in iOS 8, currently running on a shipping iOS device. This article also lists the documentation to describe the new features in more detail.For the latest news and

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