The EXIF under Android

I. What is EXIFExif (exchangeable image file) is a image file format whose data storage is identical to the JPEG format. In fact, the EXIF format is the insertion of digital photos in the head of the JPEG format, including aperture, shutter, white

His little front end (1)--Mobile special effects-web keypad

The click of the mobile side is delayed, and this effect does not see the delay, why?Page:12deleteJs:$ (function () {var $write = $ (' #write ');$ (' #keyboard li '). Click (function () {var $this = $ (this),character = $this. html (); If it ' s a

Android Date and time format internationalization

public classThe DateFormatSymbolsExtension objectsImplementing the Serializable Interface Cloneable interfaceJava.lang.Object's? java.text.DateFormatSymbolsclass overviewEncapsulates this information with localized datetime format data, such as

Debug your iOS app with Xcode 7 Beta free real machine iOS App K-res blog with Xcode 7 Beta free real machine2015-06-09 21942 reading XcodeThe early morning WWDC15 although did not stay up for a while, but also early to get up the first time to look at the

Ubuntu 15.10 x64 Install Android SDK

Operating system: Ubuntu 15.10 x64Target: Install the Android SDKThis article was last updated: 2015-11-3Installing 32-bit library filesThe September 2013 iphone 5s was the first 64-bit mobile phone, and Android phones mostly used 32-bit systems

An overview of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android development note--arcgis Runtime SDK

1. PrefaceThe ArcGIS Runtime SDK is a complete set of application development packages for building native and cross-platformReprint Please specify source: 2. ArcGIS Runtime SDKs product FamilyBelieving

Memories of 15 days learning iOS bitterness bitter spicy

In the group often see a small partner asked how to learn iOS, want to go to this direction, but also see a variety of training out in the group to find work, but also asked how to self-study good. Some have been learning for several months, the

"0 Basic Learning iOS development" "02-c language" 08-Basic operations

directory of this document First, arithmetic operators Second, assignment operator The increment operator and the self-decrement operator Iv. sizeof Five, comma operator Vi. Relational operators Seven, logical

iOS Development core Language objetive c--compiler directive @property. @synthesize. Custom construction methods and class factories

This share is intended for partners who are interested in developing iOS, or are already working with iOS developers. If you have a high interest in iOS development, you can work with me on iOS development, learn together, and make progress together.

Android Network Develop (3)----XML Parser

Normally, there is three type parser in Android. Xmlpullparser, DOM & SAX.Google Recomand Xmlpullparser to doing.parser XML files or InputStream, it based on XML content.So using a general-to-parser XML.Basexmlobj:/***********************************

IOS objective-c How to get 2 decimal rounded float value?

Have a tried this?CGFloat val = 37.777779;CGFloat Rounded_down = Floorf (val * 100)/100; /* result:37.77 */CGFloat nearest = Floorf (val * 100 + 0.5)/100; /* result:37.78 */CGFloat rounded_up = Ceilf (val * 100)/100; /* result:37.78

300 Yuan price difference who good charm Blue Note contrast charm blue phone

Http:// "pconline Contrast evaluation " 999 yuan of the charm of Blue Note and 699 yuan of the charm of the blue mobile phone has been released, representing the Meizu low-end mobile phones already

Android HTTP communication--1. Initial knowledge of HTTP protocol

Android HTTP communication--1. Initial knowledge of HTTP protocol Android HTTP Communication 1 Initial knowledge of HTTP protocol Introduction Body What the hell is http? Noun analysis

The hottest 74 Android open source projects on GitHub (favorites)

The hottest 40 Android open source projects on GitHub (i)The hottest 40 Android open source projects on GitHub (ii)Top 74 Android Open source projects on GitHub (iii)The hottest 40 iOS open source projects on GitHub (i)The hottest 40 iOS open source

2014 easy-to-use open-source Android testing Tools

2014 easy-to-use open source Android test tools-open source China community There is a big trend to move to mobile application platform, Android is the most widely used mobile operating system, more than 2014 years accounted for more than 80% of

Lync2013 integration with Exchange2013 im to Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013 (23)

In addition to the integration with Microsoft Outlook 2013, Microsoft Lync Server 2013 can also be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013, and this will give Outlook Web App Add instant Messaging and presence, and enable your unified

How iOS Works Support 64-bit

Apple released a message on October 20, 2014: From next year's February 1, apps submitted to the App Store must support 64-bit. The detailed message address is: are we supposed to start getting our

Android--sqlite implementing Object-oriented Crud

Now a bit anxious, don't want to write code, so write a blog to relax.Just learned the use of SQLite in Android, in fact, it is not difficult, but with the JDBC operation database, this is still a bit uncomfortable, and I haven't written the bottom

Principle analysis of thread, Handler, Looper and MessageQueue in Android

In Android development, the classes Thread, Handler, looper are especially common and may not be very clear when you start learning Android. Let's take a look at how these several classes work together from the source point of view.ThreadThe first

iOS Development--swift & Classic Syntax (c) statements

StatementIn Swift, there are two types of statements: simple statements and Control-flow Statements. Simple statements are the most common and are used to construct expressions and declarations . Control flow statements are used in the process of

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