The pros and cons of Xamarin mobile development

when considering iOS or Android app development, most of us will first consider Objective-c vs Swift and Java. as a local technology stack, they are naturally the most commonly used mobile development tool when it comes to iOS and Android

[10th day of the Turn group] | ANDROID6.0.0_R1 source code compilation and POC program compilation

2018-05-23ANDROID6.0.0_R1 Source Code CompilationBrief description: Android source code compiled four processes: 1. source code download; 2. Build the compilation environment; 3. Compile the source; 4 run. The following will also be described in

Step by step to teach you to develop and deploy your first de-centralized application (Dapp)-Pet Shop

Today we are going to write a complete de-centric (blockchain) application (Dapps), this article can be combined with the writing of smart contracts to see.Write in frontBefore reading this article, you should know something about Ethereum and smart

Android Test of ADB shell

One, send keyboard events:Command format 1:adb Shell input keyevent "value"where value and the corresponding key code are listed in the following table: KeyEvent Value KeyCode Comment 0

Android Operation SQLite Basic usage

I. Introduction to SQLite1.SQLite IntroductionSQLite is a lightweight database, is to comply with acid-related database management system, it is designed to be embedded, and has been used in many embedded products, it occupies very low resources, in

Android 0 Basics Section 60th: Calendar view CalendarView and timer chronometer

Original: Android 0 Basics 60th: Calendar view CalendarView and timer chronometerThe previous issue studied the AnalogClock, DigitalClock, and Textclock clock components, and this issue continues to learn the Calendar view CalendarView and timer

Android 0 Basics Section 59th: AnalogClock, DigitalClock, and Textclock clock components

Original: Android 0 basic Introductory Section 59th: AnalogClock, DigitalClock, and Textclock clock componentsIn the previous issue, we studied DatePicker and Timepicker, which could not fully satisfy our processing of time and date in actual

HTML5 Plus Mobile App (5+app) development Getting Started Guide

HTML5 Plus mobile app, referred to as 5+app, is a HTML, JS, CSS based on the mobile phone app, this app can call the native ability of the mobile phone via the extended JS API, realize the same powerful function and performance as the native

Strong references to Android performance gains, soft references, weak references, virtual references use

Reprint please the head source link and the tail two-dimensional code together reprint, this article from countercurrent fish yuiop: Received a public contribution, "Reference from

Work (engineers) to be good, it will first benefit (compiler)-"Android Studio Combat-fast and efficient building Android app"

Android Studio is a compiler that changes the way Android is developed, and the Android studio real-fast and efficient build Android app is a book that teaches people how to change the way Android is developed.     This book is about how to write

[52 Effective ways to write high-quality iOS code] (10) Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)


[52 Effective ways to write high-quality iOS code] (10) Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)Reference book: "Effective Objective-c 2.0", "English" Matt GallowaySneak Peek41. Multi-use dispatch queue, less use of synchronous lock42. Multi-use GCD, less use

Android Support Library Introduction

We know that Android since the first generation release, its version update iteration speed can be said to be very fast, but Android is a mobile operating system, is facing all users, not an industry-specific system, which is to require this system

Androidbitmapshader Real-round, rounded corners picture (reprint)

Androidbitmapshader Real-round, rounded pictureReprint please indicate the source:, this article from: "Zhang Hongyang Blog" 1, overviewRemember beginners that would have written a blog

Android BASE64 Encryption

One BASE64 encryptionImport;Import;Import;public class Base64utils {private static final char[] Legalchars = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/".

Securing Web applications with Rational AppScan part 1th: Getting Started with web security and Rational AppScan

ObjectiveToday's world, the Internet (Internet) has become a very important foundation platform, many enterprises will be used to set up the platform, to provide customers with more convenient and fast service support. These applications are

Android development Local and network MP3 Music Player (12) Create Netmusiclistadapter, SearchResult display network music list

Implementation features:Implement Netmusiclistadapter (Network music list adapter)Implementing SearchResult (Searching for music objects)Use the Jsoup component to request the network and parse the music data, and the music data is loaded into the

Implementation of the OBJECTIVE-C MD5/SHA1 encryption algorithm for iOS development

[OBJC]View Plain copy The OBJECTIVE-C implementation of the MD5 and SHA1 algorithms is relatively simple, you can directly call the system's C + + shared library to implement the call the MD 5, message Digest algorithm 5

The core image of iOS uses

Core Image Programming guide--Graphics Programming GuideFirst, IntroductionCore image is a technology for processing and analyzing images that is designed to provide near real-time processing of static and video images. Core image hides the

Android--debug Stack

When the Android system crashes and other fatal errors, there will generally be a stack of debug printing information, generally directly see the problem is out of the place! Record the method of my android4.2 debug stack log.Writing is not easy,

Starting from scratch iOS development (19): Application Settings and User Defaults (top)

On the iphone and ipad, there's one thing that everyone must be familiar with, and that thing is settings.The thing to learn plainly is simple, is to learn how to set some properties of an app in Settings, in turn, in the app to change some property

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