Log ' main ', ' System ', ' radio ', ' Events ' and Android log analysis

Different logs in Android are written to different devices, with a total of/dev/log/system,/dev/log/main,/dev/log/radion, and/dev/log/events four types. Where default LOG.V is written in/dev/log/main. The slog is written to the/dev/log/system.When

[Reprint] Android dynamic debug seven kinds of weapons peacock feather-Ida

This article was reproduced from: http://drops.wooyun.org/tips/68400x00 sequence With mobile security getting more and more fire, a variety of debugging tools are also emerging, but because of the different environments and requirements, and

Learn about iOS runtime

First, IOS runtime principleFor the runtime mechanism, the information found on the Internet is probably how to use these things, and to see the implementation of the Runtime.h header file, of course, this is a good way to learn, but, in fact, we

Android Basics Getting Started tutorial--8.3.16 Canvas API details (Part 1)

Android Basics Getting Started tutorial--8.3.16 Canvas API details (Part 1)tags (space delimited): Android Basics Getting Started TutorialIntroduction to this section: We've spent 13 of bars explaining the most common APIs for the paint class

Android IOS WebRTC Audio and Video development Summary (48)--the opportunity to see the video industry from a commercial and technical perspective

This article mainly from different angles to introduce the opportunity of the video industry, the article from the blog Garden Rtc.blacker, support the original, reprint must explain the source, welcome to pay attention to the individual public

Apple App Store Account application and certificate application release app knowledge

App Store offers four types of applications for developers: Personal iOS Developer program $99/Year Company iOS developer program $99/Year Enterprise iOS Developer program $299/Year University iOS developer program free

Android-the most simple custom switch button in history

Reprint Please specify source: http://blog.csdn.net/l1028386804/article/details/48102871Many times, we in a lot of Android or iOS app will encounter such an effect, there is a button, we click, will slide, one will show "on", one will show "off",

Android Multi-Folder album + Get recent Photo analysis

Recently, there's a mission. The main function points of the reconstructed album function module are as follows:1 contentprovider scan phone picture get Cursor yourself write GridView because the system album can not be a picture multi-select and

Linux commands: MV command file move and rename

When you want to move a file from one location to another and do not want to copy it, the MV command is the first choice to complete the task.Initial knowledge of MV commandThe MV command is a command similar to CP, but it does not create

My Android Advanced tour------>android realizes the ability to control PC-side shutdown and restart with Android phone (a) PC server side

Because often open notebook work, tired of sitting on the bed to play mobile phone, but at night to sleep and don't want to get out of bed to shut down the computer, want to do an Android software to control the PC side shutdown and restart. To

iOS parsing JSON

JSON constructs two structures: JSON is simply the object and array of JavaScript, so these two structures are objects and arrays of 2 structures, through which can represent a variety of complex structure 1, objects: Objects in JS expressed as "{}"

iOS uses Cgcontextref to draw various shapes (text, circle, line, arc, rectangle, sector, ellipse, triangle, rounded rectangle, Bezier curve, picture)

First Look at Cgcontextref:An opaque type represents a Quartz 2D drawing environment.The graphics context is a graphical contextual, which can be understood as a canvas, which we can paint on, and after the drawing is done, the canvas is displayed

Visualbox ubuntu14.04 64-bit android4.4.4 Source compilation summary

Toss for several days, today finally compiled through, with 4 hours, too difficult. As shown in the following:Software EnvironmentVirtual machine: VisualboxOperating system: Ubuntu14.04 64-bitAndroid Source: Android-4.4.4_r1In this process

On cottage phone and Android "12" 3G era smartphone BP part

The Most mature 3G network system is the WCDMA developed by the 3GPP project team. WCDMA network structure, can refer to Figure 12.1, which has several characteristics. 1. Reverse-compatible Gsm/grps network.     The base station subsystem (BSS)

iOS engineering adaptation 64-bit experience sharing

After all, still come. Apple has issued an ultimatum to support the 64-bit:As we announced in October, beginning February 1, new IOS apps submitted to the APP Store must include 64-bit support and is built with the IOS 8 SDK. Beginning June 1, app

Windows 7, VMware Workstation10 Deploy iOS development environment [MAC OS X Server10.6 System Installation]

Windows 7, VMware WORKSTATION10 deployment iOS development environment Mac OS X Server10.6 system InstallationThe basic situation is Windows7 Professional Edition 32-bit system, VMware Workstation10.0 virtual machine, Mac OS X Server10.6 operating

The ability to attach a picture to a Label control iOS project source code

This source case is able to attach the image of the label control, source Jtimagelabel,jtimagelabel can attach the label of the image Label control, the picture can be replaced. The location is also very well controlled.: How to

JavaScript callback function, closure scope, call,apply function to solve the scope problem of this

In Javascrip, a function is a built-in class object, which means that it is a type of object that can be used for the management of built-in objects just like other objects of the string, Array, number, and object classes. Because the function is

Android OpenFire and XMPP

For the XMPP protocol, refer to: http://www.jabbercn.orgWhat is OpenFireOpenFire is developed in java, and the open source real-time collaboration (RTC) server is based on the XMPP (Jabber) Protocol.You can use it to easily build an efficient

Android, using JSON to send data, using the Java escape character Kankan original

Kankan OriginalWhen sending data to and from the PHP background. This format is Required.private void Sendjson () { Initialize the handler of your own definitionCashhandler handler = new Cashhandler (this);Request a primary Address. Written in your

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