Apache HTTP protocol content compression reduces access traffic elevation

"HTTP protocol content compression" Content-ecoding:gzip Principle: In order to speed up the transmission speed of the Web page, the server compresses the main information such as the common gzip compression compress compression, and the google-chr

JS in URL encoding encountered the plus problem __ code

When I was doing JS code, I ran into a problem, maybe everyone has encountered. I used the escape () function to encode, but found that he was the plus "+" filter. At the time of decoding "+" has become empty "". The test encodeURI () function i

Percona-toolkit Pt-online-schema-change (change the table structure online)

Traditional method to modify table structure similar to ALTER TABLE XX Modify, you need to lock the table structure, if the table is large, the operation time will be longer. At present, the vast majority of business requirements 24*7 Non-stop Servic

The meaning of the CN, OU, DC in LDAP

http://ssailyang.iteye.com/blog/413518 Turn from: http://stevenit.bokee.com/viewdiary.30578007.htmlAlthough many people will use dsadd and other commands to add users, but dsadd instructions inside does not involve the meaning of Dc,cn,ou, many peop

Wrote an HTTP high stealth agent

This thought that the writing HTTP proxy and the previous port forwarding is similar, the result actually a writing up found to be more complex. What's going on is that you have to parse the HTTP protocol manually. Say simply, if use IE last website,

Alipay Login Interface Resolution

Yesterday looked at Alipay login interface code, feel that some things are still helpful to the development of the future. Here is a record of your feelings. The first is to Alipaycore.java this class, which is a common function core processing file

1 billion-magnitude kv data persistence storage Engine: Principle of LEVELDB implementation

Leveldb One of the Daily Records :leveldb Speaking of LEVELDB may not be clear to you, but if you're an IT engineer, and you don't know the next two great God-level engineers, your leader will probably hold: Jeff Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat. These two

Configuration _me__ database for the database connection pool in spring

BONECP BONECP configuration file Format (bonecp-config.xml): <?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?> <bonecp-config> <default-config> <!-- --> <property name= "" ></property> </default-config> S

Error 1296 (HY000): Got error 157 ' Unknown error code ' from Ndbcluster

In a MySQL cluster test environment on one of the nodes (id=4 perform a select operation to hold It is not a problem to execute the same statement on another node ### # Error as shown in caption: mysql

Look at Sybase's Official Handbook index working principle

A brief introduction to Sybase database Sybase Company was founded in 1984, the company name "Sybase" from "System" and "database" combined meaning. Sybase's first relational database product was the Sybase SQLServer1.0, which was launched in May 19

Ibatis Label detailed

First level label (Root label):1.<sqlmap></sqlmap> Property: namespace: For specifying namespaces, you can use namespaces in Java program segments to invoke the appropriate SQL statements in the form of tag IDs. Level Two tags:2.ca

Three ways to write XML (3)--schema files

How to write a schema document ①russian Doll (Russian set of dolls) ②salami Slice (sausage slices) ③venetian Blind (blinds) RecommendedSecond, Russian doll Russia set Eva As the name suggests, the way to write is a layer, only a root element, throu

webservice--the development of Webservice__web by contract priority

I. Basic ConceptsThere are two ways to develop webservice, such as code first and contract priority, this example introduces the webservice of contract priority.There are three ways to write WSDL: The wrapper approach based on document, the bare appr

Softerra LDAP Browser Usage and configuration There's a picture of the truth.

I use the Softerra LDAP browser to find information about people in the company. There are too few online Softerra LDAP browser configurations, so I'm writing here I remember the last time I was able to search for names on my XP system, this one wasn

How to operate in a multithreaded database-multithreaded serial __ Database

premisesMost of the time we open the database directly under the main thread and manipulate the database, but if you encounter an encrypted database, such as a sqlcipher encrypted database, or a database that encrypts the field, you have to manipulat

Tomcat core components and Server.xml configuration explanation

<!--Tomcat's core components: Server Service Connector Engine Host context; Other components can be grouped into inline components (that is, embedded in these components) --> <!--each element tag corresponds to one component of Tomcat, whi

Maven custom skeleton process that has been used in the detailed

The MAVEN skeleton is implemented by the skeleton plug-in, and the entire skeleton flow is expressed in the entire flowchart in the following chart, the source of Maven's website. maven Skeleton Introduction: When you create a project using Ma

Team Foundation Server Installation Guide

One, Description Team Foundation Server (TFS) provides source code control, work item tracking, teams Foundation build, group project portal, reporting, and project management capabilities. TFS also includes a data warehouse that stores data from wor

The basic principle and realization of anti-theft chain

My implementation of the chain of anti-theft practices, but also refer to the predecessor of the article. The basic principle is just one sentence: by judging whether the refer of request requests originates from this site. (The request header, of co

Netsh (DOS settings IP address) []

Netsh–c Interface ip set address " Local Connection " modify on Interface "Local Area Connection" IP for , MASK for Netsh–c Interface IP add address " Local Connection " ad

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