What if the Office 2016 for Mac file is too big?

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What if the Office 2016 for Mac file is too big? recently, Microsoft has launched the latest version of Office software: Office2016, the biggest change in this version is not only in Microsoft's operating system: such as: Win7, Win8, win8.1, WIN10 and other systems installed, and support Apple's iOS system, This means that Office2016 can also be easily used on Apple computers. However, the Office2016 Mac version is too large to consume too much storage space for users who have purchased small hard disk capacity Macs and Mac hard disk capacity is far from enough. Small make up here to introduce a let Office2016 Mac version of the way to thin body.

Office 2016 for Mac

What if the Office 2016 for Mac file is too big?

The Office2016 Mac version consists of 5 major components: Word,excel,powerpoint,outlook,onenote. Unfortunately, these 5 apps have a lot of duplicate files (such as the same font, each stored in a different app) why not save a copy in an app, and then other Office programs to call by "shortcut" to call it? And then there's a big God on the Internet that wrote a script , you can delete the extra files in the next 4 apps, except word, and let them invoke the same file in Word via the soft chain (Softlink, which can be understood as shortcuts/aliases). This will save our Mac 3.7G of hard disk space.

Office2016 Mac version of the way to slim:

Note: The three versions of Office2016 tested by this method are V15.16, V15.17, and V15.18. Use may be risky and require user attention. Read the run code carefully before running. Make sure that the 5 apps on your Mac Office2016 are in one version.

Open Terminal (launchpad-other-terminal), copy the command from Sudo to the terminal (copy the command here, inside) "sudo bash-c" Curl-s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/go odbest/officethinner/master/officethinner.sh | Bash "", enter your own set of the Mac password on the line (usually your power-on password). Of course, every time you update your MAC Office2016, the size of the Office2016 will be restored, so after each update, if you want to Office2016 thin body, you need to run this terminal command.

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