mysql-php processing Database Multi-table, can be both efficient and clear how to deal with the idea?

"The situation is as follows" Recorded in table 1 Bicycle number tenant Merchant 1 a 2 a3 b4 c [Here's the meaning of the different merchant.] Owned bicycles, merchants own bicycle tables] Table 2Bike

How to upload files using multipart in PHP curl simulation post

A 20007 error occurred while using the Sina Weibo API to write a picture bed, and the document said it needed to upload the file with multipart. How do I upload a file using multipart in PHP with the Curl simulation post? The code I'm using: $uri =

Mysql-php the operation of the database, the use of both the process and the object of the word is the same code?

Just combine PHP and MySQL to learn, In advance, is the process-oriented function the same as the object-oriented function? For example, the query function can be written as follows:mysql_query ($sql); Method$conn->query ($sql)//Object Again such

When members delete their own posts, what is the better way to do both?

For example, a member with ID 100 would like to delete a post with ID 1000 There are two kinds of removal scenarios 1.SELECT user_id from post WHERE id = 1000 And then determine if USER_ID is 100, then delete it. 2.DELETE from Post WHERE id=1000 and

What is the regular expression that matches basically all browser useragent and the main search engine spider?

Implementing the UA Whitelist with PHP requires the ability to match basically all browsers and the main search engine spider UA Regular. Maybe this is a complicated question, and I'll see if anyone can solve it. Reply content: Implementing the

How does the website block specific country ip/language visitors while allowing search engine spiders and their own access?

Environment: VPS, Centos, Ngix, Wordpress 1. To block all Chinese IP and Chinese language visitors 2. Blocking proxy access 3. The above access jumps to a specific page or displays a specific text 4. Allow search engine spiders such as Googlebot

Build counter DIY three-step (bottom)

Medium I show you how to place the counter on the Oso on your own mirror, this article I will show you how to build your own free counter system idea, the program you have to write yo. A lot of websites have provided free counter service, long ago I

PHP gets the Google Robot Access footprint method _php

The example in this article describes how PHP obtains the Google Robot access footprint. Share to everyone for your reference. Specific as follows: I hope this article is helpful to everyone's PHP programming. 

PHP record search engine spider visit Site footprint Method _php

This article describes the PHP record search engine spiders visit the site footprint method. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Search engine Spider Visit Web site is through the remote crawl page, we can not

PHP implementation to determine whether access is a search engine robot method _php

The example in this paper describes how PHP realizes whether the access route is a search engine robot. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Many times we need to identify the site visitors, for real users and

How to attack common vulnerabilities in PHP programs (bottom)

How to attack common vulnerabilities in PHP programs (bottom) Translation: Analysist (analyst) Source: How to attack common vulnerabilities in PHP programs (bottom) Original: Shaun Clowes Translation: Analysist

PHP Tutorials. Experience Tips (bottom) _php

10 Advanced Tips for PHP (bottom) Vi. creation of dynamic images As long as you install some third-party library files and have some geometrical knowledge, you can use PHP to create and manipulate images. In fact, this does not require much

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