React Run phase

Functions that can be used in a runComponentwillreceiveprops: The parent component modifies the property trigger and can modify the new property to modify the state. Literally, the component is going to receive the attribute, and the time that the

[React Fundamentals] Owner Ownee Relationship

The Owner-ownee relationship is used to designate a parent-child relationship with React, as it differs from the DOM relationship.Import React from ' React '; exportdefaultclass App extends React.component {constructor () {super ();//This is going

React Native Props & State

Today I knocked at the slightest bit of code and looked at the usage of props and state.Originally thought that State is just a status, but read the original text, only to know that state is a set of state, these states are defined by the developers

React Yuju Ruling

1.es6 es5 es6 var" var let const () =>{} Foo () {} function () {     foo:function () {} } class a{     foo () {} } New a{} var name= ' AA ',      

React Getting Started

I. Introduction of REACTJSReact originated in Facebook's internal project because the company was dissatisfied with all the JavaScript MVC frameworks on the market and decided to write a set of Web sites that would be used to erect Instagram. After

The life cycle of react components

Componentwillmount: Before the component appears, the DOM has not been rendered into the HTML document;Componentdidmount: The completion of the piece rendering has already appeared in the DOM document;Componentwillunmount: said the event will be

"Go" react State and attribute differences

Prop StateCan I get the initial value from the parent component whetherCan the parent component modify whetherCan I set the default value inside the component Yes YesCan I modify the inside of the component no YesCan I set whether the initial value

Modular development of React+gulp+browserify

Reading this article requires a basic knowledge of React, and can be used in the React Introductory Example Tutorial and React Chinese website for basic Learning.There is no REACT Foundation can also learn this article, this article is not to learn

React Simple Talk

This period of time to learn react.js, here to do a summary.React.js on the advantage I think is two big point, first is the performance, the author from the DOM operation actually, through the virtual DOM (here Virtual Dom is actually in the JSX

React native encounters the pit

1. Add a new component to the project and you should execute the NPM install command2. Project execution react-native run-android error, should enter the Android directory, execute gradlew.bat clean command3.ListView reference function, the this

React native is officially released.

var React = require (' react-native '); var {tabbarios, Navigatorios} = React;var App = React.createclass ({ render:func tion () { return ( ); },});Looking at this strange writing, suddenly there is no

Getting started with react

I usually learn a programming language from "Hello World!" first !" And react. First, we need to understand the react operation methods. There are two methods,First: Jsx syntax sugar is directly written in HTML, so that you do not need to convert

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