React Chinese API Interpretation one (Quick start)

Write down your react learning path, the official documentation is very detailed, learning should be relatively simpleOfficial Document Address: react. Global installation command-line tool

React trample (a)--api react and reactdom, the consequences of unauthorized introduction of CDNJS

Today began to learn react, the first encounter a lot of pits, spent a lot of time (of course, also spent the guidance of the Great God of my time).It is hereby recorded that it is also convenient for someone to avoid such a situation when they step

[React] React Router:indexroute

Indexroute allows us to define a default child component to being rendered at a specific route when no other sub-route is Ava Ilable.When the Home page display, we also make on component as default Route to Dsiplay, only if use click on link, then s

[React] React Router:router, Route, and Link

In this lesson we'll take our first look at the most common components available to us in react-router; Router, Route, and Link.Import React from ' React 'Import {hashhistory, Route, Router, Link} from' React-router '; Const Home= () = home;const


varToDoList =React.createclass ({render:function() { varCreateItem =function(item) {return{item.text}; }; return{ This. (CreateItem)}; }, }); varTodoapp =React.createclass ({getinitialstate:function() {

React Study and introduction

Brief introduction:React is a JS library developed by FacebookWhat problems did react solve?1), first of all, the previous MVC pattern flaw, when the code base is huge, MVC is very complex, each add new function, the complexity of the project is the

June 1 Use of react

React use and JSX conversion pre-skill: Chrome BrowserA. Take sugar: The use of react React v0.14 RC released, Major update Project: Two packages: React and React DOM DOM node Refs Stateless functional components Discard

The Proptypes in react

Proptypes is used to standardize the types that props must satisfy, and if validation does not pass there will be a warn hint.The types of React proptypes are:React.PropTypes.array//Queue React.PropTypes.bool.isRequired//Boolean and must be

React website Learning

A stateful componentIn addition to accepting input data (through this.props ), the component can also maintain internal state data (through this.state ). When the state data of a component changes, the markup that is displayed is called back to

Add react-native-icons Chinese fool-style tutorial

The benefits of icon I will not say more, directly to see the tutorial:is the English version of the tutorial, we follow his steps to do:1, open Xcode First, don't teach it.Right-click on your project and choose Add Files to "show your project name

Learn react starting from 0 (b)

Today, start learning the second verse!!!工欲善其事, its prerequisiteReact recommended we use Webpack to package files, then we use it! (actually really don't want to use AH)As for the advantages of the online writing of the hype, we solve ah ...This

Facebook React Native Configuration Summary

September 15, 2015, React Native for Android released. At this point, React basically completed the multi-terminal support. Based on React/react Native, you can: H5, Android, IOS multi-code multiplexing Real-time Hot deployment

React Introductory Example Tutorial

Nanyi Date: March 31, 2015 Now the hottest front-end frame is undoubtedly React. Last week, React Native, based on the React, was released, resulting in a 5000-star acquisition within a day, as evidenced by the level of attention. React

React Native Three: Style

I. Declaration and use of styles1.React native inside the style and use as shown below, stylesheet.create This constructor is not necessary; file import React, {...} from ' react-native '; class Awesomeproject extends C Omponent

Use React-native to make a simple application-03 Welcome interface

The welcome interface for Android and iOS is not the same, there is a default Welcome screen in iOS, and Android needs to write it yourself. So I'm going to say a few words about the welcome interface of these two platforms. Let's take a look at the

Learn the summary of the React starter demo.

Find react Primer on GitHub for a better demo, here's the link:Https:// the following is the learning notes for each (Callback[,thisarg]) calls the defined callback function for each

React two-way binding

Previously for the two-way binding concept came from angular.js, and now I use the react.js I'm interested in to implement this way. There are 2 ways to analyze, 1: No plugins, 2: Plug-ins(Introduction react.js operation omitted ...) )No

React component life cycle processes

From Kiinlam GitHubInstantiation ofFirst Instance instantiation Getdefaultprops Getinitialstate Componentwillmount Render Componentdidmount Updates after instantiation is complete Getinitialstate

React Learning--listview (reflux)

Next, change the front of the ListView into the form of reflux varbookactions=reflux.createactions ([' Fetchlist ' ]); varBookstore =Reflux.createstore ({listenables: [bookactions], booklist:[' item1 ', ' item2 ', ' item3 '], init:function

React-basic learning mashups

I recently learned about react. I will use the three basics of react, react, and cainiao, and react. Next I will see the three tutorial videos of MOOC. I can't say exactly what react is, but I feel like I can get rid of the bad habits that cannot be

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