Python learning notes language, debugging, syntax, variables, expressions

Python: a programming language with the power and versatility of traditional programming languages. It also draws on the ease of use of simple scripts and interpretation languages. To sum up one sentence, it is very good and powerful!1. The

Use Raphael to draw a ring progress bar on the webpage

We have seen too many bar progress bars. It is relatively simple to implement. It is always rectangular, and it is not very nice to place it in a square area. With the emergence of css3, ring-like progress bars are increasingly used. However, since

Thoughts on Cache Usage 1

Common cache Products Replace your Memcached Tier with a Couchbase Cluster There are windows and linux versions. Couchbase cluster installation requires CPU usage, because several installation prompts I do not support CPU usage and other

Use javascript to replace perl-style Variables

The replacement of perl-style variables provides better readability. In common javascript programming, there are many + numbers, which are dazzling. Good news: we can use regular expressions to convert programming styles. The following example

Imitating the special effects on the homepage of Netease news

The special effects on the homepage of Netease news are very nice. I wrote a special effect on the webpage last week. I wanted to imitate the effect of Netease news this morning, and I finally finished it in the afternoon.Effect:1. Normally, images

Python の album download script

  # Python の album download script # Basic functions 1) supported album: User album, online activity album, and Douban xiaozhan album. 2) supported addresses: preview album addresses and view image addresses. 3) image download starts from the

[Chrome] Application of RSA Algorithm in extended programs

The RSA algorithm is used in Chrome extensions to sign and generate an ID for its. crx Installation File. Let's take a look at the technical details one by one. Before proceeding, please note that the technical details of Web Store in this article

Examples of ThinkPHP RBAC Official Website

I always wanted to learn RBAC, read the examples on the official website, and Baidu. I didn't find a suitable tutorial. So I can only study it myself. Let's take the example on the official website. Think_access table The function is to check

Combining small examples of waterfall stream with ThinkPHP

Jquery. masonry. min. js plug-in of waterfall stream address: plugin In fact, waterfall streams are displayed with a fixed width or height to generate a pile of irregular div. The process is 1: load data once during page Initialization 2. load data

PHP unlimited recursive menu implementation process

In the past few days, I have seen that wireless classification is very popular in TP, and various codes are messy. I also released a new idea. Recursion is used, and the code is concise, about 10 lines.My database structure is like this, and my

Online deployment 2

Currently, the project has been officially deployed, launched, and promoted. In addition, it has been deployed more than 20 times, several times for new function deployment, several times for temporary bug fixing, and several times for experience

Hibernate (8) persistent layer operations-Lazy Loading)

To avoid unnecessary performance overhead caused by association in some cases. The so-called delayed loading means that data loading is performed only when data is needed. The implementation of delayed loading in Hibernate2 mainly targets:1. object.2

Why is Angular. js so popular?

In this article, let's gradually find out why angular is so popular: Angular. js is a MV * Model-View-Whatever. Whether it is MVC or MVVM, it is integrated with the model Drive View JavaScript framework. It is the SPAsingle-page-application launched

Use JFinal/Jsmart framework for development experience (2)

First, start with the Controller, log on to the user, route the data to the Controller class, and perform corresponding processing in the Action. 1. Logon: Address: http: // localhost: 8080/Jdemo/index. jsp Jump to: http: // localhost: 8080/Jdemo/

Garbage collection mechanism in PHP

PHP uses Copy-on write and reference count to manage memory. Copy-on-write is also abbreviated as COW (Copy upon write). It is an optimization strategy in computer programming. Copy-on-write in PHP, you can think that multiple variables use the same

Some cold knowledge about PHP Functions

Function nesting A nested function can be defined in the function in PHP, which is different from other languages such as C. Nested functions are valid only after the peripheral functions are run. That is to say, the execution of peripheral

Function overloading in PHP

Because PHP is a weak type language, the input parameter type of the function cannot be determined and the type suggestion can be used, but the type suggestion cannot be used for scalar types such as integer and string ), for a function, for example,

JavaScript Object Creation Mode

JavaScript Object Creation Mode ECMA-262Define the object:A set of unordered attributes, which can contain basic values, objects, or functions.. Each attribute or method of an object has a name, and each name is mapped to a value. Therefore, you

[JQuery] events and animations

1. Events 1.1 load DOM After the page is loaded, the browser adds an event to the DOM element through JavaScript. In JavaScript code, the window. onload method is usually used, while in jQuery, the $ (document). ready () method is used. The $

PHP code Audit

PHP is a widely used scripting language, especially suitable for web development. It features cross-platform, easy to learn, and powerful functions. According to statistics, more than 34% of websites worldwide have php applications, including Yahoo,

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