Js obtains the variable type

Js does not use is_int, is_bool, is_string... functions like PHP to determine the type of the variable, but it may also be used in practical applications. In fact, JS also has this function, but it is not as convenient as in PHP. You only need to

It is important to note that jQuery and CSS work together to create a tab.

Today, I encountered a problem when writing a tab effect. I am confused for a moment. I have written many times in the same effect before, but this problem does not occur. At the beginning, the monk was a little confused. He didn't know what was

Replace (), lastIndexOf (), substring ()

Replace () is used to replace other characters with some characters in a string, or replace a substring that matches a regular expression. The lastIndexOf () method searches from the back and forward of the specified string, excluding the selected

S2SH development-integration 1

Integration steps: 1. Create a project 2. Change the coding of the entire project to UTF-8 format. 3. encode the entire jsp page into UTF-8 format. 4. Import the required jar package to the lib directory of the WEB-INF -Struts -Hibernate -Spring -Db

Compatibility between WebLogic 10.3.6 and JDK 1.7

I recently installed weblogicwlserver_10.3) on jdk1.7 and found that the previous application could not be deploy. I always reported an error. Java. lang. ClassCastException: weblogic. wsee. jaxws. spi. WLSEndpoint cannot be cast to org. apache.

Use Web Socket technology to connect the client to the server (using Node. js as the server)

After almost one working day, I found a lot of materials, learned and debugged, and finally used the web socket method in node. as a server, js enables interaction between the client and the server. The learning process is like this. After suffering,

Question about Hessian integration in Spring Struts2

Recently, during system transformation, we also encountered a problem: how to integrate Spring Struts2 and Hessian. When Spring and Struts2 are configured, the following configuration is made in web. xml: contextConfigLocation

& Lt; frameset & gt; usage

 Differences between HTML and XHTML NONETips and notes: Note: If you want to verify a page that contains a framework, make sure that the DTD is set to "Frameset DTD ". Read more about XHTML verification. Important: you cannot use the label with

Discuz X3 global variable $ _ G

$ _ G saves Discuz! All pre-processed data The cache can improve the program performance. Some configuration data does not need to query the database every time. You only need to update the cache when the modification is made. Discuz! All the

Use the array_slice function of PHP to cut data

When you develop a project, you need to score the user based on the user's order. Because the scoring rules are complicated, the user's data volume contains tens of thousands of data records. So I want to update user data in batches. The following

Use the strtotime function to calculate a date

In the past, when I was working on a project, I met a requirement. It is known that the birthday of a pet is. The pet will drive the worm once every three months, prompting the user to give the pet the next time. The following is a method I want to

JQuery performance optimization Overview

As a rookie front-end, I still like jquery very much. The initial entry is always the easiest place to start with. I don't know much about jquery's optimization knowledge. I saw an article well written, in fact, there are also related explanations

Basic understanding of java web

Java Web can be roughly divided into two aspects: 1. Client 2. The communication between the server is the http protocol. Java Web has four components: jsp, servlet, filter, and listener. They all have tomcat instantiation and are called as

Eclipse/Myeclipse common plug-in addresses

1. Subclipse (SVN)A. Install MyEclipse:Install the myeclipse plug-in subclipse online.1> open myclipse -----> Help -----> SoftwareUpdates ----> Search for new features to install2> click "next" to bring up the "update sites to visit" interface.Click

I wrote a script for Google to book a train ticket (with sound reminders ).

Simple Method: Enter this code in the script console after logging on to 12306 through Google Chrome Var _ s = document. createElement ("script"); _ s. type = "text/javascript"; _ s. src = "https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/831k72xg5nh78ok/qp_1.1

Deploy web version synchronization in apache + svn under Centos6.3

I have been busy with projects some time ago, so I haven't had time to update the svn service in the early stage of the project. Today I just finished my work and summarized my previous configurations for your reference. As an open-source code

[JQuery] DOM operations

1. DOM operation category 1.1 DOM Core DOM Core is not specialized in JavaScript, and can be used by any programming language that supports DOM. The getElementById (), getElemetsByTagName (), getAttribute (), and setAttribute () methods in

LAMP environment setup (rpm package installation)

LAMP is a mature website application model. It is generally used for the management of websites such as malls, blogs, and businesses. It has a set of collaborative software components that can provide environments for wep website service development

Unique Sina navigation bar created with pure css

650) this. length = 650; "src =" http://www.bkjia.com/uploads/allimg/131228/111P4C07-0.jpg "title =" sina.jpg "width =" 300 "height =" 123 "border =" 0 "hspace =" 0 "vspace =" 0 "style =" width: 300px; height: 123px; float: left; "/> In the Sina

An example of jQuery's Ajax application (I)

The lack of JavaScript skills has led to a long time of deprecated front-end interaction processing. Looking at the popularity of JavaScript in the TOP programming language rankings, coupled with the increasing user experience of many websites,

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