PHP Related Configuration

Tags: phpRestrict a directory against parsing PHP1. Modify the virtual host configuration file: <Directory /data/wwwroot/> php_admin_flag engine off # <FilesMatch (.*)\.php(.*)> # Order allow,deny #

Elaborate PHP7

Tags: syn time and generic reference access cut declaration ONSPHP7 brings new things. 1. Type of declaration.You can use a string (string), an integer (int), a floating-point number (float), and a Boolean value (BOOL) to declare the parameter type

Node reads and writes JSON, formats output JSON

Tags: WFQ entry require example file fill REAC preliminary ringToday is in the 5th day of deep conviction internship, received the task to do the foreign language version of the product, web-side intern currently only I one, the front-end and PHP

Enterprise-php Nginx memcache

Tags: install php install nginx to solve PHP and MySQL dependencies build LNMP-based forum Memcoache PHP-based CACThis experiment was based on the last experiment of the Enterprise-mysql Experiment (LNMP architecture)First, install PHPDownload the

Vb. NET Syntax Summary

Tags: except finishing int static There is a constructor that is multipleI am proficient in C # programming, VB No development experience, project maintenance needs, deliberately compiled under the VB syntax, to do evil. Programming ideas are

Monitor Nginx and PHP-FPM performance with Zabbix

Tags: logical query browser proc Module Restart PAT related information host1.2 Software Installation PathZabbix is installed under the/usr/local/zabbix path, and its related configuration files and binaries are placed in it.Nginx installed

Code development in JS inverted memory

Tags: inverted-time code <! DOCTYPE html><html><head><meta charset= "Utf-8" ><title></title></head>< Body onload= "Lefttimer ()" ><h2> Bid rewind:</h2><table> <tr> <td id=

2018-3-7 11 weeks 2 Lessons limited to a directory prohibit parsing PHP, restricting user_agent, PHP-related configuration

Tags: user_agent prohibit parsing php PHP related configuration11.28 restricting a directory from parsing PHPProhibit PHP parsing: To prevent the upload of harmful php files, and be executed, PHP may have dangerous functions, if the open upload

PHP Expansion Module Installation

Tags: evel for end expansion module extension PHP7 install auto picture[Email protected] src]# MV Develop[Email protected] src]# Unzip Phpredis-develop.zipIt's a mistake, autoconf the bag.[email protected] phpredis-develop]# Yum

The Str_pad () function of the PHP string is used

Tags: created turned user php_eol null truncated ESC Ecif valStr_pad (PHP 4 >= 4.0.1, PHP 5, PHP 7) Str_pad-pad a string to a certain length with another string Str_pad-fills a string with another string for a specified

Apache (httpd) configuration--anti-theft chain configuration and access control

Tags: anti-theft chain access controlFirst, configure the anti-theft chain Through the way of anti-theft chain, can be set to restrict the third-party site by reference to obtain the image on the server, data, etc., if you want to obtain

PHP Implementation Builder mode

Tags: default private const allows two kinds of ber why it will now Builder pattern: Separates the construction of a complex object from its representation so that the same build process can create different representations. The

Centos7.4--apache Optimization Application Four (anti-theft chain)

Tags: Apache optimized app's anti-theft chainApache optimized application Four (anti-theft chain)DirectoryThe first part of the preparatory workSecond part installs Apache servicePart III Configuration hotlinkingPart IV Configuring a domain-based

Centos7.4-apache Optimization Application II (log management)

Tags: Apache optimization app (log management)Apache optimized Application II (log management)DirectoryThe first part of the preparatory workSecond part installs Apache servicePart Three log management one (configuration log split)Part IV Log

PHP error Log notes

Tags: PHP error logI. Related configurationsThe configuration directives in php.ini need to be modified as follows: error_reporting = E_all; Every error that occurs will be reported to PHP Display_errors = OFF; do not display all error

Apache Optimization--Log management

Tags: Apache optimization--Log management11.22 access logs do not log static filesEdit the virtual host profile "httpd-vhosts.conf":[Email protected] ~]# vim/usr/local/apache2.4/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf......<virtualhost :80>DocumentRoot "/

PHP-the difference between commas and dot numbers

Tags: php php comma and dot number differencephp点号(.)和逗号(,)作用都是链接字符串 echo ‘点‘.‘号‘; //用点号连接字符串 输出 点号echo ‘逗‘,‘号‘; //用逗号连接字符串 输出 逗号效果是一样的,但还是有很大区别echo ‘1+99=‘ . 1+99; //输出100输出的结果是100 而不是1+99=100echo "1+99=" . 99+1; //输出2当把1和99换下位置.结果就变成了2当把点号换成逗号echo

The netfilter/ptables of the Linux firewall

Tags: iptablesDate: 2018.2.5Li QiangReference: man,info,magedu handouts, Universal InternetLab environment: VMware? Workstation Pro, Centos 6.9,centos 7.4,securecrt Version 8.1.4Statement: The following English is purely personal translation,

[Go] The Web front-end JS construct can not destroy the class UUID identification code, identify browser device uniqueness

Tags: js frame nav built-in browser anonymous next customer read off OttoUser behavior statistics are commonplace in today's front-end ecology, such as a variety of webmaster statistics tools. Identifying user access client uniqueness is a necessary

Apache Timeout Configuration

Tags: instead of inux query upper undo MoD second host virtual hostApache Timeout configuration 1.KeepAliveTimeoutGrammar KeepAliveTimeout secondsdefault 5Context Server config, virtual hostDescription The amount of time the server waits for

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