WebSocket Combat

Label:1) What is WebSocket? WebSocket is a two-way communication protocol based on HTML5, which is built on top of TCP and transmits data via TCP just like HTTP. A pipeline is established between the browser and the server--not easily shut

Middle Soft Training First week review summary--simple HTML and CSS

Label:Some points to keep in mind: Day1 HTML format and simple tags: HTML File General format: 1 <html>2 <head lang= "en" >3 <meta charset= "Utf-8" >4 <title> page name </title> 5

Share your own written JS version of the date formatting and parsing tool class, absolutely easy to use!

Label:ObjectiveOriginally wanted to imitate the Java inside of the SimpleDateFormat() object, but feel this use is inconvenient, so or directly write a separate method to forget.Original linkDate formatting usage instructionsFormatDate (date, FMT),

JS, ActiveXObject, Scripting.FileSystemObject

Label:JavaScript file Manipulation (IE)First, the function realizes the core: FileSystemObject objectTo implement the file operation function in JavaScript, the main thing is to rely on the FileSystemObject object.Second, FileSystemObject

Use the Pdf.js plugin to solve the problem of online browsing of local PDF files (hide the download function as needed, keep the printing function only)

Label:I was in IE11 and Google to do the test, can show, to make a record of things, convenient for everyone to learn!Tomcat can also be downloaded as a server on the IIS7 serverTomcat Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1dEEUFQDInstall and configure Tomcat http:

ASP. NET MVC 4 (vi) HELP function

Label:The Help function encapsulates some code so that we can reuse it in the application, and there are many helper functions built into MVC that make it easy to generate HTML markup. The data model class definitions used in the following example

ASP. NET MVC 4 (v) view

Label:View engine and viewIn most cases the controller action method returns the Viewresult object, and the MVC built-in action Invoker Controlleractioninvoker is responsible for invoking the controller action method and invoking the view engine to

Some research and understanding of HTML and body

Label:by Zhangxinxu from http://www.zhangxinxu.comThis address: http://www.zhangxinxu.com/wordpress/?p=259One, written in the front of theRecently has been thinking of writing an article about HTML tags, although the previous processing of HTML tags,

PHP Learning Notes

Label:Php(Personal homepage) is an HTML-embedded language that is a scripting language for embedded HTML documents executed on the server side. Maintained by Zend Company.Why do I need to install a Web server? Because our browser wants to fetch data

What is the role of adding x-ua-compatible and ie=edge,chrome=1 in HTML meta?

Label:X-ua-compatible is a setting that has been added since IE8 and is not recognized for browsers below IE8.You can specify the compatibility mode setting for a Web page by setting the value of x-ua-compatible in Meta.The mode precedence specified

PHP Delimiter Usage Tips

Label: Why to use delimiters: because PHP is a web programming language, in the programming process will inevitably encounter with Echo to output a large segment of HTML and JavaScript script, if the traditional output method-by string output,

Summary of usage of $.get (), $.post (), $.ajax (), $.getjson () in jquery

Label:Read more about jquery's various Ajax functions:$.get (), $.post (), $.ajax (), $.getjson ()A, $.get (Url,[data],[callback])Description: URL is the request address, data is the list of request data, callback is the callback function after the

9 Useful CSS3 Filter

Label:Yesterday opened the blog Park blog, thank you here. Although the attention here for several years, but also with my growth has given me a lot of help, but has not opened a technical blog itself, feel wasted a lot of good time ah.The first day

PHP string Escape

Label:The configuration and functions associated with the PHP string escape are as follows:1.magic_quotes_runtime2.magic_quotes_gpc3.addslashes () and Stripslashes ()4.mysql_escape_string ()5.addcslashes () and Stripcslashes ()6.htmlentities () and

thinkphp5.0 Standalone Configuration

Label:Standalone configuration fileThe new version supports profile separation and requires only configuration extra_config_list parameters (in the application public profile).For example, if you do not use a standalone configuration file, the

Request access to Nodejs 415 error using GBK encoding: error:unsupported charset at Urlencodedparser ...

Label:Recently encountered a problem, third-party users sent us a callback address to send a request has been reported 415 error, the results found that they are using GBK encoding request, and we use the node + EXPRESS4 program, does not support

HTML5 Custom Properties Data-* and Jquery.data detailed description

Label:The new HTML5 standard allows you to embed a data-*-like attribute in a common element tag to enable access to some simple data. It is unlimited in number and can be modified dynamically by JavaScript, and CSS selectors are also supported for

HTTP protocol Request Mode: Introduction to get, Post and head in, and error prompt code

Label:Introduction to get, post, and head in the HTTP protocol2008-05-10 14:15GET: requests the specified page information and returns the entity Principal.HEAD: only the header of the page is Requested.POST: the requesting server accepts the

Linux Network Management

Label:Linux network management (youtube video Tutorial)Iso/osi Seven-layer ModelIso:the International Organization for Standardization International Organization for StandardizationOsi:open Systems Interconnection Model open System interconnect

JS page user information fill out a form

Label:In the Web page we will often see a variety of user information to fill out the form, which will include various input boxes, buttons, mandate boxes and Drop-down menu, today we will be the simplest example of a simple version of the user

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