httpd configuration file ()

Tags: configuration file Httpd;apachehttpd (httpd.*) command:-H Display Help-T shows whether the master profile syntax has errors-M displays the modules loaded by the current service-l display module to edit into kernelYum install httpd (Apache):RPM

How to make HTML page static by PHP

Label:As the content of the site increases and user visits increase, it is inevitable that the site will load more and more slowly, limited by the bandwidth and the number of requests from the server at the same time, and we often need to optimize

Build httpd-2.2 on CentOS6.7

Tags: HTTPS access control Server-statusBuild httpd-2.2 on CentOS6.71. Experimental Requirements:1, the establishment of HTTPD services, requirements:(1) Provide two name-based virtual host WWW1, WWW2; there are separate error logs and access logs;(2

The first to pass my front-end basic notes

Label:Part I.: JQnode. On event = function () {}JQ object. Event (function (e) {});Get ("#id");Get ("tag");createelement ("div", {...});Set a style for a Div, add a click event to itvar div = ...DIV.STYLE.PPPP = PPPP;Div.onclick = function () {}Jq$ (

Apache does not allow access to file or directory execution permissions, disable script PHP file setup methods

Label:" to remove the directory path for PHP execution permissions, for example: D:/ ">404/404/404403/404/403. html"\. (? I:PHP|PHP3|PHP4) $""\. ( PHP|PHP3) $"> from all </FilesMatch></Directory>Let's take a look

Web service httpd-2.2 based on domain name virtual host

Tags: virtual hostWeb website Service:Apache the famous open source Web Service software, maintenance operations by the ASF Free Software FundOfficial site: for various Web detailed statistics on the

Using WebSocket to realize the graphic live function

Label:WebSocket, simple understanding is the H5 comes with a set of socket API, use it to achieve the client and the service side of the long connection.Use case: To achieve a real-time report of the activity, that is, graphic live function

HTML Learning Note 8--css setting a background image

Label:Attention point: background:blue;AndBackground-color:blue;Not the same!First, about background settings:1) background:blue;2) Background-image:url (image name);When the background has both a color and a picture, which one in the back is in

Hadoop2.0 cluster, hbase cluster, zookeeper cluster, hive tool, Sqoop tool, flume tool Building Summary

Label:Software used in the lab development environment:[[email protected] local]# llTotal320576-rw-r--r--1Root root52550402Mar6 Ten: theapache-flume-1.6. 0-bin. Tar. GZdrwxr-xr-x 7Root root4096Jul the Ten: $flumedrwxr-xr-x. OneRoot root4096JulTen

Asp. NET common face questions and answers (130 questions)

Label:1. C # The difference between property and attribute (pumping Class), what are their uses, and what are the benefits of this mechanism?A: Property and attribute Chinese are all called attributes. property, however, refers to the data region

HTML Basics Summary < head >

Label:Key excerpt: HTML head element label Description <head> Defines the information for a document <title> Defines the title of the document <base>

Why do I need to encode the URL

Label:It is found that almost all Web sites now have UrlEncode operations on Chinese characters and special characters in URLs, namely: way, in the middle of the form, it is definitely my

CentOS platform with httpd 2.2 and HTTPD 2.4 deployment Web server

Tags: Web server virtual machine configuration file1. View current systemUname-rCat/etc/redhat-release2. Install httpd via rpmYum Install httpdA, after the installation is complete, see the corresponding configuration file./etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

The difference between IPS (intrusion prevention system) and WAF (Web Application Protection System)

Label:IPS (Intrusion prevention system) and WAF (Web Application Protection system) Two products have different usage scenarios, with the complexity of web application development, security requirements are increasing, the emergence of WAF is in

HTML5 video Accumulation

Label:It's been a few months without writing, or too lazy ~ must educate themselves Luo ~This time to do a video of the mobile H5, not carefully played before, good record of the basic knowledge, there are some pits encountered, convenient after

Build httpd-2.4 on CentOS7.2

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Tags: HTTPS access Control Server-status</p></p><p><p>Build httpd-2.4 on CcentOS7.2<br><br>1. Experimental requirements:<br><br>1, the establishment

Laravel PHP Web Development Framework

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p><p><p>Laravel is a simple, elegant PHP Web development Framework (php Web framework). It frees you from the messy code of noodles, and it helps you build a

Compile and install Zend Opcache cache opcache, accelerating PHP

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p><p><p>Optimizer+ is the first and fastest opcode caching tool for Zend developed closed-source, but Free-to-use PHP optimization acceleration components. now,

WCF, Net remoting, Web Service Concepts and differences

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p><p><p>Windows Communications Foundation (windows Communication Foundation,wcf) is a software development package (software development kit,sdk) that is based

Interact with PHP as a server and Web front-end interface (easy to Understand)

<span id="Label3"><p><p>Label:</p></p><p><p>The scholar who wants to see this article begins by looking at the basics of php, because today it's a thing to learn and sell NOW. the basics of

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