HTML meta-Summary, HTML tags in meta-attribute usage Introduction

Label:Reference: Http:// is an accessible tag in the head area of the HTML language. Maybe you think the code is dispensable. In fact, if you can use good meta tags, will bring you unexpected effects,

JSON must be known for a PostScript

Label:TermsPortabilityCompatibility between platforms and systems for transmitting information.JsonJavascriptobjectnotation object notation.Data Interchange FormatText that is used to exchange data between different platforms or systems.Literal

"PHP" Remote calls and RPC framework

Label:ObjectiveA project, from start to release update, is maintained until the final version. Functions are increasing, the corresponding code volume is also increasing, it means that the project becomes more non-maintainable, at this time, we need

The invocation principle of soap-based WebService

Label:The concept of soap should not be a novelty. To put it simply, soap is a standard that combines data in XML, then through the HTTP protocol (or other protocol, but usually always with the HTTP protocol) and the remote service, or it can be

Css3+jquery make 3d Rotate album < turn >

Label:Css3+jquery making 3d Rotating albumsFirst look at today's cool effect:First Analyze This picture:1. Every picture has a reflection2. These 11 images are rounded and evenly arranged3. Can rotate, move up and down (of course, this is the effect Getting Started

Label:Reprinted from: is an open source job scheduling framework, which is very suitable for routine polling of database synchronization, timed email notification, and timed processing

Shallow parsing of objects in JS

Label:Shallow parsing of objects in JSWhen it comes to objects, the first thing I think about is that every new Year's holiday, the elders always jokingly asked me, "Did you find the object?" ”。 Not to say everyone knows that the "object" here

Those things about the CSS float

Label:I believe many students in learning the float property of CSS, there will be a lot of inexplicable small emotions, I also met some, for a moment mark.The following sections are categorized as follows:1:float PropertyProperties of the 2:float

PHP XML file additions and deletions to change

Label:source file<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?><root><endTime>2016-08-01</endTime><content> File Contents </content></root>$file = ' callboard.xml ';Query XML-----------------------$doc =new

"JS Authoritative Guide Learning Summary--6.6 Property getter and Setter"

Label:Content Highlights:I. Object propertiesObject properties are composed of a name, a value, and a set of attributes. In ES5, a property value can be substituted by one or two methods, both getter and setter. Properties defined by getter and

Support multi-file upload, preview, drag-and-drop, Bootstra-based upload plugin fileinput ajax asynchronous upload

Label:First you need to import some JS and CSS files<link href= "__public__/css/bootstrap.css" rel= "stylesheet" ><link type= "Text/css" rel= "stylesheet" href= "__public__/css/fileinput.css"/><script type= "Text/javascript" src=

html--Document Type Declaration

Label:HTML DOCTYPE Tags--DTDs document type declarationDOCTYPE Label--defines the type of standard document DOCTYPEThe label appears separately Description Document type, which causes the browser to load the Web page

Add mbstring extensions to PHP in a Linux environment

Label:1, today in the development of the project using a PHP function (mb_strcut), run the code when prompted to error "Call to Undefind function Mb_strcut", first check the function name is not written wrong, is not php.ini in the extension, and

ASP. NET Core create areas[zone]

Label:in ASP. NET Core VS2015, we found that there are a lot of less convenient places, such as right-click Add View, go to the attempt page and other function diagram is missing, although we can use the toolbar's custom command, the two right-click

HTTP protocol

Label: HTTP is an object-oriented protocol belonging to the application layer, which is suitable for distributed hypermedia information System because of its simple and fast way . It was proposed in 1990, after several years of use and development,

2016 Most popular PHP frameworks

Tags: Server Google Developer article generaleach PHP framework has its own unique place. At the same time, the PHP language has gained great recognition and become the World's most common server scripting Language. PHP has also become the easiest

CSS Pseudo-class (pseudo-classes)

Label:CSS pseudo-classes are used to add special effects to certain selectors.CSS Pseudo-class (pseudo-classes) instances: Hypertext links This example shows how to add a different color to a hyperlink in a Document.

What exactly is a PHP unit test?

Label:Preface: really write PHP code also has 3 years of time, barely a php programmer, but the bottom of my heart has not been emboldened. All say Test-driven development, but what is unit testing in my program development? This basic Programmer's

FLEXBOX-CSS3 Flexible Box Model Flexbox full version tutorial

Label:Original Link: Flexible Box Model Flexbox full version tutorialA-A+ Front-End Blogs2014-05-08• Front-End Development | Featured CSS3 | flexbox | flexible layout •16928View Article

Process of entering URL to page return

Label:After entering the url, you see the homepage of baidu, then how does all this happen?before, recently, I think I will certainly be asked later, or ask such questions, if the Baidu box input query string start, is how to return the things you

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