JS under Firstelementchild firstchild and childnodes and children methods

Label:One< Div > < P >123</p></div>In the above code, if you use the following JS codevar odiv=document.getelementbytagname ("div") [0];alert (oDiv.firstChild.nodeName)Below IE9, alert comes out is P (p tag name), but in

"Turn" 39 HTML5 tutorials that benefit you

Label:Gossip less, the author of this article for everyone to collect online learning HTML5 resources, hope they can help you better learn HTML5. Good man! However, the author originally said 40 only 39, because the 5th and 8th are duplicates.Here's


Label:What is HHVM?In 2008, Facebook launched a project to develop a tool that translates PHP scripts into C + + so that it can be compiled and run on the Web server. The goal is to conserve server resources, which is an important target because

NGINX Plus now fully supports HTTP/2

Label:Earlier, we released the NGINX Plus R7 that supported the HTTP/2 protocol. As the latest standard for the HTTP protocol, HTTP/2 is designed to deliver higher performance and security for today's Web applications. (LCTT: Open source version of

Constructor Prototype pattern prototype mode (PHP example)

Label:When a class is mostly the same and only partially different, if you need a large number of objects of this class, it is expensive to instantiate those same parts each time, but if you create the same parts of the object before cloning, you

How do I use CSS and jquery to control the number of words in an article title?

Label:How do I use CSS to control the word count of articles?Best AnswerControl article title words, not dynamic Web pages of the patent, if the static page using CSS style, can also achieve the same effect!Look at this example, you can copy to

node. js Send mail email

Label:Usually when we do the node project, maybe we will run into a simple email feedback, then we'll talk about it today, the various pits encountered.To do this in general, we may need node third-party dependency modules to achieve what we want to

PHP enables Unicode and Utf-8 to convert each other

Label:I. Coding principle and implementationUnicode encoding is the basis for implementing Utf-8 and GB series encoding (GB2312, GBK, GB18030), although we can also directly do a utf-8 to these coded comparison table, but very few people will do so,

Industrial 2D impeller rotation based on HTML5 canvas

Label:Let's see what this impeller model looks like.From the model, this impeller model has three blades, each blade is irregular graphics, obviously can not be used on our HT for Web -based graphics to splicing, then what should we do? It's easy to

PHP temporal function time (), date (), mktime () difference

Label:PHP temporal function time (), date (), mktime () Differences Browse: 1161 Release Date: 2014/12/18 Category: System code keyword: PHP time function timing () date () mktime () php temporal function time (), date ( ), Mktime ()

"Translation" Understanding HTML helper for ASP.

Label:http://blog.csdn.net/tianxiaode/article/details/21096953Original: Understanding HTML Helpers in ASP.Shailendra Chauhan works as software Analyst at reputed MNC and have more than 5 years of hand over Microsoft. NET Technolo Gies. He is a. NET

CSS for transparent background, text opaque, compatible with all browsers

Label:How to achieve transparent background, text opaque, compatible with all browsers?We usually adjust the opacity:There are 3 ways to implement a transparent CSS method, and the following is a 80% notation for opacity: The value of CSS3 '

Considerations for JSP placed under Web-inf

Label:Web-inf directory is not open to the outside, external no way directly access to. All can be accessed only through mappings, such as mapping to an action or a servlet accessing a specific page through a server-side jump. This can limit access

Industrial 2D impeller rotation based on HTML5 canvas

Label:Previous applications on topologies are static primitives, and today we will design a moving entity-the impeller rotation-on the topology.Http://www.hightopo.com/guide/guide/core/serialization/examples/example_exportimport.htmlLet's see what

Variables & Data types (PHP notes)

Label:php标记:四种php标记    1.<?php echo ‘hello‘;?>    2.<? echo ‘hello‘; ?> //短标记    3.<script language="php"> echo ‘hello‘;</script>    4.<% echo

NetSetMan IP Address Switching tool

Label:Http://www.netsetman.com/en/freewareNetSetManNetSetManis a network settings manager that can easily switch between 6 different, visually structured configurations, including: IP addresses (IPV4 and ipv6! )

PHP strtotime functions in a detailed

Label:First look at the manual introduction:strtotime-to parse the datetime description of any English text into a Unix timestampFormat: int strtotime (string $time [, int $now])This function expects to accept a string containing the U.S. English

HTML5 Canvas Drawing--a basic tutorial on drawing graphics using canvas

Label:HTML5 Fire is hot, there is a recent idea is to use the relevant functions of HTML, so also to learn a good.Take a good look at the canvas function, feel HTML5 in the client interaction is becoming more and more powerful, today looked at

Architecture for Youku, YouTube, Twitter and justintv several video sites

Label:Youku Video Site ArchitectureI. Overview of basic data of the websiteAccording to 2010 statistics, Youku daily average number of independent visitors (UV) reached 89 million, daily average visit (PV) is reached 1.7 billion, Youku with this

The life cycle of a session under PHP

Label:Let's start with the beginning and end of the session creation process. When a program needs to create a session for a client's request, the server first checks to see if the client already contains a session ID, which we call session IDs (Get

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