Ping and telnet and some cmd common port commands

Tags: subnet mask server-side mail Transfer management parameters mic 9.png Right-click menu OfficeIn the code development process, we often need to use some network commands, as follows:(1) ipconfig command: Generally used to view our computer's IP

JS Common tool functions (continuous recording)

Tags: new body middle key function a character separate TorMode 1//set Cookiefunction setcookie (name, value)//two parameters, one is the name of the cookie, one is the value { var days = 30;//This cookie will be saved for 30 day var E XP =

PHP generates qrcode QR code

Tags: qrcode<?php//introduced Phpqrcode class library//phpqrcode: "phpqrcode/qrlib.php";// The first (lack of saving in the Web page to generate a QR code)//Call the PNG static method under the

Front-end small White's daily learning record----PHP (4) Ajax

Tags: click file sql set character async install IDT Utf-8Ajax Technology (asynchronous request)Local No refresh technology: Ajax technology does not need to refresh the page to get the results of the server,So the experience is enhanced.Request:

PHP Object-Oriented programming

Tags: yes you     architecture     Same Properties    item    what is      Programming     Installation     target     impact

Microsoft. NET Framework 4.5.2 (Offline Installer)

Tags: nload r2 install TPS Detail Details SOF net frameMicrosoft. NET Framework 4.5.2 (Offline Installer) for Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows S Erver SP2, Windows Server R2 SP1, Windows Server, and Windows Server

Website Architecture Evolution

Tags: log type mechanism transmission range MPI Login producer PackagingHttp:// it comes to large sites, you have to say the features of large websites: high concurrency, large traffic, high availability, massive data, and

JS on the front (v)

Tags: domain control ges Language Execution Assign yourself the tle try life cycleThe scope of JSScopes are one of the most important concepts of JavaScript, and to learn JavaScript you need to understand how JavaScript scopes and scope chains

Http,soap and Rest

Tags: concept func creat create encode extensible modify XML-RPC rulesHttp:// is a standard Hypertext Transfer protocol. The associated request semantics are also used, using encoding

jquery No refresh upload uploadify simple trial

Tags: Formdata item body method file plugin bool TPC LiteFirst simple kan two sentences: Seemingly already have two months of time has not written the article, but still will be like before every day at least one two hours is soaked in the garden to

Qs.parse (), Qs.stringify (), Json.parse (), json.stringify () How to use

Tags: Object query Otherwise dba large number next source this stringJson.parse (used to parse a JSON object from a String) PS: Single quotation mark written outside {}, each attribute must be double-quoted, otherwise an exception will be thrownLet

File Upload + Bypass method + basic usage of chopper

Tags: size input sed length Click page html extension PHPOn the principle of not added, can Google, I posted hundreds of years ago I understand: principle: Upload a script (jsp,asp,php), and then get the shell of the machine (Wow, feel very

"Neutron" Tenant Networks vs. Provider Networks

Tags: BSP sel log TAC instantiation neutron cannot provider spaceOpenStack's neutron defines two main types of network--tenant networks and provider networks. OpenStack administrators must decide how their neutron network deployment strategy will

Summarize how PHP deletes content inside HTML tags and tags

Tags: text ati param each Tagged link token targe operaOften grilled others site articles of the pits;I mean the kind of bulk collection that doesn't look at the content;The function of removing HTML tags is always used;Here are 3 different methods

PHP CSS3 Directory Direct-read Lightbox gallery Picture Show

Tags: implement target support demo. com Suitable for enlarged catalog file uploadPHP CSS3 Directory read-only Lightbox gallery, ideal for use in PHP to create online libraries, photo albums, for photo browsing and display. Drag the picture to move

PHP intercepts the specified part of a string by symbol

Tags: starting point common too length blog take string URL ring variableString interception is more commonly used in PHP development;And there are many kinds of demand for interception;For example, the operation of a URL link:

Is PHP dead? (Translation from Quora)

Tags: ever INI simplifies employee processes prototypes products most starDespite the fact that many new languages flourish every year, I would not hesitate to say this PHP (besides JS) is one of The safest languages in the terms of jobs, and would

[Perfect] Native JS get browser version judgment--support Edge,ie,chrome,firefox,opera,safari, and a variety of browser using Chrome and IE mixed kernel

Tags: return alert font Firefox function version display ref headAs of 2017-08-11, support for almost all of the existing PC-side browser versions is judged.List of supported PC-side browsers: Edge Ie

"Reprint" a probe into the JS debugging technique in front-end development

Tags: situation point monitor chrome front end compute event Internet OVAFriendly tip: The text involves more animated GIF, mobile side please try to read in the WiFi environmentThe technique of debugging is an essential skill in any technology

JS get url, intercept url parameter, intercept URL after file name

Tags: string length jsp var code string array Pass parameter pass wwwGet current:var url = window.location.href;Baidu as an example:var url=window.location.href; (URL);;The split ()

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