Label: <title>Apache</title> Apachetable of Contents Apache Listening sockets Keepalive Mpm How to load the DSO module Configure the site root directory Page access Properties Directory

Compile and install under Linux Apache2 (2)

Label:\subsection{service}After you set up servername in/usr/local/apache2/conf/httpd.conf, you can then use Apachectl to start httpd.\begin{lstlisting}[language=bash]$ sudo/usr/local/apache2/bin/apachectl Start$ ps aux | grep httpdRoot 1001 0.0 0.0

Web Cache Fundamentals: terminology, HTTP headers, and caching policies

Label:Brief introductionFor your site's visitors, intelligent content caching is one of the most effective ways to improve the user experience. caching, or temporary storage of previous requests, is one of the most core content distribution policies

An issue encountered by PHP calling PEAR.php in Nginx

Label:The company has an old project, wrote for many years, is running on Apache, inadvertently, I want to let it run to nginx, the result encountered a pear.php problem, first installed pearBasic Ann Rich iswget Http://pear.php.net/go-pear.pharPHP

The application data type in JS

Label:Detailed interpretation of the array data typeAn array is an object data type, but a fine classification in the object data type.Console.log (typeof [1, 2, 3]); --"Object"There are two ways of defining an arrayLiteral wayvar ary = [45, 56, 67];

Accelerating PHP with Zend Opcache

Label:Optimizer+ is the first and fastest opcode caching tool for Zend developed closed-source, but free-to-use PHP optimization acceleration components. Now, Zend technology company will optimizer+ under PHP License open source becomes Zend Opcache.

"JQuery". html (),. Text () and. Val () Overview and Usage--2015-08-11

Label:How to use the. html (),. Text (), and. Val () Three methods in jquery to read, modify the HTML structure of an element, the text content of an element, and the value of a FORM elementThis section focuses on how to use the. html (),. Text (),

PHP Performance analysis tool-xhprof installation and use

Label:First, prefaceUseful things or record it, but also convenient for future inquiries; this time record the installation and use of xhprof;Xhprof is an open source PHP lightweight performance analysis tool for Facebook, similar to Xdebug, but

What are CGI, FastCGI, php-cgi, PHP-FPM, spawn-fcgi?

Label:What is CGIThe CGI name is a "public Gateway Interface" (Common Gateway Interface), a tool that the HTTP server "chats" with programs on your or other machines, and its programs must be run on a network server.CGI can be written in any

Preliminary study on CSS3-radial gradient

Label:CSS3 a radial gradient is a circular or elliptical gradient, and the color no longer fades in the direction of a straight line, but a gradient from a starting point along all directions.Take Orange to red as an example, the simplest radial

php5.2.17 install more than 8.30 version Pcre library

Label:Installation steps:1. Download install pcre,8.21 version start pcre support JIT2. Compiling PHP source codeNeed to modify the PHP source code in the ext/pcre/pcre.c file:1 //Add this line:2 3 if(Pcre_info (pce->re, NULL, null) =

02_02 Four property scopes for JSP built-in objects

Tags: page request session ApplicationFour range of attributesProperty Scope OverviewPage The property is saved in only one page and is not valid after the jump. Request The attribute is saved only in one request and is still valid after the server

PHP intermediate uniqid in high concurrency repetition problem

Label:Generate token check issues in utilities recent projects. First consider the PHP intermediate uniqid () function to generate a random string, but because the function is good like a microsecond-based level. In the case of high concurrency, the

3g actively update the network card to drive the Web after the schema document

Label:Wrote a few years ago.See if it's going to work.1Simple IntroductionThis document describes the implementation framework of the T-mobile self-updating system based on ASP and IIS services.This document focuses on two aspects of technical

Simple summary of JS regular expression

Label: Regular expression definitions Regular expressions in JavaScript are represented by RegExp objects, and you can use the RegExp () constructor to create RegExp objects, but the RegExp objects are created more by a special direct

HTML Elements English meaning

Label:English full name and simple function description of common HTML tags<a>:anchor Defining anchors<abbr>:abbreviation Defining abbreviations&LT;ACRONYM&GT: Defines the abbreviation for canceling only the first

PHP run mode

Label:PHP run modePHP run mode, is the way PHP executes, one is a separate executable program (usually EXE program), one is embedded in the form of a module in the server program run (usually DLL program).Independent execution, using CGI (Common

The full text retrieval of PHP based on SPHINX+SWCS Chinese word segmentation

Label:Brief introductionSphinx is an open source search engine that supports full-text retrieval in English. So if you build sphinx alone, you can already use full-text indexing.But sometimes we have to do Chinese word segmentation all SCWS appear,

PHP_ variable variable

Label:One, the use of variable variables:Sometimes it is convenient to use variable variable names. That is, a mutable variable gets the value of an ordinary variable as the variable name of the variable variable. can have multiple layers<? PHP

Detailed PHP installation mode---cgi,fastcgi,php-fpm,mod_php,mod_cgi,mod_fcgid

Label:1. CGICGI is a universal Gateway interface, the HTTP server uses such an interface program to communicate with "other programs" (such as the PHP interpreter program), this "other program" can be written in any computer language, it through the

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