What are CGI, FastCGI, php-cgi, PHP-FPM, spawn-fcgi?

Label:What is CGIThe CGI name is a "public Gateway Interface" (Common Gateway Interface), a tool that the HTTP server "chats" with programs on your or other machines, and its programs must be run on a network server.CGI can be written in any

Preliminary study on CSS3-radial gradient

Label:CSS3 a radial gradient is a circular or elliptical gradient, and the color no longer fades in the direction of a straight line, but a gradient from a starting point along all directions.Take Orange to red as an example, the simplest radial

02_02 Four property scopes for JSP built-in objects

Tags: page request session ApplicationFour range of attributesProperty Scope OverviewPage The property is saved in only one page and is not valid after the jump. Request The attribute is saved only in one request and is still valid after the server

Simple summary of JS regular expression

Label: Regular expression definitions Regular expressions in JavaScript are represented by RegExp objects, and you can use the RegExp () constructor to create RegExp objects, but the RegExp objects are created more by a special direct

HTML Elements English meaning

Label:English full name and simple function description of common HTML tags<a>:anchor Defining anchors<abbr>:abbreviation Defining abbreviations&LT;ACRONYM&GT: Defines the abbreviation for canceling only the first

PHP run mode

Label:PHP run modePHP run mode, is the way PHP executes, one is a separate executable program (usually EXE program), one is embedded in the form of a module in the server program run (usually DLL program).Independent execution, using CGI (Common

The full text retrieval of PHP based on SPHINX+SWCS Chinese word segmentation

Label:Brief introductionSphinx is an open source search engine that supports full-text retrieval in English. So if you build sphinx alone, you can already use full-text indexing.But sometimes we have to do Chinese word segmentation all SCWS appear,

PHP_ variable variable

Label:One, the use of variable variables:Sometimes it is convenient to use variable variable names. That is, a mutable variable gets the value of an ordinary variable as the variable name of the variable variable. can have multiple layers<? PHP

Detailed PHP installation mode---cgi,fastcgi,php-fpm,mod_php,mod_cgi,mod_fcgid

Label:1. CGICGI is a universal Gateway interface, the HTTP server uses such an interface program to communicate with "other programs" (such as the PHP interpreter program), this "other program" can be written in any computer language, it through the

HTML5 + CSS3 Bands effect drop-down menu implementation

Label:Original: Scripts Tutorials (from the Script Tutorial Web tutorial, translation may be some wrong ...) Want to tryEffects drop-down menuIn this tutorial we will tell you how to develop a cool audio drop-down menu (HTML5 + CSS3). The drop-down

Explanation and use of Vert.x-web (iii)

Tags: vert.x vert.x-webThe explanation and use of vert.x-web in the last chapter (iii)Cross-domain resource sharing (CORS handling)Cross-domain resource sharing It is a secure mechanism to request a resource for multiple domains.Vert.x-web contains

5 Types of PHP encryption Tools Zendguard, Ioncube, Sourcecop, Sourceguardian, Phpshield

Label:PHP for desktop application idea: Remove ICUDT55.DLL,PHP7 with 7ZIP compression after less than 7MB, and PHP comes with SQLite and CLI HTTP Server, users open the browser can access the PHP development of desktop applications. If the source

About ANGULARJS automatically escaping HTML tags when binding data (reprint-Black white)

Label:Original: Http://okashii.lofter.com/post/1cba87e8_29e0fabAngularjs in the data binding by default will be in the form of text output, that is, the HTML tags in your data are not escaped the full receipt, so as to improve security, prevent

Analysis of distributed Application pattern design and implementation of large. NET ERP System

Label:c/S architecture application, the transfer of some complex computational logic from the client to the server side can improve performance, but also for other aspects of control.. NET remoting performance is pretty good in LAN calls. The ERP

Introduction to HTTP Referer

Tags: Search Sohu in Baidu, click the link in, grab the package information as follows:  get http://www.sohu.com/HTTP/1.1 Host:www.sohu.com Connection:keep-alive  user-agent:mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) applewebkit/535.4 (

PHP iconv solve Utf-8 and gb2312 encoding conversion issues

Label:Just a very simple function iconv (); But this is the function of the Internet to find a lot of examples, can not be converted successfully, this is why? finally Emperor not bear, the answer or let me find.It's all on the Internet.In fact,

Jshint Configuration

Label:Jshint option to configure ASIIf true, Jshint ignores line endings without semicolons, and auto-complete semicolons are always a controversial syntactic feature of JavaScript. By default, Jshint will ask you to add a semicolon after each

Using Kaptcha to generate verification codes in sping MVC environment

Label:Kaptcha is a very useful verification code generation tool. With it, you can generate various styles of verification codes, as it is configurable. Kaptcha works by calling Com.google.code.kaptcha.servlet.KaptchaServlet and generating a picture.

PHP Basics Post and get

Label:Post vs. get differencesKey points:*. When the post transmits data, it does not need to be displayed in the URL, and the Get method is displayed in the URL.*. The post transmits a large amount of data, which can reach 2 m, and the Get method

PHP--Time function

Label: <title>php– Time function</title> php– time function Table of Contents Time Time format for date Time Date Mktime Strftime SetLocale Strtotime Datetime

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