. NET JSON data serialization/deserialization

Tags: //<summary>//JSON serialization///</summary> Publ IC static string jsonserializer<t> (T-t) {try {Datacontractjsonserializ Er ser = new DataContractJsonSerializer (typeof (T)); MemoryStream ms =

Front-end Basics about JSON

Label:JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data interchange format. Easy for people to read and write. It is also easy for machine parsing and generation. It is based on JavaScript programming Language, Standard ECMA-262 a subset of

HTTP protocol

Tags: ios http protocol URLHTTPFirst, Url1, what is a URL1) The full name of the URL is uinform Resource Locator(Uniform Resource Locator)2) 1 URLsto find the only 1 resources on the Internet3)URL is the address and location of the resource, each

HTTP Timeout settings

Tags: http timeout settingsThe timeout can be set in the HTTP protocol (connection timeout, response timeout), as follows:1, the Java API way:Previous versions of JDK 1.5, you can only control network timeouts by setting two system properties:String

PHP generates an XML file

Label:The 4 common ways to generate XML files using PHP are as follows: "XML file Contents"<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?><article> <item> <title size= "1" >title1</title& Gt

"Go" also HTML tags in the original meaning

Label:To tell the truth, "div+css" This word does not know how many people harm, perhaps the intention of its proposed is not wrong, but the followers from the performance of the distorted meaning, that the entire page should be a combination of div+

The session mechanism in PHP

Label:GoPHP in the cookie and session is our common two variables, one is the user client, one used in the server but their differences and how it works, let's take a look at the cookie and session mechanism principle.Differences and linkages

Look at the actions of PHP in the internal iteration

Label:Let's look at how to implement a self-defined iterator and then begin to understand how the iterator works internally. Let's take a look at an official example:<?Phpclass Myiterator implements Iterator { private $position = 0; Private

Play a Nodejs cluster

Label:It is not easy to use clusters in Nodejs. JavaScript's single-threaded properties make it difficult for applications under Nodejs to use the multicore features of modern machines. For example, the following code implements a skeleton part of

Build PHP and Apache environments under Ubuntu

Label:Install Apache2:sudo apt-get install apache2To install the PHP module:sudo apt-get install php5Install MySQLsudo apt-get install Mysql-serverOther module installation:sudo apt-get install LIBAPACHE2-MOD-PHP5sudo apt-get install

Lightweight HTTP server Nginx (config and debug nginx)

Label:After installation of Nginx, the corresponding installation directory will be generated, according to the previous installation path, nginx configuration file path is/opt/nginx/conf, where nginx.conf is the main configuration file Nginx. The

PHP file related operation functions--Directory operations

Label:1. Functions related to file typesPHP is modeled on UNIX file systems, so we can only get "file", "dir", or "unknown" in the Windows system for three types of files. In Unix systems, we can get 7 types of "block", "Char", "dir", "FIFO", "File",

PHP function Base64_encode After the argument contains the plus sign parsing error solution

Tags: php base_64 spacesBefore entering the topic, let's take a look at the following code, test.php<?php$url = "Test2.php?name=". Base64_encode (' The string used to do the test '). " &age=23 "; Header (" Location: $url

Jquery-get-data (Width,height,position, (top,left), scrolltop,scrollleft) Get data

Tags: jquery data get-dataGet dimensionsAs follows:Heigh ([VAL|FN])Width ([VAL|FN])Innerheight ()Innerwidth ()Outerheight ([soptions])Outerwidth ([options])Here is a brief introduction (here is a lot of jquery is to return both the value of matching

The difference between XML and JSON

Label:JSON (Javascript Object Notation) is a lightweight data interchange format. Easy for people to read and write. It is also easy for machine parsing and generation. It is based on JavaScript programming Language, Standard ECMA-262 a subset of

PHP Multi-Process Programming example

Label:This article mainly introduces the PHP multi-process Programming example, this article is explained in Linux implementation of PHP multi-process programming, the need for friends can refer to the followingEnvy Naruto Naruto's shadow? Yes, the

All kinds of WEB front-end development tool finishing

Label:Code editing tools (Coding tools) Workflow/build/Combine (workflow/builds/assemblers) Lumbar Brunch Grunt Lineman Yeoman Takeoff Mimosa Codekit Livereload Stealjs Anvil.js

Tag of HTML

Label:First, HTML tagsHTML tag tags are often referred to as HTML tags (html tag).HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets, such as <html>HTML tags are usually paired, such as <b> and </b>• The first label in the pair is

PHP Graphics Image Manipulation

Tags: PHP image verification CodeAbout GD LibraryGD refers to the graphic device,php of the GD library is used to process graphics extension library, through the GD Library provides a series of APIs, you can process the image or directly generate

JS Timestamp converted to date format

Label:Original: JS timestamp converted to date formatJS Timestamp converted to date format What is a Unix timestamp (Unix timestamp): Unix timestamp (Unix timestamp), or Unix time (Unix times), POSIX time, is a time representation, Defined as the

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