PHP-PHP Implementation Click the href of a tag to do the link, save the file directly (any type), rather than the browser directly open the downloaded file

Label:Before the project encountered such a problem, that is, in the PHP environment, with a tag href link to a resource, such as MP3 or LRC file, after clicking on the file does not appear to save the prompt, but instead of calling the local

Summarize CSS3 new features (Media enquiry)

Label:CSS3 Media Query is the expansion of the CSS2 media type, perfect;The media type of CSS2 only defines the keywords of some devices, and the CSS3 media query further expands the attributes such as Width,height,color and other values.The

PHP vs node. js

Label:The network is in a time of rapid development. Server-side developers are confused when choosing a language, with long-term dominance of languages such as C, Java, and Perl, as well as languages focused on web development, such as Ruby,

R.js configuration file incomplete comment

Label:/* * This is an example build file, demonstrates how to use the build system for * require.js. * * This build file Won't work. It is referencing paths this probably * do not exist on your machine. Just use it as a guide. * * */({//App

PHP Basics Tutorial-variables

Label:Variables are derived from mathematics and are abstract concepts that can store computational results or represent values in a computer language. Variables can be accessed by variable names. In an instruction language, variables are usually

PHP Basic Tutorial-data types

Label:PHP supports eight primitive types (type).Four types of scalar:String (String)Integer (integer type)Float (floating point type, also double)Boolean (Boolean)Two kinds of composite types:Array (arrays)Object (Objects)Two special types:Resource (

PHP's Pdo-prepare

Tags: PDO php prepareWhen the same SQL multiple query (execution), only each time the query condition (data) is not the same, then the use of prepare is right.It can significantly reduce query (execution) time and server resource

Web Front End Engineer Knowledge summary

Tags: Web front end Engineer Knowledge summaryCategory: Web Development applicationsFirst, what is the Web front-end engineer?Front-end engineer, also called Web front-end development engineer. He is a subdivision of the industry with the

Working with JSON date types in ASP MVC

Label:Note: Time is a bit busy, direct copy came, to see the original: IntroductionMost of the time, data transfer during AJAX communication is facilitated using JSON format.

HTML5 Bezier curves in the canvas

Label:In the canvas feature provided by HTML5, which is the canvas, the GetContext () method returns an object that provides methods and properties for drawing on the canvas. Taking the method provided in GetContext ("2d") as an example, this paper

About W3school HTML5 part of the output element instance code (point to try it in person) to correct the problem

Label:FIX: Change the original = number to <input type= "button" onclick= "Rescalc ()" value = "="/>, otherwise no event to activate JS calculation method:Original URL:<! DOCTYPE html&

Understanding jquery's $.extend (), $.fn, and $.fn.extend ()

Label:Understanding jquery's $.extend (), $.fn, and $.fn.extend ()There are two types of jquery plugin development:One is the development of a class-level plug-in that adds a new global function to jquery, which is equivalent to adding a method to

PHP OB Cache

Label:Use PHP's Ob_start ();Control your browser cacheThe output control function gives you the freedom to control the outputs of the data in your script. It is very useful, especially when you want to output a file header after the data has been

Understanding jquery's $.extend (), $.fn, and $.fn.extend ()

Label:There are two types of jquery plugin development:One is the development of a class-level plug-in that adds a new global function to jquery, which is equivalent to adding a method to the jquery class itself. The global function of jquery is a

Examples of jquery blocking event bubbling

Label:Here are some examples of a jquery blocking event bubbling, and we know that jquery provides two ways to block event bubbling, but we simply use it to do some applications that may not be in-depth or not understood, and the following is a more

Meta What do you know exactly?

Label:Recently see Meta in the use of mobile, found a lot of things need to tidy up a bit.Meta is God horse? The role of Divine horse?Meta is the response header message used to simulate an HTTP protocol in an HTML document. Meta tags are used in

Learning Notes _ Filter App _1 (number of visits to IP statistics website)

Label:Number of visits to the IP statistics website Ip Count 2 59 Statistical work needs to be performed before all resources are available, so it

Source code compilation Libcurl in MAC OS x environment

Label:Reprint please indicate the source, otherwise the pursuit of responsibilityIn the libcurl of the source code compilation, reference to the official documents and Google search out of always compile failed, simply follow the failure of the

HTML5 semantic Tags

Label:HTML tags are semantically formatted:Intuitive understanding of the use and properties of tags.Intuitive and semantic Tags:1.header< defining the head >2. nav< navigation bar >3. article< articles >4. section< section >5

PHP JS HTML ASP page jump code delay jump code back to the previous interface and refresh

Label:1.PHP delay Jump code//jump to the browsing interfaceHeader("refresh:1;url=machine_list.php");//No delay<?PHPHeader("Location:");?>//PHP Internal JS output CodeEcho("<script language=\" javascript\ ">alert (\"

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