One of the fundamental cores of the scope chain –JS

Label:JSIn the scope, we all know, divided into global scope and local scope, there is no block-level scope, it sounds very simple, but whether the scope can have a deep understanding of the JS code logic to write the success rate, BUG the ability

Learn more about PHP opcode caching principles

Label:What is opcodeOpCode (operate code) is a part of a computer directive that specifies the action to be performed, and the format and specification of the instruction is specified by the specified specification of the processorOpCode is a PHP

Mozilla website Security Analysis tool Observatory released

Label:Mozilla recently released a website security analysis tool called Observatory, which is designed to encourage developers and system administrators to enhance their website's security configuration.The tool is very simple to use: Enter the Web

WEBP Picture Format

Label:WEBP is a picture format, from the strong Google company, specific details please Baidu understandCompatibility:PC: Currently supported by Google Kernel (webkit) rendering browser, other major browser support is not very good, Mobile: Android

PHP gets the user's real IP address

Label:PHP Get client Real IP address method$_server["REMOTE_ADDR" is often used in PHP get client IP.(1) However, if the client is accessed using a proxy server, the IP address of the proxy server is taken, not the real client IP address. To get the

Basic graphics for pure css (rectangle, circle, triangle, polygon, love, gossip, etc.)

Label:The graph includes basic rectangles, circles, ellipses, triangles, and polygons, as well as a slightly more complex love, diamonds, and yin-yang gossip. Of course there are some need to use the CSS3 properties, so when you open this article, I

Use of the Stop method in jquery

Label:In the foreground page development sometimes we will need some cool effect, this time using the animation in jquery is very simple to achieve.Recently encountered in the work of a page element movement effect, this is a simple page effect is

CentOS 6.8 compiled PHP 7.0.10 installation Zabbix3.0.4

Tags: Zabbix nginx phpEnvironment:Operating system: CentOS 6.8 x86_64 (off SELinux, iptables)nginx:1.10.1php:7.0.10mysql:5.7.13zabbix:3.0.4One. Install MySQL1. Installation dependenciesYum-y install gcc gcc-devel gcc-c++ gcc-c++-devel libaio-devel

The knowledge points that the PHP teacher didn't teach you.

Label:The alternative is a surprise.When we read some of the source code, we find that there is an alternative way of writing, such as//Unusual wordingif(false = = $result) //Normal wordingif($result = = false) In fact, this is a very

Location of the Ubuntu system Apache log files

Label:Apache error log location on Debian,ubuntu or Linux MintDefault error logOn Debian-based Linux, the system-wide Apache error log default location is /var/log/apache2/error.log. The default location can be modified by editing the Apache

PHP Learning Day2-apache Server configuration changes and configuring the local virtual host

Label:Last time I talked about the process behind the Web browsing, then we started to understand some of the server's knowledge, in order to clarify the idea, I will follow the apache--php script--mysql servers--php and MySQL service connection

PHP Performance Optimization Brief

Label:first of all, just do a theory brief./*** PHP Performance optimization ** 1. Problem analysis* PHP syntax is not used correctly* What PHP is not good at* PHP connected service does not give the force* PHP itself short board* Other reasons*

Middle Soft Training First week review summary--simple HTML and CSS

Label:Some points to keep in mind: Day1 HTML format and simple tags: HTML File General format: 1 <html>2 <head lang= "en" >3 <meta charset= "Utf-8" >4 <title> page name </title> 5

PHP Chinese Simplified Conversion

Label:<?PHP$testC=NewTESTC ();$testC-index ();classTESTC {Private $utf 8_gb2312; Private $utf 8_big5; Public function__construct () {$this->utf8_gb2312 = " Wan and Ugly professional Condons lost two strict footstep Fenglin for Li Lift, Yiwu

PHP Small Record

Label:Positive Framework (heavy use)thinkphp (partially used) cakephpyii (rarely used) [one] function1: function declaration: The first line of each function is the beginning of the function, with the declaration function of the keyword function,

Some research and understanding of HTML and body

Label:by Zhangxinxu from http://www.zhangxinxu.comThis address:, written in the front of theRecently has been thinking of writing an article about HTML tags, although the previous processing of HTML tags,

Hibernate provides built-in identifier generator

Label: Hibernate provides built-in identifier generator The Java language identifies or distinguishes different objects of the same class by memory address, and the relational database identifies or distinguishes different records of the

HTML input type

Label:HTML input Type input typeThis chapter describes the input types of the <input> element.input type: Text<input type= "Text" > defines a single line input field for text input:InstanceINPUT type: password<input type=

HTML <b>, <strong>, <big>, <small>, <em>, <i>, <sub>, and <sup> tags

Label:HTML <b> TagsAll browsers support <b> tags.Definition and usageThe <b> tag specifies bold text.Note: The <b> tag should be used as the last option, according to the HTML5 specification, when no other suitable label is

Distributed Message Queuing for large web site architectures

Label:The following is an outline of message queuing, which focuses on Message Queuing overview, Message Queuing scenarios, and message middleware examples (e-commerce, log system).This sharing outline Message Queuing Overview Message

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