PHP-FPM services included in Zabbix monitoring

Tags: Zabbix php-fpm service MonitoringA few days ago, I got an nginx service monitor, and today we try to monitor the PHP service.Operating system: CentOS 7.2PHP Version: 5.6.30Zabbix version: 2.2.5Discover that PHP-FPM and Nginx have their own

Decorating JSP pages with sitemesh/decorator adorners (principle and detailed configuration)

Tags: saI. Introduction of SitemeshSitemesh is a Web page layout and cosmetic framework for a Java Web project. With Sitemesh, it is no longer necessary to use <jsp:include> tags in each page to introduce other public pages, such as headers,

PHP read and export CSV file

Tags: open row data fgetc a file name Tran int case returnPHP read and export CSV file, faster than phpexcel faster than 80%, while Phpexcel accounted for memory, in the case of large data, 50,000 only a few seconds, almost do not feelIf the number

The effect of whitespace on HTML structure and its solution

Tags: structure URL font Browser ref class reserved technology sharing betweenWhat is a white space character?Whitespace characters: spaces, tabs, line breaksNote: The browser will match all whitespace into a space when parsing HTMLEffects of

Standard Tag Library JSTL (JSP Standards Tag libraries)

Tags: array name number context RAR location CLU include directive--1, core tag (most commonly used, most important)Expression Control labelOutOutput constantsValue---Direct assignmentOutput variablesDefault---DefaultsEscapeXML---Control of the

JS Learning Summary----Data type detection four ways (reprint)

Tags: distinguishing constructs prot ber fixed false first Boolean logs1. typeof operator to detect data types Console.log (typeof)//number  Using typeof to detect data types, the first thing to return is a string, followed by the corresponding data

The difference between PHP abstract classes and interfaces

Tags: design a program private no CTE Ted construct getIn the learning of PHP object-oriented, will be in the abstract class and interface confusion, the role of almost why it is so easy to confuse, why not leave one?But in fact the difference

The JQuery validate validation framework is detailed

Tags: com src multiple input keyword option DEA tip weightjquery Check official website address:, Import JS Library<script type= "Text/javascript" src=

Node--http Small Reptile & Event module

Tags:this    crawler    chapter    event Trigger    apt    require   pre   events   nts    HTTP small reptile var

Fast switching of multiple PHP versions on Mac platform

Tags:-val version php brew view installation Install metaRequires all PHP versions to be installed by brewInstalling the PHP Multi-version method using brew# brew install php56# brew install php70To install the Switch tool:# brew install php-version#

Map<string,string> Converting JSON strings

Tags: sources ges beanutils json-lib Import user code implementation requires pingFirst Note: Note the Import and introduction of JAR packages. Here is the code implementation:1 ImportJava.util.HashMap;2 ImportJava.util.Map;3

Set the Raspberry Pi raspberry to the wireless router (WiFi hotspot ap,rtl8188cus chip)

Tags: version get nes SSI route STP Raspberry Router ACL This article is based on the purchase of a East USB wireless network card (Rtl8188cus chip) to make wireless hotspot. Originally wanted to make a one-click script. Just record the

ASP. NET data binding-dropdownlist, ListBox

Tags: item Center Implementation Command TAR ISS Pop class exeThe DropDownList and ListBox implement level two linkage function. They can also bind the information that is picked up from the background database. The function to be implemented here

Nodejs file modification Automatic restart extension

Tags: install span log pre BSP title extended pos ModificationUsing Supervisor:Installation:1 # Global Installation 2 Install SupervisorStart:Supervisor App.jsNodejs file modification Automatic restart extension

Ubuntu 16 64-bit compilation install PHP

Tags: figure get-name conf distrib cxf GeoIP alt PCA./Configure--prefix=/usr/local/PHP7--exec-prefix=/usr/local/PHP7--with-config-file-path=/usr/local/php7/etc--with-Curl--with-freetype-dir--with-GD--with-GetText--with-iconv-dir--with-Kerberos--with-

HTTP cookie and session

Tags: website Repeat client server text set CTI turn borderCookies and sessionAbout http:1, HTTP is: stateless, short connection2, HTTP request life cycle: to the server to send a please start, through the domain name extraction URL, through the

JS Important Knowledge points Summary-Imperfect

Tags: an existing variable style call ETH global variable callback justify# # #1, closures?? Closures are functions that can read other functions ' internal variables. Because in the JavaScript language, only sub-functions inside the function can

node. JS Query Statement Encapsulation

Tags: min Connect als URL client Close return shutdown database configuration/*** Created by Administrator on 2017/3/3 0003.*/var mongo=require (' MongoDB ');var config=require ("./config.js"). Config;var mongoclient=mongo.mongoclient;var

Struts2 Learning (struts2) file upload and download (1)

Tags: pack error file size form This tag filename configuration file ArtOne, Struts2 file upload:Second, the size of the configuration file and the type of files allowed to upload:Three, large file upload:If you do not configure the size of the

How to develop jquery plugins

Tags: option decoupling large number of post pen instances customizing the default jquery PluginOne: universal knowledge of jqueryKnowledge 1: When writing plugins with jquery, the core approach is as follows two:$.extend (object) can be understood

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