PHP-String processing

1. Find the character position functionStrpos ($str, Search,[int]): Find the first position of search in $str start with intStripos ($str, search,[int]): function returns the position of the first occurrence of a string in another stringStrrpos

PHP leverages P3P for cross-domain

This article turns from: point hereDifferent from JS cross-domain, IFRAME cross-domain and other common processing methods, can also use P3P to achieve cross-domain.What is P3P?P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences) is a recommended standard for

How to make a website? What do I need to build a website?

Whether you build a station or a personal station, no matter what your purpose is to set up the site, presumably everyone cares about is the price and quality, then will appear to build the site how much money and what station system good two big

Asp. NET session explained in detail

Introduction to the session modelWhat is the session? In simple terms, the server gives the client a number. When a WWW server is running, there may be a number of users browsing the Web site that is being shipped on this server. When each user

The encoding and decoding of browser and server in Web application

Http://*******************************Basic conceptsThere are three processes of encoding, transmitting and decoding that can be generated by exchanging information. Coding is the process of transforming

Curl command to get response codes for Web sites

Curl command A lot of parameters, bloggers have not used many. Found today can be used with the-w parameter is very useful.-w:--write-out, the function is the output point what. The-w parameter of curl is used to output the contents of the specified

4. Common HTML tags and usage

Page Structure labelHead Document Header LabelTitle Display Document titleBody Document BODY Tag: All Web content should be placed inside the body tagExample: The most serious: the relationship between labels--family relationship, parent-child

Apache Commons CLI Development Command-line tool example

Concept DescriptionApache Commons CLI IntroductionDespite the rapid development of various human-computer interaction technologies, the most traditional command-line pattern is still widely used in various fields: from compiling code to system

Implementation of Discuz load balancing based on LVS-DR model

Objective:The LVS-DR model is almost the same as the previous Lvs-nat model, except that the network topology is different.HostvsOs:centos-7-x86_64Hostname:ws1ENO16777736: (DIP)eno167777336:0: (VIP)gateway:

Use PHP to capture bugs in PHP's source code and send email notifications

Developers of PHP know that the most worrying thing is that there are some abnormalities or mistakes in the program, these situations, if the user's screen is dropped to scare the user, or even lose the job, if you do not output to the screen will

PHP-Easy access to page content

no need to useCURLand thehttp_clientLibrary,PHPborn in Central Plainsfile ()and thefile_get_contents ()function can be implemented, as long as the file name parameter isURLcan be. The following is fromPHPdescription of the Help file (fromfopen

Simple and useful chat room technology--websocket

Today, many Web sites are polled for the technology they use to implement push technology. Polling is at a specific time interval (such as every 1 seconds), the browser sends an HTTP request to the server, and then the server returns the latest data

WEBRTC Audio and Video engine research (1)--Overall architecture analysis

WEBRTC Technology Group: 234795279Original Address: 1, WebRTC purpose WebRTC (Web real-time communication) The ultimate purpose of the project The main is to allow web developers to be based on

Flying technology discussion on the development direction and prospect of Guiyang website construction Service Company 2016

Guizhou Fly technology discussion on the development direction and prospect of Guiyang website construction Service Company 2016With the rapid development of mobile applications, 2016 users are now biased towards the use of mobile phone applications,

CSS3 Practice Road (VI): Transition effect of CSS3 (transition) and animation (animation)

At first, CSS Workgroup refused to add CSS3 transition and animation to the official standard, and some members thought that transition effects and animations were not style attributes and could already be implemented with scripting. So please

Learning lines and advice for beginners in PHP

[Guide] This article is about the PHP learning problem, before the "heavy material!" A summary of PHP resources on GitHub, "in-depth discussion of PHP class encapsulation and inheritance," "PHP Learning Planning recommendations," and so on the PHP

Comparison of nginx+php and apache+php performance

Test Tools Http_load the same dynamic page test, the same hardware resources, nginx+php than apache+php performance, the same concurrency, the same number of requests for the premise, and if the requested pressure is greater than the affordability

JS implementation of JSON data serialization (compatible with IE6 or more browsers)

/*** Add a serialization method to JSON data,* Primarily for IE6, 7 browsers that do not support JSON objects*/var xue = Xue | | {};Xue.json = Xue.json | | {};xue.json.stringify = function (obj) {If the ie8+ browser (Ff,chrome,safari supports JSON

EXT JS 6 Development Example (ii): Using CMD to create an application

Since Ext JS 6 merges the original Ext JS and Sencha touch into a single frame, before using CMD to create an application, you need to consider whether you want to create a generic application or just an application for desktop or mobile devices.The

Asp. NET upload file format via byte correct and safe judgment

This article introduces a more secure way to upload pictures, he can effectively prevent some by modifying the file suffix or mime to forge the upload of images, so as to ensure the security of the server, we hope to Help.Asp. NET in the

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