Go ExtJS the difference between--html DOM, Ext element, and component

To learn and apply the EXT framework, it is necessary to understand the differences between Html DOM,ext Element , and Component .Each HTML page has a hierarchical DOM tree model in which everything in the browser has a corresponding DOM object that

Call SMS interface, first var_dump () see the data type is Object needs Json_decode (Json_encode ($RESP), true) to convert to array

The returned data. Look at the type first, if it's an object typeFirst Json_encode,Again Json_decode, plus trueConvert an array$resp = $c->execute ($req);Var_dump ($RESP);Object (StdClass) #12 (2) {["Result"]=> object (StdClass) #13 (3) {["Err_code"]

Five common PHP Design patterns


design mode just for Java? Architect--at least you may always think so. In fact, design patterns are very useful for everyone. If these tools are not patents for "architecture astronauts", then what are they? Why are they very useful in PHP

Easily use Nginx to build a Web server

If the reader has done web development before, you should know how to build a Web server to run your Web site, under Windows you may choose to use IIS, very fast, under Linux, you may first think of Apache, "a Brother" ( Ranking of W3techs website

Fiddler user's Manual (iii)------Fiddler command line and HTTP breakpoint debugging

0x00 fiddler built-in commandsIn the previous section (using Fiddler for packet Capture analysis), it was introduced in the Web session (not the same concept as what we normally call a session), Every HTTP request here becomes a session) the

PHP opcode Caching principle

What is a opcode cache?When the interpreter finishes parsing the script code, it generates intermediate code that can be run directly, also known as the opcode (Operate code,opcode). The goal of the Opcode cache is to avoid duplication of

Protobuffer PHP Usage

Protobuffer is a data transmission by Google, specific compression, small size featuresProtobuffer itself does not support PHP, to convert. proto files to PHP-supported files, you need to use a third-party programAllegro/php-protobuf or

The difference between HTTP, TCP/IP protocol and socket

The network is divided from bottom to top:Physical Layer--Data Link layer--Network Layer--IP protocolTransport Layer--TCP protocolSession Layer--Presentation layer and Application Layer-HTTP protocol1. TCP/IP connectionMobile phone can use the

A detailed explanation of data checksum exception handling in SPINGMVC

*springmvc Use the JSR-303 checksum specification, JSR-303 is the JAVAEE6 specification.SPRINGMVC specifically uses the Hibernate-validator check frame (which is not related to hibernate ORM), based on the Bean's attribute checksum. *So you need to

Safety test and comparison of B/s security

First, the user authentication security test to consider the problem:1. Clearly differentiate between different user rights in the system2. User conflicts will occur in the system3. The system will not cause confusion due to the change of user's

Get the current time in JS

var d = new Date ();var date = D.getfullyear () + "year" + (D.getmonth () + 1) + "month" + d.getdate () + "Day"; Var mydate = new date (); Mydate.getyear ();         //Gets the current year (2-bit) Mydate.getfullyear ();     //Get the full year (4-

Native JS implementation of the Snake project, attached to the source download!

Run on Google Chrome. The main use of the function of the packaging idea, each small function is encapsulated in a function, greatly improving the code extensibility!! Improved maintainability of the code!!! Improve the readability of the code!!!

. NET Core VS Code Environment configuration

. NET Core VS Code Environment configurationVscode. NET Environment configurationBefore that I used to write code using the c/c# environment of the notepad++ configuration, which was much more convenient than opening the "cumbersome" vs. Vscode came

5 ways to jump through HTML pages

The following is a list of five examples in detail, the main function of these examples is: after 5 seconds, automatically jump to the same directory hello.html (according to their own needs to modify) files.1) Implementation of HTML

Securing Web-Safe HTTPS

"Illustrated https" reading notes.There may be security issues such as information eavesdropping or identity spoofing in the HTTP protocol, and the use of HTTPS communication mechanisms can effectively prevent these problems.Disadvantages of

Mac install Apache Mod_wsgi module error Summary and Hello World test

Mac system version is OS X EI Capitan 10.11.4(In fact, the system has installed the administrator rights of Apache, under/etc/apache2, but we still want to install the user rights of Apache, convenient to change the file does not require

Quick Fix (6)-PHP: Get HTTP request data, get get data and post data, convert JSON string to object

[SOURCE DOWNLOAD]Quick Fix (6)-PHP: Get HTTP request data, get get data and post data, convert JSON string to objectWebabcdIntroducedQuick and fast PHP Get HTTP request data Get get data and post data Conversion of JSON strings to

PHP Exception Handling

When to consider using an exception mechanismError codes and exceptions are methods that return execution results in all development languages, and when writing code, the market needs to consider when to use exception handling and when to consider

"Nodejs development Crypto currency" 10:3 map to give you a complete grasp of encryption and decryption technology

About"Nodejs development Crypto Currency" is a detailed development document for cryptocurrency products, involving all aspects of developing products using NODEJS, from front-end to backstage, from server to client, from PC to mobile, encryption

Understanding mathematical Expressions in CSS Calc ()

Previous wordsThe Mathematical Expression calc () is a function in CSS that is primarily used for mathematical operations. Using Calc () provides a convenient and new way of thinking about the layout of page elements. This article describes the

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