Architecture High-performance Web site tips (i)--understanding metrics to measure website performance

How does the server send data? The server program writes the data that needs to be sent to the program's memory space; The server program makes system calls to the kernel through the interface of the operating system; The system

HTML Basics (i)

HTML is a language used to describe a Web page. HTML refers to Hypertext Markup Language (Hyper Text Markup Language) HTML is not a programming language, but a markup language (Markup language) Markup language is a set of tag tags

JS call PHP and PHP to invoke JS Method Example

1, JS way to call PHP file and get the value in PHPGive a simple example to illustrate:As in the page Test_json1 the following sentence is called:There is a PHP code in test_json2.php:$php _test= ' I come from php! ';echo "var test= ' $php _test ';";

Based on. NET platform used in the framework of technical arrangement

Personal groomingPart of the collection: study. NET, elegant programming style, extremely simple extensibility, strong enough to develop tools, a very small learning curve, let me have a strong

Object-oriented-inheritance (you must know.) NET reading notes)

1. What is inheritanceInheritance is a kind of relationship between class and class in object-orientedImplementation of inheritance: Implementing Inheritance Interface Inheritance2. The nature of inheritance(1) Inheritance is transitive, subclasses

How PHP Gets the raw data for post

Generally we use $_post or $_request two predefined variables to receive post-submitted data. However, if the submitted data does not have a variable name, but rather a direct string, then it needs to be received in other ways.Method One: Use the

An explanation of the header information of the HTTP protocol

Transferred from: HTTP messages include client-to-server request messages and server-to-client response messages. These two types of messages consist of a starting line, one or

Five kinds of syntax for JS object-oriented

The first type:// The 1th kind of notation function Circle (r) { this. R = r;} Circle. PI = 3.14159; Circlefunction() { return circle. PI * THIS.R * this. R;} var New Circle (1.0); Alert (cThe second type: // 2nd notation Circle =

Study on the relationship between HTML textarea cols,rows attribute and width height

First, about the cols and rows properties of the TEXTAREA elementElements, commonly known as "text fields", or "Multiline text boxes", whose own native HTML attribute represents the rows meaning of the line, can change the visible area height,

how PHP Works

Original link: 1, operating modeThe five most common operating modes for PHP are now:1)CGI(Universal Gateway Interface/Common Gateway Interface)2)FastCGI(resident type cgi/long-live CGI)3)CLI(command

Vi. Linux/unix operation commands Accumulate "kill, Netstat, df, du"

under the use of Linux/unix, often use the text interface to set up the system or operating system, the author himself in the process of work is also constantly in touch with this command, so for This special brewing, preparation, began the writing

Browse page Error Type Daquan

Browse page error type Daquan400 cannot resolve this request. 401.1 Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials. 401.2 Unauthorized: Access is denied because the server configuration tends to use an alternate authentication method. 401.

Learning classes and objects for beginners in PHP (4)

V. Scope resolution operator (::)The scope resolution operator (also known as Paamayim Nekudotayim) or, more simply, a pair of colons, can be used to access static members, methods, and constants, and can also be used to override members and methods

Workarounds for Internet Information Services (IIS) cannot be removed

Workaround for Internet Information Services (IIS) that cannot be removed:1, enter the control Panel;2, then click Add Delete Program;3. Then click "Add/Remove Windows Components";4. Click "Internet Information Service (IIS)" to display blue;5. Then

PHP Curl generated cookie file meaning cookie attribute meaning

The recent use of curl feeling is still very convenient, looked at the cookie file format of curl generated, some of the value of the meaning is not very clear, to find some information about the cookie looked down, do a memo The cookie file format

Typearray, ArrayBuffer, Blob, File, Dataurl, canvas convert each other

Original Address: to ArrayBuffervar New Blob ([data], {type: ' Text/plain '}); var New function(e) { callback

JS Common Regular

var stest= "xxxkdsj234dogdog1234xx"var retest1=/(dog) {2}/var reTest2 =/(?:d og) {2}/; (Stest.match (ReTest1)) (Stest.match (RETEST1)) (Stest.match (RETEST2))var url =

Lamp combo PHP works in FPM mode

The version after fastcgi:php-5.3.3 comes with the FPM component,The FPM component enables the PHP interpreter to work as a daemon and provides an application similar to the Prefork mode that can receive FASTCGI server from the front-end

Fix Wampserver,apache Open virtual host localhost unreachable

Http-vhost.conf:# Virtual Hosts## Required Modules:mod_log_config# If you want to maintain multiple domains/hostnames on your# machine your can setup VirtualHost containers for them. Most configurations# Use of name-based virtual hosts so the server

Symmetric key encryption in HTTPS, public key encryption, digital certificate

Symmetric key encryption in HTTPS, public key encryption, digital certificate keyWe call unencrypted content plaintext, and the encrypted content is called ciphertext.In short, to encrypt a piece of plaintext, you can enter this content into an

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