Wamp Upgrading PHP Version


1. Stop the WAMP server.2. Go to website windows.php.net download PHP 5.4 VC9 x86 Non Thread SafeDo not download the INSTALLER.3. Create the php5.4.45 folder in wamp/bin/php4. Unzip the downloaded zip package into the php5.4.45 folder5. From the

Friday la la la-lamp+php ' s OOP

HiFriday ~ ~1, lamp configuration End ChapterFive, lamp configuration environment optimization5.4 How virtual hosts workApache's virtual host. Virtual-hostAccess different directories with different domains--Manually impersonate DNSModifying the

About the PHP regular expression pattern modifier

All along, think of their regular expression of the study can be (basic work encountered problems can be solved), but sometimes it is not know its why, in the Internet to see this article, explained before a lot of questions, record down, at any

Build your own HTML5 video player

Some time ago to re-learn the video part of the HTML5, previously just stuck on the use of tags, this time decided to drill into the relevant APIs, and use these APIs to create a simple video player. The so-called "Build Your Own" is to rewrite the

phpStorm9.0 +xampp+chrome PHP Debug Environment Configuration!

Not much to say, directly on step by step:1.XAMPP ConfigurationCheck out my version of XAMPP:Modify the configuration file, open Open, and add, the result is as follows (the current need to restart Apache, the configuration will take effect):[XDebug]

Linux under Compile and install Apache HTTPD 2.4

Apache is the world's most used Web server software. It can run on almost all widely used computer platforms and is one of the most popular Web server-side software due to its widespread use across platforms and security. The current Apache version

Talk about my management of code, deployment, Release (PHP)---WAMP

Some configuration and usage experiences of WAMP (MYSQL) At the beginning of contact with the database, I always think that database operations tools and databases are the same thing, they are one, and later I understand that the database is a

In the HTML, the difference between ID, Name, class three

Bo Master into the front-end course of study also on 1 weeks, including himself, many students around the ID, name, classs the properties of the three tags are not very clear, so after consulting the relevant information, made their own knowledge

"HTML5 and CSS3 Basic Course" 4–5 Chapter

Fourth Chapter text1. 2, the expression of the terms of the next note, usually including disclaimers, precautions, legal restrictions, copyright information and so on. 3, Indicates the importance of the content, shown in bold, a strong can be

Apache Configuration Common Modules

List of modules to loadLoadModule php5_module modules/libphp5.soloadmodule actions_module modules/mod_actions.soloadmodule Alias_ Module Modules/mod_alias.soloadmodule asis_module modules/mod_asis.soloadmodule auth_basic_module

Cgaffinetransform Correlation function

CoreGraphics.hCgaffinetransform rotation = cgaffinetransformmakerotation (m_pi_2);? [XXX settransform:rotation];Record some constants and use them later!#define M_e         2.71828182845904523536028747135266250    e? #define m_log2e     1.44269504088

Install LNMP (nginx+php5.6) environment under Mac (GO)

Installing homebrewRecent work Environment switch to Mac, so take OS X Yosemite (10.10.1) as an example to record the process of installing a LNMP environment from scratch with a MacMake sure that the system has Xcode installed, and then install the

Usage and differences of Get_cfg_var () and Ini_get () in PHP

PHP Get_cfg_var () and Ini_get () are functions that get configuration values, and when you need to get the configuration value of an option in php.ini, both functions are available and the results are the same.However, there are some differences

AngularJS Internationalization--angular-translate

For a user group of global-oriented applications, we have to consider the internationalization of the problem. Of course, even if it is just starting small application, if the intention to make big, also should design the internationalization plan

URL with special character parameter issues

[story caused by failure] Processing with a plus sign in the URLSource: http://agapple.iteye.com/blog/773061 HTML javaScript HTTP protocol Cause of the problem:URL parameters, because this way the arguments are visible

Go: xhr object in Ajax

Xjax is not the birth of a new technology. It actually represents a combination of several technologies in a way that plays their part in a common collaboration.It includes:Standardized rendering using XHTML and CSS;Use the DOM for dynamic display

An explanation of HTTP header information

Typically HTTP messages include client-to-server request messages and server-to-client response messages. These two types of messages consist of a starting line, one or more header fields, a blank line that is just the end of the head field, and an

HTTP protocol Status Code in detail (HTTP status code)


SOURCE Link: HTTP protocol status Code in detail (HTTP status code)Using asp.net/php/jsp or JavaScript will use different states of HTTP, some common status codes are:200– Server successfully returned page 404– requested page does not exist 503–

"Go" Apache JMeter Web Performance test instance

 Apache JMeter is a tool that can be used to test applications that utilize HTTP or FTP servers. It is Java-based, and it is also highly extensible through the API provided. Typical jmeter tests include creating loops and thread groups. The loop

jquery determines if radio selects and obtains the sample code for the selected value

This article mainly describes the jquery judge radio whether to select and get the selected value of the method, the code is very simple, but very practical, the need for friends can refer to the followingAdditional to the radio operation function,

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