Write PHP apps that are not affected by magic quotes

Original works author Water Mengchun, reproduced please specify the source lib.cublog.cnRead the premise: you must read the " Part IV Security" chapter "10th Magic Quotes" in the PHP manual. If you haven't seen it, it's no problem, now take 10

What exactly is node. js?

Brief introductionIf you've heard of node, or read some articles about how awesome node is, you might think, "What is node?" "Even after you see node's homepage, you may not even understand what node is?" Node certainly isn't for every programmer,

SVN installation (HTTP access), Backup, incremental backup, recovery

The HTTP access method for SVN installationOne, SVN installation and Apache configurationCreate the following script svn_http_install.sh to install the SVN and httpd configuration##!/bin/bash#安装svn以及依赖包Yum-y Install Apr apr-util sqlite neon

PHP and the ugliest backend management system

The next day a Q to the company is still relatively early, colleagues only AH Mui in, ah Q sitting in a chair rotating to rotate, a little like a child. The company has a bookcase, the bookcase on a number of very new PHP books,. NET books are

Teach you to write jquery plugins

recently, many netizens sayJqueryWhat is a plugin? How do you write that? I can't write? a lot of questions do not know how to answer them at the moment, the personal think is the netizen to complicate the problem. In fact, some of the commonly used,

An excellent and useful collection of PHP tools

Excellent and useful collection of PHP tools views: 1141 Release Date: 2013/09/04 Category: Technology sharing PHP is one of the most widely used server-side open source scripting languages, many excellent open source programs are built on PHP, such

Should a backslash be used at the end of the Web site URL URLs

When SEO optimization of the site, will inevitably encounter because of the URL caused by repeated page problems, one of the more common phenomenon is due to the page address after the addition of the backslash caused by, for example, as

Jquery First Lesson (JQ selector: ID, class, label, parity, EQ, nth-child, child element, attribute, include, position, filter)

First, what is jquery?jquery is a very good JS framework. Is the use of JS in the more commonly used methods to encapsulate the underlying. The slogan is "Write Less,do more".Second, how to use jquery? (The whole idea of using jquery)1. After the

PHP calls the methods provided by WCF

First, the preparatory work1, installation wampserver: Process slightly2, Configuration wampserver:2.1 Open the php.ini file, remove it, extension=php_soap.dll the semicolon here. There are also said to take this; Extension=php_openssl.dll in front

JS get URL parameter value

Http://www.cnblogs.com/jiekk/archive/2011/06/28/2092444.htmlMethod One: The regular analysis methodfunction getquerystring (name) {var reg = new RegExp ("(^|&)" + name + "= ([^&]*) (&|$)", "I");var r = window.location.search.substr (1). Match

jquery timer (jquery timer plugin)

JQuery Timers Plugin Address:Http://plugins.jquery.com/project/timersJQuery Timers Application KnowledgeThree functions are available1. EveryTime (time interval, [timer name], function name, [frequency limit], [wait for function completion])2.

Get/post Request differences for HTTP

Get/post Request for HTTP differential induction1. Get is the data that is fetched from the server and post is the data sent to the server. G ET and Post are just a way of passing data, and get can also send data to the server, and they are

The model layer in PHP MVC

The model layer, the data processing layer in the MVC pattern, is used for the encapsulation of the information and business logicThird, realize your mode layerThe model layer, which is the data processing layer in the MVC pattern, is used for the

PHP smarty Template engine

PHP/*First, what is Smarty?smarty is a php template used to write a template engine, it provides a separation of logic and external content, in brief, the purpose is to use a PHP programmer with the art separation, the use of programmers to change

Responsive jquery Slideshow Plug-in with multiple transition animations

Nivo-slider is a very powerful, responsive jquery slideshow plugin. The slide plug-in has 16 different animation transitions built into it. It provides a rich range of parameters to control the playback of the slideshow. It is simple to use and can

PHP output Current Process all variables/constants/modules/functions/Classes

1. Get_defined_vars (PHP 4 >= 4.0.4, PHP 5) -Gets an array of all defined variables Array get_defined_vars ( void)This function returns a multidimensional array that contains a list of all defined variables, including environment variables, server

ExtJS to date Datefield control set default value

Suppose Extjs4Datefield the date control to set the default value. For the first January of the day, and after a monthExt.Date.MONTH MonthExt.Date.YEAR yearExt.Date.DAY days' Date ', { xtype: ' Datefield ',

Mxnet Design Notes: A comparison of programming patterns in deep learning

There is a wide variety of deep learning libraries in the market, which are of different styles. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of these library styles in terms of system optimization and user experience? This article aims to compare

PHP Verification Code Processing

//基本步骤1,先创建一张指定宽度和高度的一张验证码图片 imagecreatetruecolor()2,给验证码图片添加背景颜色 和文字颜色 imagecolorallocate()3, 在指定图片上面,画一个矩形 imagefilledrectangle()4, 获取随机数  (定义一个函数) get_rand_str()  1,定义一个字符串   2,将上面的字符串 打乱  str_shuffle()  3,并且从这个打乱的字符串当中去截取一部分内容

The difference between absolute path and relative path in Web page making

The difference between absolute path and relative path in Web page making http://www.veryhuo.com fire net 2012-10-10deliver manuscriptTo be a developer, the definition of a file or a folder is a certain standard, such as the establishment of a

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