Issues that affect the compatibility of your site

FAQ One:1.DOCTYPE Impact CSS Processing2.ff:div Settings Margin-left, Margin-right Auto is already centered while IE is not3.ff:body Settings Text-align, the DIV needs to be set Margin:auto (mainly margin-left,margin-right) in order to center4.FF:

Apache PHP gzip Compression Output Implementation method

First, Gzip introductionGZIP is the abbreviation for GNU Zip, which is a file compression program for GNU Free Software and is often used to represent the gzip file format. The authors of the software are Jean-loup gailly and Mark Adler. October 31,

To turn a full HTTP request

Spartacus Time: January 11, 2014 Category: WEB 声明:本文章中的说法仅是个人理解总结,不一定完全正确,但是可以有助于理解。For the HTTP protocol, refer to the following:HTTP协议漫谈协议概览

Create a personal site with GitHub

This article completely refer to this blog, should be written very clearly, so I want to back up a bit. Thank the Great God.Many open source project hosting platforms support the creation of a home page for managed projects, but the home page is not

Vc6,vc9,vc11,ts,nts Differences in PHP versions


Take windows as an example to see the file name downloaded to php zipPhp-5.4.4-nts-win32-vc9-x86.zipVc6:legacy Visual Studio 6 compiler, is compiled with this compiler.vc9:visual Studio compiler, which is compiled by this compiler.This is actually

The PHPRPC uses an instance (which is true but cannot perform) function conflicts Gzdecode

PHPRPC is a lightweight, secure, cross-network, cross-lingual, cross-platform, cross-domain, cross-field, multi-tiered, support-enabled, service-oriented, high-performance remote procedure call protocol that supports the transfer of reference

X-forwarded-for in the HTTP request header

Transferred from: in the HTTP request headerI have always believed that the HTTP protocol and other common network knowledge are prerequisites for the Web front-end

HTML you may not yet know some of the points of knowledge

HTML tag semantics is to let everyone intuitively understand the use and role of tags and attributes, the most important thing is the search engine friendly.Eg:1, If you want to highlight in the page "Obama" This three words, let the search engine

Write dozens of lines of code for a no-mouse programming tour to see who is e ——— (html5:hbuilder5.0.0)

* Note: This tutorial is for hbuilder5.0.0*Create HTML structure: H 8 (tap H to activate the code block list, press 8 to select the 8th item, i.e. HTML code block, or knock H T Enter)Line break: ' Ctrl+enter 'Set Charset:m e 6 EnterReference

Asp. NET built-in objects (verbose)

Today ran to the library to read books, a lot of things forget, and sometimes job interview can not say, then have time to readThe following is from the "C # and ASP. NET Programming Tutorial" Wang Zhenwu a book to see, write very detailed,

How to correctly determine the upload file format for ASP

Asp. NET in judging the file format, if by intercepting extension to judge, through ContentType (MIME) judgment is not too safe, because both ways users can forge. Here's how to get the file type by byte to make judgments if  (request.files.count >

PHP Cookie and Session explanation

Cookie Management A cookie is a way of maintaining information on a client's browser through a server or scripting language under the HTTP protocol, where the use of cookies is widespread, and many websites that provide personalized services

Client-server interaction comparison vs. native instances (compare Ajax,server-sent event,websocket/netsocket)

Yesterday, I learned the native instance of WebSocket, and found it necessary to compare several common client-server-side no-refresh interaction forms:First, Ajax: The client determines when to proactively send requests to the server sidesuch as:

HTTP-Content encoding

HTTP applications sometimes need to encode content before they are sent. For example, a server might compress a large HTML document before it is sent to a client over a slow connection, which can help reduce the time it takes to transfer the

[To] php three common ways to pass values between different pages

Transferred from: Post-pass valueThe post pass value is a method for HTML form jumps, which is easy to use. For example:   The action in the form fills in the URL path of the jump page, which is filled

Workarounds for unexpected end of file in PHP

Today decided to study PHP well, and then found an example of the book to look at, the result of the first example is wrong.The source code is as follows:PHP $text= Mark mark; Echo $text ; ? >The error is as follows:Parse Error:

jquery Full-screen scrolling plugin fullpage.js demo

Fullpage.js is a jQuery-based plugin that makes it easy and easy to make full-screen web sites.Download source codeParametersKey Features Support Mouse Scrolling Support for forward and backward and keyboard control Multiple

HTML special Characters Daquan 2

The special characters of HTML are not commonly used, but sometimes it is necessary to use these characters in the page, or even some of these characters to achieve some special visual effects. Now, foreign designers Neal Chester A very full set of

Getting Started with node. JS Development-SOCKET (socket) programming

node. JS's net module provides a socket programming interface that allows us to implement application protocols using a lower-level socket interface. This time we look at a simple echo server example, including the service side and the client

Ember.js Getting Started Guide--handlebars conditional expressions

This series of articles are all migrated from (, welcome to the original website.The handlebars template provides conditional expressions similar to the general language, such as if, if......else ....Before we introduce

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