History of PHP

History of PHP1994 written in Perl by Rasmus Lerdorf and later rewritten in C language1995 Rasmus Lerdorf to Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools) release PHP1 and PHP21997 Zeev Suraski and Andi gutmans rewrite PHP parser, PHP also at this time

The prototype prototype method extension of native JS Function,array,object constructor

In JS, the function constructor is instantiated as a function, anArray, and anobject constructor. The prototype prototype method extension of native JS Function,array,object constructor

JS Refresh Page Method Daquan

JS Refresh Page Method DaquanFont: [Increase decrease] Type: Reprint Date: 2008-05-10This article introduces several methods of using JS to refresh the current page, including reload method, replace method, automatic Refresh method, etc. If you need

WebSphere mq&&active MQ

WebSphere MQ&&ACTIVEMQ WebSphere MQ 1, the middleware in the application software and system software, is a complex in exchange for enterprise application simplification of the reusable basic software, it uses the system software

DiscuzX3.1 X3.2 Forum Moving Perfect Tutorial

Step one: Back up your site datainto the background-webmaster-database-Backup, data backup type Select discuz! and Ucenter data, and after the backup is successful, the data is automatically saved in the Files folder.Step two: Website file

PHP set Apache virtual host Vhost

This address: http://blog.csdn.net/oneym/article/details/48050487OneymI. Description of the Environment1, using the PHP environment to use XAMPP2. Win7_64 bit System3, XAMPP installed in the C packing directorySecond, modify the relevant documents 1,

Comparison of XML and JSON

Brief introduction:When data is interacting between the client and the server, the server often returns data to the client in a certain format. Generally, the data returned to the client by the server is either JSON or XML document format (except

Netanalyzer Note ii. Simple protocol analysis


[Creation time: 2015-08-27-22:15:17]NetanalyzerWe reviewed the Netanalyzer some of the optional history, in this article, I decided not to introduce Netanalyzer, but first to understand some of the basic knowledge of building netanalyzer, such as

Ajax Boost (4) using XML in requests and responses (2)

----PrefaceIn Ajax applications, there are few reasons to use XML as a format for sending data, but there are many reasons why the server sends back XML to the client.Reason: (1) The client sends a request with a name/value pair (2) the server

User Login Verification Ajax instance detailed

The main idea of the program is: when the page is loaded, Init is called to determine if the client has the cookies required by the website, if any, take the corresponding cookies to the server authentication, verify the display of the success

Master Guide PHP installation configuration

Master Guide PHP installation configuration 2014-11-05 12:57:13 Source: Comments: 0 Views:12 times | Publisher: Login ViewThe rapid development of PHP, its function more and more powerful, the use of it has become very convenient, below we PHP5

PHP5.3 Goto Operator Introduction

The goto operator is PHP5.3+after the new function, used to jump to another location of the program, the usage is simple: goto followed by the target location of the flag, at the target location with the target name plus a colon markAs follows:GotoA;

PHP--and + = and:: Usage

=The relationship between the key and value used for an array in an arrayFor example:$a = Array (' 0 ' = ' 1 ',' 2 ' = ' 4 ',);echo $a [' 0 '];echo $a [' 2 '];-Methods and properties in a class to reference class instancesFor example:Class

CSS3 Icon Font Complete guide (CSS3 font replaces icon)

Everyone knows that browsers now support CSS3 custom fonts (@font-face), including IE6 support, except that their support for font file formats is different. So for the various icons used in the site, we can try to use the font to implement, this

[Php]swoole_server Several processes of division of labor

readme.md-/users/zjh/documents/my article/[php]swoole_server several processes of division of labor [Division of the Php]swoole_server processAbsrtact: Swoole is a high performance network communication framework for PHP language, which provides

One of Netanalyzer notes. Opening words

[Creation time: 2015-08-26-22:00:12]NetanalyzerThe first time to write technology-related blogs, deficiencies also please magnanimous and inform.Before starting, the first brief introduction of Netanalyzer, Netanalyzer is a set of network data

Raspberry Pi Web server (nginx, Apache)


The first thing we think of about Linux Web servers is:Apache + MySql + Php. Apache: is the world's first Web server software to use. Can run on almost all widely used computer platforms, and is the most popular Web server-side software

Cnetos Building Apache Web server

1, Apahce Introduction Apache HTTP Server project is a cross-platform open source HTTP Server software that can be run on platforms such as Windows and Linux/nuix The goal of the Apache HTTP Server project is to provide a secure,

Data security (MD5), HTTPS, detecting network status

First, data security 1. Submit the user's privacy dataBe sure to use the POST request to submit the user's privacy dataAll parameters of the GET request are exposed directly to the URLThe requested URL is typically recorded in the server's

CSS implementation right fixed width, left width adaptive

In turn, the left-hand width is fixed and the right-hand adaptive. Whether it's left or right, the width is fixed on one side, and the width is self-adapting. To achieve this layout, it is relatively simple. Let's first give the HTML structure:

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